At a certain school of Witchcraft and Wizardry situated somewhere in Scotland, a certain bespectacled young wizard with dark messy hair woke up. While going through the usual daily ritual of attempting to flatten down his hair into a reasonable state Roderich discovered something really rather odd. He had green eyes. Green eyes. Had you asked him yesterday he would have been pretty certain he had blue eyes. Well, there was only one person who would attempt something like this on him

"Prussia!" he yelled.

"You alright mate?" he best friend Ron asked "What's Prussia?"

Roderich stood stock still, what was Prussia? What was Prussia?

He must have had some weird dream the night before that had stuck in his mind or something.

"Ron, do my eyes look weird to you? Because they look green in the mirror?" he decided to try and see if his friend saw the spell on them.

"Course they're green, they've always been green. The famous Lily Potter eyes. You sure you're alright Harry?"

Of course, his eyes were green and his name was Harry. Strange, he'd had the oddest feeling it was Roderich.

"Yeah, I think I just had a really weird dream"

On the other side and opposite level of the castle a young pale blond wizard was having similar sense of something being slightly off. Now, Gilbert despite being vain didn't tend to take long in front of the mirror unless of course he was trying to make a special impression ( usually to impress Specs or the mad frying pan woman). After all time spent in front of the mirror would be time the rest of the world was missing his awesomeness. He did think something was a bit off about his appearance but couldn't place what.

"Boss?" one of his lackeys questioned just as he was about to saunter out."Aren't you gonna do your hair, you know slick it back?"

Gilbert stopped in confusion, had they mistaken him for West? Much as he loved his little brother, he wasn't exactly his identical twin when it came to looks.

"That's West, idiot, not me, how you lot ever think you'll survive a fight is beyond me."

As he left the dormitory a black boy ran to catch up with him, "Changing your hairstyle, Draco? Pansy not like it or something?"

For goodness sake why was everybody obsessed with his hair today?

"None of your business Blaise" Draco remarked curtly. Why had he thought his name was Gilbert?

Over in the Griffindor girls' dormitory a brown haired witch named Erzsébet more normally called Elizaveta hadn't noticed anything odd. The reason for this lay next to her bed, a broken alarm clock, a broken magical alarm clock. Evidently magic wasn't more reliable than muggle technology after all. Regardless of such hypotheses however the fact was she had hardly any time before breakfast and had to hurry to get there in time.

"Thanks for waking me Parvati" she called

"Don't worry Hermione, I wouldn't want a housemate to lose points for being late."

Hermione, she was called Hermione, for some reason she'd thought she had a different foreign name.

Given the fact the whole school ate breakfast together and moreover that Harry and Hermione were good friends it wasn't surprising that Harry and Hermione met at breakfast. What was surprising in their mutual friend Ron's eyes was that they'd almost seemed surprised at first to see the other one there. Then, throughout breakfast the weirdness had continued.

"Honestly, Ronald chew with your mouth closed" said Harry.

Harry. Harry never told him off for eating that was Hermione.

"Come on, Harry give him a break, you've always been overly fastidious. Honestly sometimes it doesn't surprise me we divorced."

"You and most European historians, it's hardly an astute observation."

At this point Ron felt obliged to cut in, "What the hell are you two going on about? We've teenagers, you've never been married and if this is some stupid way to let me know you've been having some secret relationship or something, thanks for not telling me before. It would have been nice to be trusted you know. I'm supposed to your best friend. I should have known that you two would get together and leave me by myself."

"Look, Ron I'd like to apologise" started Harry "I really didn't know what came out of my mouth until you commented on it"

"Yeah, it's really weird, it's as if I'm remembering someone else's memories or something" added Hermione

"Yeah, well try to be normal, it's really weird." Ron paused, "you don't think you-know-who, could have anything to do with this."

"No, it doesn't't seem evil just odd."

Now, at this point, Hermione burst in, "are they together?"

"Who?" Hermione pointed at Dean and Thomas. "Them"

"What? No! At least I flipping hope not, he's dating Ginny. And we share a room with them."

"Oh pity, they'd be cute" Ron shook his head. This was just too weird

McGonagall was able to say exactly when her day had gone wrong. One day she was going to have to talk to Albus about his ideas about inter-house unity. She was not fond of teaching Slytherins at the best of times. Fortunately apart from some notable dullards such as Crabbe and Goyle the majority of them were not academically stupid. However her position as head of Gryffindor seemed to mark her as their enemy. Nonetheless Slytherin alone however she could deal with, Slytherin and Gryffindor was more difficult kettle of fish. Her house had a remarkable propensity to produce students who didn't look before they leaped and thought nothing of getting into fights with their rivals.

Of course this particular period she had to have 6th year Gryffindor and Slytherin. Meaning she had the trio of trouble, Potter, Granger and Weasley who everything always happened to as well as Harry's apparent arch rival Draco Malfoy. For most of this year Malfoy had been quite quiet and subdued, probably due to his father's imprisonment. That however had not been the case today.

Every reference to himself had included the word awesome. Then Potter had come in and told him he wasn't awesome and called him a "washed-up excuse for a country" to which Malfoy had responded by saying Potter was a "unawesome fighter who was a disgrace to the lineage of Germania". This had led to the current situation with both boys staring each other down. Both had ignored her rebukes and their subsequent loss of house-points. Finally Potter spoke "I will express my anger" and drew his wand. As she prepared herself to block the spell, he turned towards his desk and transfigured it into a piano, before sitting down and playing a sonata. She wasn't sure whether she should reprimand Potter or commend his transfiguration skills. As he finished his emotion filled song, Granger spoke.

"Your anger is Chopin now?"

"Wow, you picked something up in your years living with this piano playing pansy." interjected Malfoy.

At this point the normally well behaved Miss Granger produced a frying pan from goodness knows where and whacked Malfoy on the head with it. At this point Minerva thought she had to intervene.

"Miss Granger!"

"Oh don't worry, he'll be fine, I've been doing this for years"

"She's correct, unfortunately he does seem to always recover"

"Mr Potter, Miss Granger" she glanced at the unconscious form on the floor "Mr Malfoy, that's fifty house-points from all of you for disrupting the lesson. With an extra 10 for you Miss Granger for resulting to physical violence. You will all report to my office for detention tonight. Now, can we please get back to the lesson?

Oh, and someone tell Mr Malfoy what I said when he wakes up."

Thenceforth the lesson on human transfiguration went relatively well. They were working on changing their eye colours and although she kept her eye on the three she saw no more odd behaviour from the three. Well, except for the fact that Potter and Malfoy picked up the spell as quickly as Granger. As for what had possessed Malfoy to turn his eyes red of all colours she had no idea.

"Right, everyone, use the cancelling incantation we used previous lesson to return your eyes to their normal colours. Any of those of you who are incapable of such a simple spell please see me."

On some level she wasn't surprised to see Potter, Granger and Malfoy appear at her desk. In addition to Malfoy's red eyes, Potter had turned his blue and Granger hers a green not too far from Potter's natural colour.

"For goodness sake, all of you should be quite capable of this spell. Finite Incantatum!"

Nothing happened. She frowned.

"transfiguro reverso"

again nothing

"Oculis Naturalis."


"I don't understand, the spells are acting as if this is your natural eye colour. Just go! I'll sort this out in detention tonight. Actually make that tomorrow, I have third years to deal with tonight."

Ginny Weasley could not quite believe what she was hearing. When Proffessor Slughorn had invited her to one of his dinner parties, she'd declined saying she had Quidditch practice only to be told that he doubted that was a problem as "Dear Harry is coming and you can't have a practice without a captain, can you?".

Now, Ginny didn't really mind Slughorn's parties. They were a diversion from her troubles with Dean and really if a witch came from a family like the Weasley's who weren't exactly wealthy she should probably take every chance she had to achieve her ambitions. Slughorn had helped Gwenog Jones onto the Holyhead Harpies after all. Perhaps thoughts like these were silly with Voldemort back but if it did come to all-out war wouldn't it be useful to have a network of contacts outside Gryffindor to help fight him? It was true she sometimes felt out of place with the children of the rich and famous there but Molly Weasley had been a Prewett and had taught her daughter at least how to conduct herself. Despite all this you couldn't skip Quidditch for it. Quidditch was Quidditch. She had to question Harry who was sitting in front of her in the common room.

"Harry, how could you cancel Quidditch practice for Slughorn's party?"


"Yes, Quidditch, you know riding brooms, quaffle, bludger, snitch. Quidditch."

At this point her brother broke in "Bloody hell, don't tell me you've forgotten what Quidditch is now Harry."

"Yes, no I meant no, of course I remember Quidditch, what about it?"

"What about it? What about it? For goodness sake Harry you're ditching it for one of Slughorn's soirées."

"Aah, yes. I admit I forgot we had practice but I'm afraid I must stick to my prior decision. After all the choice between a nice dinner party and some barbarous sport isn't really difficult is it?"

At this point her brother burst in. "I've had it with you today Harry, Go off and have fun in your little Slug Club. See if we want you on the team of this barbarous sport."

After he stormed off, Ginny spoke "I have to admit Ron does have something of a point for once. You're acting really strange, it's like you aren't Harry but someone else."

She wondered briefly why she hadn't blown up like Ron had. The only reason she could find was her sort of attraction to Harry. Although she'd got over her childish crush something deeper had taken its place. Over the summer she'd really enjoyed hanging out with Harry. Plus, admittedly she did find him physically attractive. Her musings were broken by Hermione.

"Hey, Ginny, I'm sorry about Harry, he's really nice if you get past his demeanour. I was thinking maybe I'd try out for the Quidditch team sometime, I think it would be fun and we could show that stupid Malfoy that girls are just as good as boys. I mean I had to consider it, after all the opportunities watching gives are hard to give up but I could still watch other matches, right?"

"Um, right. I've got work to do now, so I'll just go and do it"

Walking away Ginny decided something was definitely wrong. That was not Harry and Hermione. It was as if they were possessed by someone else. Possessed. If anyone, knew about possessions in the Wizarding World it was Ginny Weasley. If she'd learnt anything from second year it was quite how bad such things could be. She needed to go see Dumbledore.

Dumbledore regarded the three students in front of him. After Miss Weasley's account of Harry Potter and Miss Granger's odd behaviour added to Minerva's story of her lesson he'd thought it best to summon the three of them. Although it did rather upscuttle his plans. Draco Malfoy had to continue to think he knew nothing of his plans. To look into their minds could ruin that. It was quite possible Lucius had taught his son to recognise when his mind was being read if not to block it. Harry might have learnt at least that from his lessons with Snape the previous year and so to do so could be to lose his trust. It was paramount he had Harry's trust. Especially if Harry was to continue following his orders after his death. While death did tend to make a martyr of one, you could never be sure. Of course it was Harry's position in the prophecy that made this all so important. This was why he needed to get to the bottom of this. Yet, the three of them were being surprisingly reticent. He decided to try again.

"Miss Granger, why are you acting so out of character?"

"I'm not sir; this is how I've always acted. I don't understand why everyone thinks this is so weird; if anything it's my time here at Hogwarts that seems fake."

Dumbledore sighed."You may go"This was going to be yet another thing to research.