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That could have went better.

I couldn't remember how long I'd been waiting on the boarder of where the trees met the front of Emily and Sam's house, until Sam stepped out and motioned me forward. Reluctantly I went to him, walking up the steps of the front porch slowly, giving him a greeting nod. "Sam."

He gave me a nod in return, clasping a hand on my shoulder while we walked into the house. "You're both ready. You can do this, Jacob. It will be worth it in the end." Whispered Sam. I nodded in understanding while I watched him walk over to Emily, kissing her face gently and sitting down with her on the sofa. I took a deep breath and leaned against the wall, folding my arms across my chest tightly, giving Emily as best a smile as I could manage.

"Where is she?" I asked.

"Out back with Claire." Emily answered, just as I saw her come running through the door, laughing. My heart stopped every time I saw her, she was literally breath taking. Her laughter filled the room as she became the only thing in the world that mattered in that moment. As if nothing else existed but her. The world around her faded away while she shined so bright. And I couldn't help looking at her in a way that I knew would show my love, trying to cover it up but knowing my eyes betrayed me. I cleared my throat. Trying to get my thoughts back in order, gazing away from her briefly to bring the world back into view for me.

"Jake.." Was all she said. I gave her a small smile and nodded in the direction out the front door, she understood gave a thank you and good-bye hug to both Emily and Sam. Sam shot me a look over Ness' shoulder, which I knew meant "Be careful." I rolled my eyes, knowing this already and walked out the front door with Ness.

We walked in silence for awhile while I attempted to sort out what I was going to say, before she spoke, "Jake, what's going on?" She asked, stopping and crossing her arms. I sighed, but figured it was better to start from the beginning.

"Ness, has your mother ever mentioned anything about imprinting?" She shook her head of course. I knew this, Bella wouldn't say anything. I took a shaky breath and told her in the best way I could. "Wolves, like me, we…Imprint on someone. It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like…gravity. It's not the earth holding you here anymore...she does...You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a best friend…"

I turned to look at her, seeing her expression…I couldn't really tell what it was? Shock? Maybe. "H-have you…imprinted?" She looked at me with what looked like pain in her eyes.

I looked away from her, her expression causing myself pain. I knew this was too soon. Before I could stop myself, I was nodding. I heard her gasp and back pedal away from me.

Now I'd done it.

"Ness, please tell me what you're thinking?" I knew my voice sounded agonized as she looked at me, her expression was unreadable. Where was Edward when you needed him?

"On who?" She whispered.

I couldn't help but feel my jaw drop, was she not listening? "You." Taking a step closer, I dared to close the distance between us. Picking up her hand from her side and interlocking our fingers together.

"I-I…need to go." She turned, releasing my hand and disappearing into the darkness of the forest.

I have never felt more lost.

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