Lelouch found himself facing Mao. Just the sight of that man made Lelouch sick to his stomach. That psychopath, that malicious monster, that… fiend.

Lelouch looked down, and saw a crippled Suzaku,, and when looking around him, he saw he was in the Ashford Church. Lelouch then realized he was at the point where he ordered Mao not to speak. Lelouch checked to make sure Suzaku was okay, and noticed he was unconscious. This gave Lelouch an idea.

He probably meant to give that original command, but when he activated his Geass, a different order came.

"Become my slave! Not Zero, Lelouch!" Lelouch ordered.

"No!" Mao cried as he tried to cover his face, but the Geass took effect. Mao then went subdued, before bowing to Lelouch.

"I am at your service," he said calmly.

Lelouch grinned. Mao was now his. That Geass power he possessed would make everything easy. The Black Knights could no longer hide anything from him.

"Your first order," Lelouch said," Leave, and go find the Black Knights. I shall make sure they get in contact with you."

"Yes sir!" Mao said, as he departed.

Lelouch grinned to himself. This would be interesting, very interesting.

(Black Knight's trailer)

"What are we all doing here again?" Tamaki asked.

"Zero called us all here," Ohgi answered," He said something about a new member."

"I…" Minami began, but he was interrupted.

"The answer is no, I'm not Japanese," a tall, skinny man with white hair said as he entered," And yes, I am Chinese." Everyone was slightly surprised by the appearance of the strange man.

"Wh…" Tamaki started.

"My name is Mao," the man interrupted," I am the new head of the intelligence system in the Black Knights."

"Bu…" Kallen began.

"Zero has already approved me," Mao said.

"You're lying!" Tamaki said, pointing," Zero wouldn't just allow someone to join just like that!"

"Mao is going to be a firm contributor," Zero himself said, as he entered from the shadows," He possess a capability that even I lack, which will allow us to know everything before hand."

"But Zero…" Ohgi tried to protest.

"I will not hear any objections," Zero ordered," My decision is final."

Mao smirked, smugness irradiating off him like a fire pit. The Black Knights eyed each other.

"I wouldn't be thinking of not having any trust, Kaname Ohgi," Mao said, approaching said man," Especially after you are lying to everyone present."

All eyes were suddenly on Ohgi, even Zero's.

"W-what are you talking about?" Ohgi stuttered.

"Don't play these games," Mao taunted," They all have the right to know."

"The right to know what?" Kallen asked.

"About that Britannian woman you are keeping in your house," Mao sneered," How you saved her life. How you have been keeping her in your house."

"Stop it!" Ohgi cried," That's not true."

"Ohgi, what is he talking about?" Tamaki asked.

"Its… its…," Ohgi tried. Mao laughed as he clapped his hands for no apparent reason.

"How amusing!" he mocked.

"If you don't stop," Kallen said, as she stood up.

"And don't get me started, Kallen Kozuki," Mao said, facing Kallen," I know everything about you as well. How you have formed such firm friendships with Britannians of all people."

"Kallen, he's kidding right?" Tamaki said.

"Well, I…" Kallen tried to say.

"And how you actually exposed yourself to that Lelouch fellow," Mao continued. Zero coughed slightly. Everyone stared at him.

"People cough," he stated firmly. Everyone then turned to stare at Kallen, who was turning so red it shied her hair.

"It was all an accident!" she cried.

"You are also getting worried that people are thinking you hold affections for him," Mao sneered.

"That's enough!" Zero snapped.

"Yes sir!" Mao said, nodding his head.

"I cannot have you just randomly antagonizing the others like this," Zero said," Do that again, and there will be consequences." To illustrate his point, Zero revealed the gun on his belt.

"Firm… consequences…," he said threateningly. Zero still hated Mao, and wanted to do everything in his power to ensure that he was brought down.

The Black Knights gasped at Zero's threat. They could never recall a time he actually considered killing a subordinate of his.

"Understood!" Mao said. Zero smirked under his mask. Geass he thought Where would I be without you? Zero thought for a moment. Probably in hiding somewhere, giving out bribes to police officers.

"Good," Zero said," Prepare, we are moving out for a new objective very soon."

(on the Black Knights submarine)

It was after Zero had just rescued Todoh from execution, and he had the Four Holy Swords in his coils. Mao was still an active member.

"Due to our recent reorganization," Zero began," Some changes have been made. The title as head Military Commander will be Kyoshiro Todoh." Everyone liked that.

"My Deputy Commander will be Kaname Ohgi," Zero continued. Ohgi looked uncomfortable with that, but agreed nonetheless.

"Taking over all intelligence systems, shall be Mao," Zero said. Some Black Knights didn't like that.

"Zero, this guy is with the Chinese Federation!" Tamaki said.

"And yet you follow Zero, who also isn't Japanese?" Mao said," Do you want me to give you the treatment I gave Ms. Kozuki, and Mr. Ohgi?" This shut Tamaki up.

"Tamaki!" Zero said," I believe I already told you all that your race does not have any consequence."

"Yeah, whatever," Tamaki said rubbing the back of his head. Mao clapped his hands, while chuckling.

"Very good!" he said," You just came up with several possible ways to result in this!"

"It creeps me out when he does that," Chiba said out loud.

"I believe you have something to hide as well," Mao said," Do you want it made public?" This shut her up.

Since Mao's joining, Zero had found getting information about a 1000x easier. Nothing really seemed to escape him. Nothing could be hidden from him. And since he had ordered Mao to serve Lelouch, not Zero, this meant Lelouch could put Mao to good use outside of the time actually with the Black Knights.

This is too perfect, Zero thought. He immediately regretted saying that, since he knew it would draw X.X. into working again.

As if on cue, he fell back into the dimension.

"What did you think?" X.X. asked.

"I think I've lost my ability to be surprised," Lelouch answered.

"We'll see about that," X.X. answered," Now this next one isn't too different, but will shake you up." X.X. snapped his fingers, and a force pushed Lelouch into the next door.

Note: I figured that this idea could use some credit, because it could make a good story. With that said, I would like to remind people that some of these I write with the hope of inspiring others to write stories like this. Especially one with the concept of Japan conquering Britannia.

Now, I am always accepting ideas.