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I took off my glasses and set them down, then applied a bit of sunscreen to my nose, cheeks, and forehead.

"Hey, I need some of that too! Don't want my awesome face getting all red and flaky, do you?"

I glanced up at him, then put a dab of cream on the tip of his nose. "There."

Gilbert crossed his eyes as he glared at the dot. It was actually...kind of cute...in a way. Then he grabbed the bottle from me and covered the rest of his face. Part of me wished he'd keep the little dot, not because I wanted him to burn, but because it looked so silly.

He threw the bottle down. "Anyways, let's go!"

Before I can really comprehend that I'm even supposed to stand up, he grabs my wrist and drags me out to the water's edge. As soon as the ocean brushes over my ankles, my heart pounds again, and not in the same way as it was earlier.

"Gilbert...Gilbert, I don't really want to do this now..." The goopy sand squishing between my toes felt absolutely disgusting...

"Come on Roddy, there's not even sharks out here!" Sharks aren't the only things I'm worried about...

The water was up to my hips now. I was getting really uncomfortable, while he looked perfectly cheerful.

"Ah...erm, Gilbert...can we not go out so far? You know I can't sw-" Something brushed against my leg, and I let out a bloodcurdling scream. I immediately clung to his arm out of some kind of reflex I wasn't aware of.

"Roddy, calm the fuck down. It was just seaweed."


"Yeah, as in these little plants that grow waaaaay out in-"

"I know what seaweed is."

"Just checking~"

He's enjoying this. I can tell. I glared at him, then realized I was still holding his arm and let go.

"There. Now I'm in the water. Now go swimming or something."

Gilbert scowled at me. "You're just going to stand here in the water and watch?"

"...yes. You never said I had to do anything." He should know my limits by now.

"No, Roddy. You're going to do something. You're always so stuffy and boring; come on, we're at the beach! Live a little!"

"People have different definitions of li-"

He suddenly grabbed by arm and pulled me against him.

"Wh-what do you think you're doing?" That annoying blush was coming back.

"We're going underwater."

Before I could react, he pinched my nose and inhaled sharply, then pulled both of us under the waves. By instinct, I did manage to shut my eyes.

He only kept me under for a few seconds, then let me back up.

I think if I concentrate hard enough, I can feel the salt crystals on my skin. It wasn't pleasant.

"Don't do that again."

"Aww~ Roddy's mad 'cause he got wet~!" The Prussian grinned and poked my cheek.

I huffed and turned back to where we left our things. Wait...I think something's moving over there. Not a person, something much smaller, but still visible.

I immediately started back towards the dry land, with Gilbert yelling at me not to leave.

"I'll be right back, idiot! Just hang on!"

As I got closer I could see it's shape better. Dingy red, with a prominent appendage. That better not be what I think it is...

It was on the towel now, scuttling towards my clothes. Don't you dare touch my things!

I hurried over, and unfortunately, I was right. It was a disgusting little crab.

As furious as I was towards it, fear took over. I saw it's gross little eyes turns towards me, and my face completely paled. I want to kill that stupid thing, but it's so creepy-looking...I can't go anywhere near it!

"Ah, Roddy, what the hell are you doing?"

Gilbert, that's it!

"Get rid of that thing. Now."

"Aww~ It's just a harmless little crab~" You make it sound like it's supposed to be adorable. I shuddered.

"Look at that claw. That...thing...is not harmless."

He scoffed, then picked it up by the back of it's shell. "Come on Roddy, it doesn't mean any trouble..." He held it out towards me.

My eyes widened as I watched it's legs wriggling. "Get that away from me, now!"

He laughed and gently stroked the shell.

"Gilbert, I mean it!"

"But he just wants to say hiiiii~!" He grabbed the thing's arm and wiggled it to make it look like it was waving.

"I-If you don't throw that monster out in the sea right now, I'm leaving and you're staying here!"

"Gott Roddy, you really are scared of these things, aren't you?"

You mean to tell me you thought I just said that to make conversation?

"Fine, fine." He lazily walked out to the ocean's edge. "Bye, little Gilcrab. Roddy's PMSing right now."

Before I could snap at him, he tossed it out. I watched the dot get smaller and fall with a splash into the water.

"How's that? It won't hurt you now." He says, turning towards me with a victorious smile.

"Danke. I just really wish you wouldn't tease me with it like you did."

"Heh, sorry. I didn't know how scared you were of them." I can tell.

I didn't even notice when he moved, he just suddenly put his arms about me in an oddly-soothing embrace.

"I'm sorry for freaking you out, Roddy. Really."

With my cheeks warming, I was about to comment on how it was a rather sweet gesture, but then he let go and snagged my wrist again, dragging me out to the water.

"Come on, I'll teach you to swim or something!"

"No, Gilbert."

"But it's no fun if I'm alone..."

"Don't you always brag about how happy you are alone?"

He paused for a minute, then shrugged. "Fine. Go be a rock."

I watched as he charged out into the waves, then they swallowed him up. A few moments later, he popped out, brushing his pale-silver hair back with his fingers. "Are you sure? It's awesome~"

"Yes, I'm sure." As happy and playful as he looked out there, I doubt I'd be the same.

He went back under, and occasionally I'd see his arms or head come out of the water before plunging back in. Swimming looks so odd.

As I was dwelling in my thoughts, I realized something: I haven't seen the Prussian emerge in the last 30 seconds. What is he doing...?

Just as I was finishing this thought, he burst back up, this time a bit closer to the shore. "Hey~ Roddy! I found a starfish!" He was holding something pink in his outstretched hand.

"That's lovely, Gilbert. Now go put it back."

"Doncha want to see it? It feels funny!" He starts back over to me.

"No, no I don't. It's rude to mess with the natural wildlife, you know."

"I just picked it up! If it was hurt, it'd bite me or whatever starfish do."

I was about to correct him, but then he was standing over me. "Come on, look at it! I bet you've never seen a starfish before!"

I picked my head up, and a salmon-colored star with a coarse-looking texture was thrust in my face. I yelped and jumped back.

"Gilbert, I told you not to do that!"

"Do what?"

"Tease me with those things!"

"Wha...? This isn't a crab."

"It's not just crabs that frighten me! Now go put it back!"

His face dropped, then he looked curiously at the object in his hand. "Yeah, but...crabs can pinch you and shit. What the hell is a starfish going to do?"

"I don't know and I don't care! Go- no, don't bring it over here!"

"Roddy, it's a fish shaped like a star. Isn't that awesome?" He was waving it centimeters from my nose.

I think my heart stopped. "No! That's not awesome! Get it away from m-" He brushed the creature against my cheek. It was rough and bumpy. I could feel my eyes burning.

Briskly, I shoved him away from me, disgusting animal and all. I ran for the towel, it's safer than here.

"Roddy, hey!"

I sat down, pulling my knees up to my chest and wrapping my arms around them. He knows how much those things terrify me, why does he keep doing this?

Gilbert sat down beside me. I felt him gently put his arm around my shoulders.

"You better not have that stupid starfish with you." My voice cracked.

"I don't, I put it back in the water...hey, are you crying?"

"Didn't you say that you felt bad about scaring me earlier, with the crab?" I don't care if I end up crying in front of him, hopefully it'll make him guilty about his actions.

"Yeah, but...gott, your fears don't make much sense. How's a starfish scary?"

"They look gross."

"No, they look cool." I shoved him away. "Ah, okay, I'm sorry. Nothing really scares me that badly, so..." He pulls me into another embrace, resting his head against mine. "I was just trying to help you, you know, get over your fears."

"Way to go."

"Sorry, Roddy. I really mean it." It actually sounded like he was serious.

"If you mean it so much, promise me you won't do it again?" I brought my knees down and leaned into his shoulder.

"I promise." His hand was on my cheek, his thumb gently brushing against my skin as he pulled me onto his lap.

I sighed and closed my eyes. With his warm body and the waves rolling across the sand, this was actually really comforting.

Then his hand slides down to cup my jaw, and he tilts my head up. I felt his chapped lips press against mine, but it wasn't surprising, it just felt...right. I leaned into him as his mouth moved, and I could feel every bit of it.

Gilbert pulls away, while our foreheads were still together. "Do you want to go home? We've been here for a while..."

"Actually, I want to stay right here, just like this." And I softly kissed him again.

He smiles, then pulled away to peck my forehead. "Yeah but we can do this at your house too."

"I suppose."

We packed up and left, not really bothering to change; he just put towels over the seats so we wouldn't get them wet.

The entire ride home, I was just leaning on his shoulder while he had one arm around me. Neither of us spoke, it was more of an innocent physical conversation.

When we pulled up to my home, it was already nightfall.

I went up to my bedroom, and he followed closely behind. I took a quick shower, mostly to wash all of the filthy sea salt off, then he took one after me while I changed into my pajamas. Gilbert always left so much of his clothing over at my house for unknown reasons, so he had something to change into.

I was sitting on my bed reading when he came out, fresh and clothed. He sat down on the opposite side of the bed, then pulled the sheets over himself.

"You're staying in here tonight?"

"...do you mind?" He looked up at me, most likely expecting rejection.

"Well, no, I was just wondering."

I closed the book and took off my glasses, placing both safely on the nightstand before slipping underneath the sheets as well. Pausing for a moment, I turned to face him, pulling a "now what?" expression.

He hugs my waist, pulling us together. I blinked, then wrapped my arms around his sides. I could feel his heart beating against my chest, and he could probably feel mine.

"Well, good night Gilbert." I leaned up to place a tender kiss on his lips.

"Gute nacht, Roderich." He says, and I noted it was the first time today that he called me by my actual name, not that silly nickname. He kisses me as well, but I could feel passion behind it, so I let it carry on longer. His tongue cautiously slides along my bottom lip, and I gave it entry, bringing one hand up to touch his cheek. After a slow, loving battle with my tongue, he pulls away.

I closed my eyes and nuzzled into his chest, feeling him lean against my head as I brought my arm around him again.

"I'm sorry for messing with you earlier, but I really love you Roddy. A lot."

I smiled. "I...know, Gilbert. And I love you too."

He hugs me tighter, and we both fell into sleep.

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