Hello everyone, this is a new fanficiton I'm going to be trying on with my twin brother Sword of Dawn. This is the first chapter of the story and I want to know what some people think of it. I'm also still working on my original story Naruto the Silver Fox, but I just want to put this story in to see what some people think about it. Like I said this story is written by me Sword of Twilight and my twin Sword of Dawn. This will have slight crossovers (just character references not plots or anything major) from Card Captor Sakura and Yu Yu Hakusho, and yes I am aware that Kushina was the second container of Kyuubi, but not in this fic, he will just know her.

Also, I know Koto is a cat demon, but in this story she's a vixen. Profiles for the characters are on my profile.

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A monstrous roar can be heard echoing across the Village Hidden in the Leaves as a giant Nine Tailed Fox, also known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, was seen battling several Shinobi waving it's nine mighty tails causing utter destruction.

"Hold the beast back!"

"Protect the village!"

Just then a large puff of smoke appeared before the Kyuubi with a small yellow flash appearing on top of the large puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, there stood a giant crimson red toad with a long black pipe with a golden tip, and on top of the toad stood a blond haired man with ice blue eyes wearing a trench coat with flames near the bottom holding a beautiful red haired woman with long hair that reached her calves, violet colored eyes, and was very tired after just giving birth to a baby boy, who was wrapped in a white cloth around his father's hands.

"Minato, what the hell is going on? Why is Kushina here and why is Kyuubi attacking? Last I heard he was living peacefully with his mate!"

"Gamabunta, you know Kyuubi?" asked a shocked Minato.

"'Know him', I used to drink with him. He was one of my drinking buddies. He and his mate were always together living peacefully in the mountains."

"I need you to hold him Gamabunta! I need to seal for the Kyuubi!"

"Seal him? What's going on here Minato, and why is Kyuubi red? He's supposed to be a silver color!"

Just then the Kyuubi growled at Gamabunta causing both combatants to look at the fox when the Kyuubi's crimson eyes suddenly changed into a golden color, "G-Gamabunta, h-help me, please!"

"Kyuubi what's happening to you, why are you attacking the Leaf Village?"

The Kyuubi's eyes changed back to crimson when it opened its might jaw drawing charka into a concentrated sphere in its mouth when another giant paw slammed into the Kyuubi's face breaking its concentration as it staggered back from the impact. Next to the Kyuubi stood another Nine-Tailed Fox but this one had an air of grace and elegance with a white underbelly, "Forgive me darling, but I can't let you take anymore lives!" said the new fox in a female voice as she launched herself at the male Kyuubi as both foxes started wrestling each other trying to gain dominance over the other.

"There's another Kyuubi no Kitsune?" yelled Kushina.

"Technically she's the Kyuubi no Myobu, the Nine Tailed Vixen."

"Another demon has appeared!"

"Kill them both to defend the Village!"

"No, stop! She's here to help us!" screamed Minato only for his fellow Shinobi disobeying him and charged at both demons only for the male Kyuubi subduing the female Kyuubi causing her to crash into the oncoming ninja.

"Darling, snap out of it! It's me, your mate, please wake up!" pleaded the Vixen with the Kitsune biting down hard on her neck causing her to whimper in pain and bleed profusely, "Darling, not just for me, but for our kit too. I wanted to surprise you tonight, but…I'm pregnant."

The male Kyuubi's eyes widen when she said this causing him to let go of her and roaring in pain as it started thrashing around hitting its head. The female Kyuubi stood up wobbling on her legs and pounced on her mate pinning him to the ground with Gamabunta launching himself as well trying to help the Myobu Vixen in trying to apprehend the Kitsune as one of its tails hit Gamabunta in his left eye, and his claws scratching the Vixen's abdomen.

"Forgive me Myobu-san, but I must seal your mate away. I believe that someone may be after his power as well!" screamed Minato.

"Then seal me with him, I'm already dying with the amount of blood loss, and my unborn child will never make it on its own", said the Vixen sadly holding tight onto her mate as it continued to struggle.

"I'll do it", said Kushina.

"But, Kushina-"

"That's enough Minato! I know what you're going to say, but I can tell she has the same power as her mate. Even if we do seal her mate, the person will just be after her right?" asked Kushina receiving a nod from the vixen, "Besides, it's a mother's job to care for her husband and child."

Minato and Kushina started doing hand seals as the Shinigami appeared behind them holding onto two souls, "Interesting, you wish for me to seal both foxes, yet you only have one container. You need another container, or I only seal one, either way both of you forfeit your lives to me", grinned the Shinigami licking his lips and was about to reach into Minato's soul when a hand stopped him, "You will do no such thing Shinigami", said the voice of a young man with long, silver hair that flows down his back in a loose ponytail, his bangs are short that reveal his icy-blue eyes, and white angelic wings. He also has a blue earring on his left ear, and wears white robes with a dark blue armor with a blue jewel in the middle covering them.

"Yue the Angel of the Moon, to what do I owe the pleasure of meeting one of God's personal angels?"

"I think you mean two of God's personal angels", said a woman with red hair, parted down the middle, with the left side having a slight lift, chocolate brown eyes, and white angelic wings. She was also wearing a white kimono with silver armor with a red jewel in the middle covering her kimono, and a red earring on her right ear.

"Layla the Angel of the Sun, tell me, why are you interrupting this ritual?"

'Angels? What are angels doing here?' thought Minato.

'Wow, they're so beautiful', thought Kushina starring at Yue's and Layla's wings.

"The Almighty has ordered you to spare the souls of these two mortals. You are to seal the souls of the Kyuubi no Kitsune into the child, and the Kyuubi no Myobu to one of our choosing. You are also order to seal me with the Kyuubi no Kitsune, and Layla into the second vessel. As payment you will have half our power and half of both Kyuubi's power", said Yue looking at the Vixen, "That is, if you wish for this to happen. Your unborn child will also be sealed with you until a more suitable vessel is found…agreed?"

"Yes, I accept", said the Vixen with tears in her eyes as she nuzzled against her mate who was still struggling against her hold.

"She has accepted our offer Shinigami, now you must follow your orders", said Layla. The Shinigami just kept starring at Minato and Kushina with his cold black eyes making both Minato and Kushina worried, "Shinigami! Know your place! Don't forget we outrank you, and you would be defiling direct orders from the Almighty! You know the punishment for defying orders", said Yue with a dangerous tone.

"Very well, I will do as you say", said the Shinigami as he passed his hand through Minato's soul and grabbed the Kyuubi's soul. Once the Shinigami's hand passed through Kyuubi's body, the Kyuubi's eyes changed to a brilliant gold color again as he looked into his mate's eyes, "Koto, I'm sorry for what I've done. I hope you can forgive me."

"I already did. I love you, my darling Kurama."

"I love you too, my beautiful Koto."

A white light suddenly enveloped the present party causing everyone to shield their eyes.