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Naruto, Hinata, and Hanabi along with Tsuki, Taiyo, and Aurora woke up the next day, happily eating their breakfast, and went to drop off Hanabi at Ichiraku Ramen with Ayame instantly grabbing Hanabi and started mixing and matching various kinds of wardrobes for her to wear and a small matching outfit for Aurora that made Naruto feel a bit uneasy with Teuchi and Hinata laughing at his antics.

As the couple walked down the street Hinata noticed Naruto appeared as if he was deep in thought, "W-What's wrong N-Naruto-kun?"

"Hmm? Oh, it's nothing really. It's just…I feel like we forgot something. Something we were supposed to do, or not do, or something?" said Naruto scratching Tsuki behind her ears after she climbed on top of his shoulder.

"Now t-that you m-mention it…" said Hinata trying to remember while picking up Taiyo from the ground when they both suddenly appeared shocked, "We weren't suppose to eat breakfast!" yelled Naruto and Hinata at the same time.

"W-What do we do Naruto-kun? W-We couldn't j-just leave H-Hanabi-chan hungry, a-and besides w-we totally forgot!" said a panicking Hinata.

"Aw man, and we can't blame Yue or Kurama since this was totally their fault for keeping us up late at night! How do you blame a sealed angel and fox that are inside you?" asked Naruto when he was suddenly smacked to the ground by an invisible force with Naruto supporting a large bump on his head.

"Blaming it on your elders isn't exactly the best thing to do Naruto."

"Especially when those elders can hear you."

Naruto and Hinata were suddenly pulled into their shared mindscape with a down Naruto in front of Kurama and Yue. Kurama walked up to Naruto when he suddenly pulled on Naruto's cheeks, "Honestly young man we try to show you how to control our power, and you go and pin the blame on us. Just what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Alright, alright, I get it I'm sorry, now can you please stop doing that?" said a groaning Naruto as Kurama stopped pinching his cheeks.

"It's like watching a father scold his son", giggled Koto.

"It's nice to see that they get along well", said Layla smiling.

"But how did they hit Naruto-kun? I thought all of you were sealed", said a baffled Hinata.

"Some things are just unexplainable Hinata-chan", smiled Layla with Koto nodding in agreement causing Hinata to sweat drop.

"Really Naruto you should try to show a little more respect for us. Besides, your senseis said that it was a suggestion, not an order, which means that you don't have to necessarily follow it if you don't want to", said Yue crossing his arms.

"Seems to me like this might be part of their test. I wouldn't put it pass them if this was some kind of tactic used to teach them a lesson", said Kurama.

"Ingenious if you ask me", said Koto.

"Right now however, they do need to hurry or they will be late. Now run along you two", said Layla.

"T-Thank you K-Koto-san, Layla-san", said Hinata.

"Come now Hinata, we've known each other for so long that you don't need to use honorifics."

"Yeah, just call us by our names. Loosen up a bit, we'll always be here for you", said Koto smiling as the two returned to the real world.

"Let's go Naruto-kun, we don't want to be late", smiled Hinata with Naruto staring at her in amazement making Hinata blush, "W-What is it N-Naruto-kun?"

"You sound cute when you don't stutter Hinata-chan", said Naruto with Hinata's blush growing darker, "R-Really?"

Hinata let out a small surprised squeak when Naruto suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him as he hugged her closely, "Really Hinata-chan. You know, you sound cute even with your stutter. I love you Hinata-chan."

"I l-love y-you too Naruto-kun", said Hinata happily with both sharing a small loving kiss with each other, "We better get moving or our senseis will kill us for being late."

Training Ground

Hinata and Naruto arrived at their designated training ground with Shino waiting for them underneath a tree while staring at a fly that landed on his fingernail.

"Morning Shino", greeted Naruto giving his foxy smile.

"Good morning Shino-kun", said Hinata bowing politely.

"You're late", said Shino making Hinata and Naruto sweat drop, "Yeah…we got held up by something", said Naruto.

"S-Sorry", said Hinata.

"Both our senseis are late as well. Consider it a blessing that you came before them", said Shino with Naruto and Hinata looking around after realizing that Shino was right.

"I guess you're right Shino. Looks like we got a lucky break huh Hinata-chan", said Naruto with Hinata smiling as well with Taiyo and Tsuki stretching their limbs after being put down on the ground.

One Hour Later

Up on the rooftop of a nearby building were Kurenai and Yugao watching over their students biding their time until they started their test, "Think we waited long enough Kurenai-chan?" asked Yugao.

"I think so, I don't want to get a reputation like Kakashi after all", said Kurenai.

"Tell me about it, Kakashi-sempai really needs to work on his timing", said Yugao, "It's ironic when you think about it since we're using one of his idea to do this."

"True, but what's the harm of adding our own little twist into his idea", said Kurenai as they both disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Training Ground

Shino was sitting on the ground looking at an insect on his finger when he noticed that Tsuki and Taiyo were looking at him curiously. The insect on his finger flew off as Shino slowly outstretched his hand with Tsuki and Taiyo looking at his hand in interest as they started sniffing his hand.

Both of them suddenly backed away from him after witnessing a swarm of insects starting to appear from under his sleeve as Shino slowly retracted his hand looking at the swarm when it suddenly receded back into his sleeve.

"Hey Shino, what's with the bugs? Are they like your partners as well or something?" asked Naruto.

"Something like that", said Shino turning his attention towards Naruto leaning against a tree with Hinata resting comfortably in his embrace, "You're not acting like your usual self Naruto."

"How so?"

"You appear to be more…calm", said Shino making Naruto sweat drop with Hinata quietly giggling at Shino's comment.

"They keep staring", said Shino looking at Tsuki and Taiyo once again.

"They're just curious about you. After all, since we'll all be working together, they just want to know a little more about you", explained Naruto.

'My bugs tell me that they're emitting a strange kind of chakra unlike other canines like Akamaru', thought Shino, 'However, they do appear to be loyal to Hinata and Naruto, and yet…What exactly are they?'

Shino's thoughts were interrupted when a fly came buzzing by his ear flying in a formation, 'I guess this will have to wait', thought Shino, "Our senseis seemed to have arrived", announced Shino when two puffs of smoke appeared revealing Kurenai and Yugao.

"Sorry we're late everyone", greeted Yugao.

"There was something that we needed to attend to", said Kurenai smiling.

"But now we can begin", said Yugao taking out a silver bell along with Kurenai, "Your test is quite simple. As you can see, Kurenai-chan and I each have a silver bell, and it's your job to get one of our bells. Should you manage to get one of our bells, you pass the test."

"B-But Yugao-sensei, there's only t-two bells", said Hinata.

"Which means one of you will fail, and go back to the academy", said Kurenai shocking Naruto, Hinata, and Shino judging by the sudden twitch in his eyebrow that Kurenai saw, "You have until noon, which is when this timer will go off. If none of you have a bell, then you all fail."

"Don't think we'll also make this easy on you, so you better come with the intention to kill", said Yugao in a serious tone, "Begin!"

Once Yugao gave the signal the three newly appointed Genin vanished into the forest surrounding the training field, "Seems that they're quite good at hiding", commented Kurenai.

"Shall we set up our own defense as well?" snickered Yugao unsheathing her sword.

"Already did", said Kurenai smiling victoriously.


Naruto was hiding up in a tree looking down at his two senseis after noticing that Yugao unsheathed her sword, 'Looks like they're pretty serious about this.'

"What are they up to?" whispered Naruto with Tsuki on his shoulder twitching her ears, "Hey Tsuki-chan, want to give it a go?" asked Naruto receiving a small affirmative squeal from Tsuki.

Naruto jumped down from the tree standing in front of his two senseis each looking at him confusedly, "Well this is new", said Yugao.

"Although I wouldn't count the direct approach the wisest choice", said Kurenai.

"Let's go Tsuki-chan!"

Naruto and Tsuki charged forward aiming for the bells, "Tsuki-chan, take Yugao-sensei's bell, I'll go for Kurenai-sensei's!"

Naruto took out a kunai ready to defend himself with Tsuki disappearing from view when Naruto noticed that Yugao's image appeared slightly distorted. Tsuki reappeared behind Yugao looking at her confusedly, "What?" said Naruto after realizing that he had just fazed through Kurenai, "What the-?"

Yugao and Kurenai suddenly disappeared into thin air only to be replaced with three other Kurenai's and three other Yugao's, "Nice try Naruto", said the three Kurenai at the same time.

"But not good enough", said the three Yugao when one of them disappeared from view and reappeared behind him. Tsuki tried to tackle the Yugao behind Naruto only to faze through her tackling Naruto instead as the other two Yugao's attacked. Naruto locked blades with one of the Yugao's sword only to be struck hard from behind by a second Yugao, and a third Yugao sweep kicked him to the ground with all three Yugao's looking down at him, "Better luck next time Naruto."

Naruto tried to perform a Shadow Clone only to be stopped by one of the Yugao's sword tip facing him, Ah, Ah "I don't think so."

Naruto looked to his side and saw another three Yugao's battling with Tsuki matching speed for speed, "Speedy little thing aren't you", said a fourth Yugao.

"Well so are we", said a fifth Yugao with Tsuki using her speed to try and outrun the three Yugao's when a sixth Yugao caught her off guard and slammed her to the ground making the blue fox creature skid to a halt next to her partner.

A barrage of shuriken came out from another tree branch that was quickly intercepted by one of the Kurenai's easily deflecting them when Taiyo suddenly appeared charging straight towards Kurenai only to faze through her with three more Kurenai's appearing. Each Kurenai took out a kunai with all three striking at Taiyo. Taiyo easily dodged the first two strikes when he suddenly grabbed the blade of the third kunai when another of the Kurenai's kicked him away.

Hinata suddenly appeared from behind a bush appearing winded when three more Kurenai's appeared charging towards Hinata. Hinata tried to use her Gentle Fist only to faze through one of the Kurenai's, and three more appeared with one Kurenai grabbing Hinata's arm and twisted it forcing Hinata into submission with a second Kurenai placing her kunai against Hinata's neck, "Sorry Hinata, looks like you lose."

Hinata looked in front of her with three other Kurenai's facing against Taiyo. While Taiyo isn't as fast as Tsuki, he had quite the dexterity and strength to dodge and hold back two of the Kurenai's until the third Kurenai threw him into a trap that grabbed one of his hind legs and hoisted him up in the air, "You're a tough little guy you know that", said one of the Kurenai's with Taiyo groaning out a response.

"Parasitic Insects: Swarm!"

Shino appeared letting out a swarm of insects only for each to faze through each of the images of his senseis until only the originals were left, "Quickly, while my insects keeps them occupied", ordered Shino.

Naruto and Hinata quickly grabbed Tsuki and Taiyo and retreated towards Shino's direction along with Shino recalling his insects. Once the insects left the area, more images of Kurenai and Yugao appeared each looking at the direction they retreated, "My, my, how clever of Shino. Using his insects to cover the field in order to ensure that no copy respawns, they might actually pass."

"This team might actually be interesting to teach. I hope we actually do end up teaching them", said Kurenai with a smile.

"Me too, I always wanted to teach a Genin team", smiled Yugao with a small blush on her cheeks.

"It's surprising to actually see you like this Yugao-chan, does Hayate know about this?" snickered Kurenai making Yugao blush, "S-Shut up! You've been hanging around Anko for too long Kurenai-chan!"

"True, but the look on your face is priceless", giggled Kurenai with Yugao blushing while puffing her cheeks like a frustrated little girl.


"Thanks for the save Shino", said Naruto petting Tsuki, "You're not hurt are you Tsuki-chan?"

Tsuki responded by giving him a reassuring squeal.

"T-Thank y-you Shino-kun", said Hinata petting Taiyo, "Are you okay Taiyo-kun?"

Taiyo responded by giving her an affirmative yip making Hinata giggle.

"My teammates were in trouble so naturally I decided to help", said Shino pushing up his sunglasses.

"Guess going head on wasn't the brightest move", said Naruto.

"Naturally, a ninja's greatest feat is stealth, something you apparently lack Naruto, despite your prankster nature", said Shino making Naruto groan in frustration, "And you Hinata seem to have forgotten about your Byakugan. Surely you could've seen through their tactics", said Shino with Hinata feeling ashamed of herself for forgetting about her own bloodline limit.

"However, despite this we do know something about our opponent", said Shino grabbing both their attentions, "We know that they're not using clones, but rather a type of Genjutsu, something to be expected from Kurenai-sensei. My insects felt it when they passed through them…and apparently so are you", said Shino pushing up his sunglasses making Naruto and Hinata nervously sweat.


"Y-You see we…um…"

"I'm sure you two have your reasons for keeping this a secret, but right now this is more important. I've also noticed that Yugao-sensei is more of the offense of the two while Kurenai-sensei tends to be more on the defense. If you two are holding back some kind of power, then I suggest you use it. We are up against two Jonin, and I doubt each of us can take them on alone", said Shino until Naruto and Hinata had a look of realization.

Groan "I feel like an idiot for not asking for help earlier", whined Naruto.

"Me too", sighed Hinata.

"I see you two caught on quick. We need to work together if we're going to pass", said Shino with Naruto and Hinata looking at each other in determination and nodded their heads, "Lead the way Shino."

Training Ground

"It's getting late", said Kurenai.

"Yeah, and this is around the time Kakashi-sempai says that they get desperate", said Yugao.

"Something tells me that these three will get it eventually", smiled Kurenai.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" yelled Naruto creating a horde of clones charging straight towards his two senseis.

Sigh "Honestly Naruto I'd expected something a little more original from you", sighed one of the Yugao as she and two other copies charged at the horde of Naruto's clones, "Dance of the Crescent Moon!"

Two of the Yugao's cut through most of the Naruto's on the side with the middle Yugao going straight for a specific Naruto that had Tsuki on his shoulder, "Word of advice Naruto: Never distinct yourself from your clones! Thanks to Tsuki I know which one is the original!" said Yugao cutting through Naruto when he suddenly disappeared along with Tsuki turning into Naruto and then disappeared as well, 'What?'

"Thanks for the advice Yugao-sensei! And thanks for revealing the real you!" yelled Naruto taking out a kunai. Naruto locked blades with Yugao when he leg sweeps her only for his leg to faze through, 'Damn it!'

"She's on your right Naruto-kun!" yelled Hinata suddenly appearing taking out two kunai to parry Yugao's oncoming blow only for Yugao's sword faze through her surprising Hinata.

"Behind us Naruto-kun!" said Hinata noticing another Yugao charging them from behind. Hinata out stretched her hand behind her and concentrated her chakra.

"In front of us as well", said Naruto noticing that all of the Kurenai's were taking out a kunai and launched a barrage of kunai. Naruto out stretched his hand concentrating his chakra.

'What are they doing? Don't they know that they can die from such a heavy attack?' thought Yugao as she swung her sword in an upward diagonal arch only for the blade to clash with something invisible at the same time the kunai barrage clashed into an invisible wall. Kurenai and Yugao were both surprised at what both Naruto and Hinata just did with both of them taking advantage of their shock, "Shino! Now!"

Shino released a swarm of insects covering the entire field once again leaving only the original Kurenai and Yugao trying to fight off the swarm of insects. Naruto and Hinata charged at their two senseis from behind ready to deliver the final blow when both Kurenai and Yugao suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, "Shadow clones? How?"

"That answer should be obvious Naruto! Never leave you back open to your opponents!" said Kurenai with both her and Yugao charging at them. Naruto and Hinata pulled out a leaf from their pocket concentrating their chakra into it as the leaves turned glowed brightly transforming into a blade.

Naruto and Hinata locked blades with Kurenai and Yugao, "Impressive, you've got to teach me that Jutsu", said a surprised Yugao.

"If you pass of course", said Kurenai.

"Just you wait sensei, we're just getting started", said Naruto with Hinata nodding her head only to see Yugao and Kurenai's smiling face, "What's so funny?"

"Give a second", said Yugao.

Ring Ring Ring

"And…you lose", said Yugao with a dumbfounded Team 8 staring back at them.

"WHAT?" yelled Naruto scaring away a flock of birds.

"Time's up, you lost", said Kurenai.

"No way! Hinata and I had planned this out with Shino, there's no way we could've lost!" ranted Naruto.

"B-But I thought we h-had m-more t-time", stuttered a frantic Hinata.

"Those were the rules since you didn't…didn't…What the-! Where's my bell?" said Yugao after feeling around her waist when she didn't feel the bell on her.

"Mine's gone too", said Kurenai looking for her bell.

Chuckle "Not bad if I do says so myself", chuckled Naruto smiling triumphantly along with Hinata. Shino approached the group with Tsuki and Taiyo behind him each holding up the missing bells.


"It was all Shino's idea. While Hinata and I fought you and Kurenai-sensei off, Shino would spread his insects to handle Kurenai-sensei's illusions", explained Naruto.

"Tsuki-chan and Taiyo-kun would then rush over under the cover of Shino-kun's insects and steal the bells when the opportunity presented itself. Taiyo-kun would grab Kurenai-sensei's bell while Tsuki-chan would go after Yugao-sensei's bell", said Hinata.

"Since we knew that both of you would have to fend off my bugs, there was a small window of opportunity before you could react that would have to be timed perfectly for us obtain the bell", said Shino pushing up his glasses.

"I see, but we left Shadow Clones, how do you know that those bells aren't fakes?" said Yugao.

"If they were fake, then the real bells would've also disappeared after your clones vanished right Yugao-sensei?" asked Naruto smiling.

"Not necessarily", said Kurenai when the bells in Taiyo's and Tsuki's mouth disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Sorry everyone, better luck next time", said Kurenai with both Kurenai and Yugao taking out the real bells when Tsuki suddenly grabbed both bells at high speed catching both senseis off guard.

Chuckle "Joke's on both of you Kurenai-sensei, Yugao-sensei, I had a clone fix the timer while you were busy fighting off the rest. They don't call me the Number One Prankster of the Leaf for nothing you know" said Naruto showing off his foxy smile.

"I'm impressed Naruto, you really did prepare in case of a diversion tactic", said Shino.

"So I guess we technically win", said Hinata smiling shocking Kurenai and Yugao.

"Not just yet, there's still the matter of who gets to go back to the Academy", said Yugao with an arrogant smirk, "One of you is gonna have to fail."

Naruto and Hinata were suddenly shocked at Yugao's statement not knowing what to do, "None of us are going to fail", said Shino stepping forward shocking Naruto and Hinata.

"Oh? How so?"

"We obtained those bells together as a team, we worked together as a team, so either we pass as a team, or we fail as a team", said Shino in a determined tone, "After all, that's what the purpose of this exercise was right? To see if we can disobey orders that would hurt a team, creating impossible conditions that would pit us against one another, and pitting two experienced Jonin against three newly appointed Genin fresh out of the Academy is considered suicide in a real battle."

"In that case…" said Yugao smiling.

"You all pass", said Kurenai smiling causing Naruto and Hinata to celebrate with Shino smirking victoriously.

"Congratulations, you are now official Genin of the Hidden Leaf Village. Tomorrow we'll begin missions, so make sure you get some rest", said Kurenai with both her and Yugao disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"Let's go to Ichiraku Ramen to celebrate!" announced Naruto with Hinata and Shino following behind.

Ichiraku Ramen

Naruto was staring bug-eyed at the long line that was seen outside of the ramen stand thanks to Hanabi working there, "I'm never gonna get use to that", said Naruto crying waterfall tears with Hinata gently patting him on the back.

"Ah yes, I've heard that there was an adorable little cosplayer who apparently is drawing in a large crowd everyday", said Shino pushing up his sunglasses.

"So I noticed", said a depressed Naruto still crying waterfall tears.