Shaun and his friends, and mum, walked down the street as they pretended to be zombies, getting past the real zombies that were crowding the pub. Not a single one of those brainless idiots tried to attack...and the zombies didn't touch Shaun or anyone either.

They made it to the doorstep, but they quickly realized it was locked. They tried to open it, but to no avail...duh, it was locked.

"It's locked, now what..." Shaun quietly asked. And then the nerd with glasses busted open the window. "What the hell, man?"

"The door was locked, that's the hell what!" Nerd-o said as he hopped inside. "Get your asses in here and continue the movie, or be eaten, the choice is yours!"

Shaun's fat friend scoffed a bit. "Movie...this isn't a movie, if it was there's be music playin' in the background or somethin'."

Shaun quickly hopped off the steps and ran into the crowd, drawing the attention away from the zombies so everyone could get inside.

But when they did there was a blast of light that nearly took off Shaun's mom's head. Iron Man drunkenly stepped out from the backroom. "I am Iron Man." He belched loudly. "And what in the name of glorious me are you doin' in my house."

"House?" Glasses guy asked. "This is a bar."

"Oh..." Iron Man tossed his bottle of liquor away and grabbed a new one from the shelf of liquor. "No wonder it feels like home." Some zombies started to pound on the back door,. "Oh look, thirsty patrons...IT'S MY BEER, PISS OFF!" He shouted at the backdoor near the fusebox. "Showed them asses." Everyone else slowly started to move away from the window, but also not trying to get near Iron Man. Sadly, it didn't help. "Hey, staring contest, you and me fatty, GO!"

The fat dude looked at Iron Man and raised his hand slightly. " have a mask on, so I can't really-"

Iron Man blasted him back and he landed on a table, smashing it. "I win." He blasted everyone else as well and then went back to drinking. "I win again times how many of you there are...or were."

Shaun jumped through the window, and looked out it. "Right, that should buy us some time, let's all just..." He turned and noticed everyone besides Iron Man was dead. "What the hell happened? And why is Iron Man in our pub..."

Iron Man angrily tossed his beer at Shaun's head then laughed. "I am Iron Man, and I do whatever I want, bitch." Just then, the bar owner stumbled out from the a zombie. "AH! Holy hell, warn a person before jumping out like that, will you? I pissed my suit...which is fine, I put a bathroom in here after all."

"You may want to move..." Shaun quietly suggested.

"Why?" Iron Man placed his arm around the stocky bar owner. "He's just a little grumpy...and a little decaying-y, but he's alright!"

"He's a...well he's kind of undead."

Iron Man looked at Shaun, then at the zombie, then back at Shaun, then in a mirror to look at himself, then back at the zombie. He quickly pushed him away then blasted a hole in his head. "That was so frightening that I pissed and crapped my suit..." He looked at Shaun and blasted him as well. He grabbed as many bottles as he could and flew through the roof. "Time to find a non-zombie universe to get drunk off my ass!"