I've decided that I'm not going to make future chapters. I've thought about it and technically, the storyline is just supposed to end with Sasuke not letting her go. I didn't intend to go any further than that, but seeing the reviews about wanted more, I had seconds thoughts about it. But unfortunately, I decided to end it here because if I had dragged on the story, I know I'll give up on it sooner or later.

And besides, as I mentioned before, I was just writing this story out of boredom. I didn't expect to go all out with a full plot to the story.

So I apologize to the many readers who were excited for the story's continuation, but I'm ending it. Sasuke and Sakura's happy, the ending's happy, so I'M happy :)


I'm making a similar story to this. It'll be the same idea, but with Naruto and Hinata on focus. So if you want to read it, It'll be out in a few days or so. It's going to be called "Do I Mean Anything To You"(see the similarity of the titles of the stories there? *wink wink*) Haha, but yea, check it out. And PLEASE, I strongly suggest reading my other stories, too.

And again, I'm realllyyyy sorry.