Peace Within War

Note: This is probably going to be a series of one shots, but first I've got to get into the story actually. A lot of these will be tributes to some of the greatest CG authors on the site.

It was midday in the bustling city of Tokyo. People were starting to get off of their lunch break, and continue on with their daily activities. It was seemingly peaceful, but that was clearly not the case.

There was an explosion from one street, as out of the dust shot a motorcycle. On the motorcycle, was a tall, muscular, black clad figure. The figure wore a Knightmare jumpsuit with the golden symbol of infinity on his chest. On the palms of his gloves, there was still the symbol of infinity. And he wore a mask, with a golden blade on top, and the golden symbol of infinity in the middle. On his shoulders, were sacks full of money.

Infinity, the opposite, and archenemy of Zero, had struck again. He laughed evilly, as people dove to get out of his way.

Suddenly, a black Knightmare shot out of the smoke.

"Surrender, Infinity!" Zero roared from within. People cheered as their hero charged after the enemy of peace.

"Never!" Infinity roared in response, as he pulled out a special weapon of his that fired a mini-Hadron blast. He squeezed the trigger, and sent the red energy at Zero's Knightmare. Zero dodged, and continued charging forward, he finally caught up to Infinity, and got ready to grab him. However, Infinity shot the Knightmare's feet, sending it spiraling off balance. Zero exited the cockpit, and jumped out, and onto Infinity.

The two grappled on the motorcycle, until the vehicle spun out of control, and sent both combatants flying. Both landed on their feet, and sparred for a shot time.

Zero sent a punch to Infinity's face, which Infinity blocked, while Infinity did a kick to Zero's side. Zero dodged, that, and did an uppercut, which knocked Infinity back. Infinity then got up, and ran. Zero followed in close pursuit.

Infinity ran into an alleyway and Zero followed. However, when Zero entered, Infinity had vanished.

"Damn!" he yelled. Two other Knightmares, piloted by Todoh and Chiba caught up.

"Zero, did you get him?" Todoh asked. Zero shook his head.

"He's evaded me," he said," Let's go!" Zero climbed onto Todoh's Knightmare, and they sped off.

In reality, Infinity was simply hiding behind the dumpster, and Zero only acted that he didn't know where Infinity was.

"Whew!" Infinity sighed as he took a break. He took off his mask. Lelouch took a few deep breaths.

"Still aren't fully used to this," he said with a snicker.

It had been 4 months since the quarrel with S.S., the wicked immortal who strived to rule the universe using all the combined powers of Geass, and 4 months since Lelouch and Suzaku made a resolve to continue the war between Zero and Infinity forever.

At least once a week, Infinity would perform some form of villainy, holding his position as the enemy of the world. And Zero would arrive to stop him, but Infinity would repeatedly "just barely escape". All the hatred of the world remained focused on him, as it remained united. It was never Lelouch's initial dream, but with the strives to destroy Infinity, people could continue to move toward the future.

He smiled at the sky, things were going perfectly. He pulled out his watch, and checked the time.

"Oh damn!" he cursed, he was late for his date.

Lelouch took off his Infinity outfit, and put on one of the disguises that he kept hidden all over the city, so he could pull them out whenever he needed them. It included a trench coat, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. This allowed him to move through the city incognito.

He took a taxi up to a hill. He paid the driver, and walked up it. There stood a lonely grave, his grave.

However, he wasn't here for the grave, he was here for her.

Leaning on the grave, was Kallen. She was staring at the sky.

"Sorry I'm late!" Lelouch said, as he took off his disguise, and sat next to her. Kallen turned and smiled.

"Don't worry," she said, as the two kissed. The two broke off.

"Good bank heist," she complimented," Where'd you find the motorcycle?"

"Stole it," Lelouch answered. Kallen giggled.

"The things you're getting away with," she stated.

"Its for the greater good," Lelouch stated. Kallen shrugged in agreement.

"So what are you planning for next?"

"Not sure, I'm going to talk about with Suzaku in that old abandoned warehouse on the old dock."

They spent the rest of their date talking, and what not. Half of their dates were like this, but other times, Lelouch would meet her at a restaurant or a theater.

The next day, Infinity darted through the shadows in the dock. He slid into the warehouse, and sat down. It was early evening, so the sun was beginning to set, but he had plenty of light.

"So you're here," Zero said, as he entered. Infinity stood up. The two walked straight towards each other. They held up their hands, but instead of hitting each other, they clasped each other's hands.

They sat down opposite of each other.

"Good acting," Zero said as he removed his mask.

"Thank you," Infinity said as he took off his.

"So what next?" Suzaku asked.

"Maybe a hostage situation," Lelouch answered," Kallen told me that Ashford is doing a field trip to the museum."

"I was thinking more like a public threaten, to blow up a populate area, like a hospital," Suzaku said. Lelouch shrugged.

"That's another idea," he agreed.

The two continued their brain storming, until they settled on Infinity holding the students in Ashford hostage. They would do it next week. In the mean time, Lelouch was spending his time in a small house that he used his Geass to gain. He spent his time off working out, or just relaxing. Since he was brought back, Lelouch was a lot more exercise aware. He lifted weights and worked out on a daily basis now. The result, he was now quite muscular, and strong. He would often watch the news, or work on a computer, doing whatever came up.

Eventually, the day to pull off the Ashford heist came.

Infinity snuck into Ashford early in the morning.

"Its been a while," he sighed. They were planning on actually performing the act at lunch. Till then, Infinity just rested in a hidden area out in the garden.

As students started coming in, Infinity sighed. It brought back memories. Back to before Zero was ever created. Lelouch, not Infinity, often wondered what would've happened if Zero was never created. Or what would've happened if he remained a prince. It could've been as plain as, what if Kallen acknowledged herself as a Britannian, or if Suzaku didn't feel guilty about killing his father. For the time being, Lelouch put them out of his head, and waited for the heist to begin.

It eventually did, and at lunch, Infinity made his move. He used his Geass on the principal to get all the students in the auditorium.

As the teens were wondering what things were all about, Infinity appeared.

"Attention, students of Ashford Academy!" he loudly roared," I am Infinity, and I am hereby taking all of you hostage!" The people screamed, and tried to run.

"Anybody who moves will be shot down!" Infinity said, as he held up his mini Hadron gun. The students froze, and began to cower. Kallen was smiling internally over Infinity's whole ploy.

"This stance is the name of his Majesty, Lelouch vi Britannia!" Infinity loudly spoke," I am here to deliver a message to all who continue to slander him!" The students merely ducked down.

For a couple hours, Infinity just goose stepped his way around the gym. He yawned, as he looked at the students. He passed by Kallen, who flashed him a smile.

The window suddenly broke, as Zero landed.

"Zero is here!" one boy said.

"We're saved!" a girl responded.

"You won't escape this time, Infinity!" Zero said, as he drew his broadsword. Infinity smiled under his mask.

"I'll just kill you," he said, as he drew his katana. The two then struck forward, just before they were going to meet blades, the world around Infinity collapsed. He found himself falling into a black void, his Infinity outfit falling apart straight off him.

He couldn't scream for some reason, it was like his vocal cords were gone. He looked up, and saw a hole from one he came from, leading back to his world, growing smaller, until it disappeared.

Finally, he landed, he landed in what felt like thin air. He looked around. At first he thought he was in C's World, but it was a simple dark blue, with small stars filling the space. However, doors were all over, classic wooden doors.

"Welcome," a voice said.