Sorry guys this one is a little sexually graphic... which I seem to be good at lol. Any way to Spencer Reid (who does not have an actual account) I do plan on using your suggestion to some extent and thank you. And please continue to review I'm trying to be consistent but with working two jobs it's hard to find the time to write.

Derek never wanted to have to admit that he liked something weird, but man did he like something weird. It didn't take long after he had started dating Spencer for him to figure it out, however broaching the subject would take some thought.

They had just returned from a case and although both men were tired they decided to grab something to eat and then head back to Spencer's apartment. They sat on Spencer's couch watching a movie, Spencer's long legs stretched across Derek's lap while they ate. Once they had consumed their food Spencer took the take out boxes into the kitchen and put the dirty dishes in the sink.

"Did you want something to drink Derek?"

"Just a beer thanks."

Spencer brought back a couple of beers for them and sat close to Derek. They had been together for almost four months and even though they had had sex more than once, Spencer still didn't know how to act when they were just hanging out. Derek slid his arm around his genius. "You need to calm down Spence, you aren't going to do anything wrong."

Spencer snuggled into Derek's embrace, revelling in the warmth. It wasn't long before they had both fallen asleep.

When Spencer woke up the next morning he was laying on the couch head on Derek's chest covered with a blanket. But he couldn't remember lying down, or covering up. He furrowed his brow.

"What's that look for?"

"Did you move me last night?"

"Yeah I thought you were going to get a kink in your neck, but your bed is covered in books and other stuff so I just made us comfortable on the couch."

Spencer looked up at Derek, "Thank you." Spencer leaned up and kissed the older man.

Derek laughed a little before smacking Spencer's bottom lightly, "Now go put on your geekiest clothes 'cause I have something I want to do."

Spencer gave Derek a confused look, which only earned him another smack. "Okay, okay, I'm going."

Spencer scurried into the bedroom and put on some clothes, and one of the ties that Derek had gotten him.

"Don't forget your glasses," Derek called from the living room.

When Spencer came out Derek was sitting on the couch completely naked.

Spencer blushed, "Why did I have to get dressed if you were going to undress?"

Derek grinned and walked over Spencer his cock standing tall and proud. Spencer's blush increased. "Cause pretty boy, I want to fuck you in your nerd wear."

Spencer stammered, "You want to have sex while I'm fully clothed?"

"Yeah. You have no idea how much you turn me on when you look like this." Derek said rubbing Spencer through his pants. Spencer's breath hitched.

Derek pulled Spencer back over to the couch and sat down. Spencer looked down at him, he was still rather inexperienced.

"Pretty boy, get on your knees." Derek said gently.

Spencer knelt in front of Derek who's leg were opened wide enough for Spencer to be between them. Derek was lightly stroking his cock now. "Suck it."

Spencer leaned down and took the head into his mouth; Derek groaned and thrust his hand into Spencer's hair. Spencer hollowed his cheeks and took as much of Derek's length into his mouth as he could, which earned him a growl from deep in Derek's chest. Spencer continued to bob his head and lick along the length until Derek pulled him up.

"Come 'ere pretty boy." Derek said huskily his voice filled with lust.

Spencer got to his feet and was about to straddle Derek's lap when Derek stopped him. Derek undid Spencer's belt and pants. He pulled Spencer's pants and briefs down just far enough to free his cock and reveal his rounded bottom.

Derek leaned down just far enough to take Spencer's head into his mouth. If it weren't for Derek's arm around his thighs Spencer's knees would have buckled. Derek reproduced Spencer's actions perfectly and had the younger man moaning and groaning above him. Derek pulled away long enough to slick up his fingers before going back to Spencer's cock. Derek continued his ministration but slid two fingers into Spencer's tight entrance. Derek's fingers and mouth worked in time with each other.

"Derek," Spencer groaned. "I'm gonna come if you don't stop."

This only encouraged Derek to add a third finger and suck a little harder. Derek pulled away, "Come for me baby." Derek continued working his fingers in Spencer's tight hole, and used his hand to jerk Spencer to completion. Spencer gripped Derek's shoulder tightly and spurted all over his boyfriend's chest.

Derek held Spencer up waiting for the younger man to recover, all the time still working his fingers in Spencer's ass. Derek pulled Spencer into his lap, "You ready baby?"

"Please Derek." It wasn't a question it was a statement. Derek rolled a condom on his straining cock before helping the younger man lower himself on Derek's rather large cock. Spencer let out a small gasp as he seated himself fully; eyes closed his head thrown back. Derek held onto Spencer's hips holding the younger man still so he could adjust. Derek pulled Spencer's sweater vest over the younger mans head.

Spencer's eyes opened slowly, lustfully, and he leaned down to capture Derek's lips in a kiss which the older man quickly dominated. Spencer began to slowly roll his hip, eliciting a load moan from the man on top of him. Derek loosened Spencer's ties and removed it before up buttoning his shirt and sliding it off. Derek licked and sucked at Spencer's collar bone, forcing the younger man to whimper. Spencer's hips changed quickly from rolling slowly to a steady up and down motion. Derek leaned back one hand still on Spencer's hip, the other on a graceful thigh.

It wasn't long before this wasn't enough for both of the men. Derek pushed Spencer up onto his feet and around to the backside of the couch, before bending him over. Derek got on his knees and tongued Spencer's quivering hole, which made Spencer moan loud and wantonly. Derek slid Spencer's pants down so they were pooled around the young man's feet. Derek returned to his feet and pushed slowly back into the waiting hole.

"Derek," Spencer moaned. A flush was crawling up the younger man's back.

Derek held Spencer's hips tight as he started a torturously slow rhythm. It wasn't long before Spencer was pushing back with need.

"H-harder Derek." Spencer breathed out.

Derek wrapped a hand around Spencer's frail chest and pulled the younger man up so his back was flush with Derek's chest. The younger man laid his head back on Derek's shoulder exposing a great expanse of pale skin, which Derek quickly assaulted with his tongue.

Spencer moaned loudly, to which Derek answered by picking up his pace. It wasn't long before Spencer was squirming in his arms. Derek captured the younger man's lips, holding one hand tightly to the younger man's hip.

"Derek, I'm so c-close." Spencer said with a small moan.

Derek kept one arm wrapped around the younger man's chest, with his other hand on a slim hip. "Touch yourself Spence, make yourself come."

Spencer groaned but did as he was told. It was only a few moments before Spencer saw stars. He would have fallen forward if it weren't for a strong arm holding him up. Derek was only a few thrusts behind, before he let them fall so they were draped over the back of the couch.

As there breathing slowed Spencer shifted. "Derek, you're squishing me."

Derek chuckled. "Sorry pretty boy. Did you want to cuddle on the couch or in your bed?"

"You pick." Spencer said.

Derek lifted himself off of Spencer and took the geniuses hand pulling him into the bedroom. Once they were settled Derek laying with Spencer's head on his chest their arms and legs entangled, Spencer looked up at Derek. "Did I really have to wear that just to turn you on?"

"No pretty boy, I just always wanted to be able to do that with you." Derek said kissing the younger man's forehead.

"Kay." Spencer laid his head on Derek's chest and yawned letting sleep take him.

Derek smiled and let sleep take him as well. Just happy to be able to sleep with his boy in his arms.