Title: Prompt Answers

Author: dreamerchaos

Pairing: ChristopherxWikus.

Rating: NC-17 overall.

Warnings: Language. Slash between an alien and a human(Or who was once a human, technically…). Gore.

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are owned by Peter Jackson. I make no profit by writing this work of fiction.

Author's note: Damn prompts haunted me until I stopped kicking and flailing. XD

Christopher, having returned to Earth, trying to justify taking Wikus with him. Can be before or after Wikus is made human.

"I can't believe it!" Wikus excitedly trails him while Christopher picks through Wikus' artwork and metal flowers with gentle claws to avoid damaging the pieces, "After three long years! You came back!"

"I always intended to keep my word." His voice instilled with a slight tone of hurt.

Wikus shakily laughs. "I didn't mean to imply anything by that." The shorter, thinner prawn shifts restlessly. "I just…I don't think that it's sunk in yet. It's really happening…finally, I can be with Tania."

"The humans have long since fled the city of Johannesburg." The larger prawn begins to quickly pack a small knapsack since Wikus is too distracted with his daydreaming, "And were you not saying last night that your wife is living with someone else?"

Wikus shirks away. "Y-Yeah…" He shuffles away from Christopher and leans out of his tent to peer up at the hulking mother ship that looms above the District, the huge vessel's maw open to release a swarm of small black ships that pour across the landscape. "But…once I'm human again, she will take me back. I'm sure of it. She loves me. I know that she will wait for me."

"You're so sure of this." Christopher is suspicious.

"I won't know until I try."

"…" Christopher clutches the half full knapsack within his hands. "So…you do not wish to come with me to see my planet."

Confused by the downtrodden mood, Wikus turns back to face him. "..I…" The smaller prawn stumbles for the right words, not wanting to upset the larger prawn. "I mean…thank you. I really, really do appreciate all that you have done for me. But this is my last chance. I don't want to let her go. I want to be happy and whole again." He lays a clawed hand on Christopher's hunched soldier, the larger prawn refusing to meet his gaze.

"And what about my happiness?" Wikus trills in alarm and stumbles backwards, wind milling when the larger prawn suddenly spins around with an infuriated snarl. Christopher seethes, rearing up, exemplifying his superior height, "Why am I not allowed some measure of joy? Why do you resist? I can give you a family! Oliver would be overjoyed to have another sibling. Back home, my hive would welcome you with open arms. Yet you continue to fawn over that pale haired human, your loyalty honest and true while she hesitated to believe your pleas and promises, believing her conniving creator before she bothered to listen to her mate!"

With his hands raised in surrender up in the air, Wikus takes a couple shaky steps back. "C-Christopher-

Something blunts stabs into his lower back from behind. The smaller prawn spasms as a concentrated electrical charge spirals upwards, nova bright stars explode across his pupils.

He totters to the side, unconscious before he collapses into another prawn's arms.

The huge black and green prawn easily manhandles the comatose body, his smaller binary hands clutching the handheld weapon that he had used to knock Wikus out cold. Wikus' head drops against his shoulder as he lolls boneless within his arms.

"You are too gentle, brother." The large prawn rattles, aiming a sharp glare at a contrite looking Christopher.

"Forgive me…" Christopher picks up the few remaining personal belongings, adding them to the small knapsack before he hurries after his Praetorian brother, "He is confused and I scared him. Humans court their prospective mates far differently."

His brother scoffs. "It is of no matter. I grew tired with waiting for you to scoop him up and carry him to the shuttle kicking and screaming. Now…Our Mother isn't too pleased to be left waiting. Come," He hoists Wikus higher into a more comfortable position, "She wishes to meet her future kin." Christopher's brother expands his pronounced maxillary into a grin, sharing a knowing growl of humor as they carry their charge towards the nearest drop shuttle.

After three years, Christopher comes back and finds Wikus. Only to find him pregnant and ready to lay eggs as other prawns have been repeatedly raping him over the years.

(Author's Note: Errrr….changed this a bit, where Wikus offered his 'services' in exchange for protection from the Nigerians.)

Wikus massages his aching, slightly swollen abdomen. A tremor races up his body, the eggs shifting restlessly.

"Wikus," Christopher tries yet again to interrupt the smaller prawn's silent meditation, "We must hurry and get aboard the ship." He finally snags Wikus' clawed hands, capturing them between his.

The older prawn was horrified to learn what had transpired to his friend during the last three years. 'If only I hadn't left him.' Christopher lived through the nightmare of his decision every day, worrying about the hybrid's fate in the District once his transformation had completed.

Poor, unlucky Wikus, with his single blue eye, had been targeted by the remaining Nigerians for the death of Obesandjo. The bi-colored set of eyes separated him from the rest of the prawns, easy pray amongst the millions of refugees.

Desperate and needing protection since he was not much larger than an average human, his transformation not lending additional bulk to his already puny frame, Wikus had thrown himself to the mercy of some of the largest, most dangerous prawns in the District.

The huge creatures were only too eager for an excuse to chase after the Nigerians, and maul the few that they managed to capture.

In exchange…

Wikus shifts uncomfortably, the half dozen large prawns seated and standing in a circle around him. "S-so…?" He mumbles while his head remains lowered towards the 'leader' of the group.

The seated large albino prawn clacks his long talons together, the huge worker contemplating the smaller prawn's offer.

He waves his hand, beckoning with a sharp crook of two hooked fingers.

Wikus gasps when he is pushed forward by several pairs of large hands. He stumbles and falls to his knees in between the leader's thick thighs.

The leader curves his fingers underneath the soft bump of his chin, coaxing Wikus to raise his head a bit higher.

"In exchange…" The huge prawn purrs.

"I-In exchange?" Wikus trembles, unsure if this was a bright idea. The leader's binary hands scratch and caress his abdomen, "…in ex-ch-change for w-what?"

The albino maps his hands down the smaller prawn's face and neck. Wikus shudders, more pairs of hands ticking down his back and waist from behind, more bodies pressing in close and tight.

Wikus' worst fears are confirmed when the leader leans forward, nuzzling the smaller prawn's cheeks, tentacles flexed and twining with his, "Share and warm our nests." If Wikus were still capable in this uncomfortable foreign body that has been his for only three months, he would flush hot with embarrassment and humiliation while he quietly submits to his protectors' every whim.

"I feel like a cow." Wikus mumbles while Christopher helps him to stand.

Christopher purrs into his ear, "Just trust me." He gingerly walks the smaller prawn out of the shack, urging him towards the scattered drop ships, "There are numerous doctors aboard the mother ship. They will ensure that your eggs are safely delivered."

Wikus shudders. "You won't hurt my eggs, will you?"

"Of course not!" Christopher is aghast at the very notion. The idea of laying a hard hand on any little creature with the same wonderful shade of blue eyes as Wikus…

"Can…can I visit them afterwards?" Christopher's arms tighten in response to the tentative hope in Wikus' voice.

"That won't be a problem." With care Christopher helps Wikus into the shuttle, guiding the smaller prawn into the nearest seat. Wikus gusts a weary sigh as he leans back in the padded seat, taking the sharp pressure off his lower back from the additional weight of his unborn eggs. "I will stay with you and help you every step of the way. You will never want or lack anything."

Wikus begins again his quiet steady massage upon his distended abdomen. He can't hate the group of prawns…it had been his choice, and his decision to willingly lay with them. He just couldn't find it in himself to direct his feelings of helplessness and frustration towards the eggs waiting to be born. "Well, at least they'll have two parents, then, waiting and eager for their arrival." He whispers to himself while Christopher settles down in the main chair, readying the shuttle to return aboard the mother ship, the larger prawn already sending a message beacon to the medical bay, requesting assistance for a young prawn carrying his first clutch.

Wikus attempts suicide and Christopher must give him a reason to live.

"I will not leave you!"

"Just fooking go!" Wikus and the large mechanized robotic unit heave, the massive weapons quaking and crumbling onto its knees for the fifth time. "G-Get away…I'll buy you some time…" Wikus coughs, the transformation too hard on his weakened body, the strain from the integration with the battle unit draining his last reserves.

"You'll be killed!"

"So what?" Wikus groans as the machine tries for another stand, bullets pinging off the shell of the machine's back strut. "Open your damn eyes! I can't make it! And there is no fooking way I'm going back to those bastards and their labs and their damn experiments!"

Christopher hurls his makeshift shield away and leaps for the opened chest cavity of the malfunctioning battle unit. He wrestles with the catches locking Wikus into the operator's cabin, Wikus struggling and trying to slap away his hands.

"I will not leave you!"

"S-Stop!" Wikus cries, again when the battle unit begins to shut down when the catches snap open. He tumbles into Christopher's arms, "Koobus will kill you!"

"Not if I contend with him first…" Christopher reaches into the depths of the battle unit cockpit and does something, hitting an sequence of buttons and screen images too fast for Wikus to follow. The unit freezes, and then begins to emit a strange pulse, red warning glyphs flashing across the three dimensional screens.

"Run!" But Christopher for the most part carries Wikus the rest of the way towards the command module, Wikus wheezing through aching lungs as he is jostled with every step, his feet barely touching the ground as they run.

Oliver meets them at the shuttle's doorway, keening in alarm at his father's bloodied face. He pounces on Wikus when Christopher carefully lays him down on the floor, the moaning hybrid curled into a ball. "Sweetie-man?" Oliver hops around his new friend, worried when Wikus only manages to whimper softly.