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Elizabeth and Jane Bennett looked out of the window of the car that was driving them to the party that Jane's new boyfriend, Charlie was hosting. The only good thing about this party for Elizabeth was that Charlie's obnoxious friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy, would not be present. He had insulted he last weekend at the club that they had gone to for her birthday.

Jane had brought Charlie and Will to meet her. She had liked Will until he had insulted her behind her back. He was conceited, arrogant, and rude. He had called her tolerable, updateable and even childish. Just because she was a few years younger than him did not mean he could be mean and hurtful. In fact, she was almost finished her photography internship and would be able to go on assignments and get a real job. Jane was an interior decorator who had been working on Charlie's house when they had first met. Finally finished with the work on his home, Charlie was having a party to celebrate.

The car stopped at their destination, a bar, and the two women got out. Jane immediately gravitated towards Charlie while Elizabeth made the long trek to the bar.

"I'll have a vodka tonic, please." She said to the bartender. She was so happy that she was now 24 and finally looked old enough that most people didn't card her.

"I'll have one too, please." A man said beside her. [(Elizabeth turned, recognizing the voice, and was met with the sight of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Darcy, as he was known by his friends, was a good friend of Charlie's but was supposed to be out of the country.

"Oh, Elizabeth. I didn't know you were invited to the party." Darcy said as he turned and noticed her.

"I didn't know you were back in the country. Jane told me you had an urgent meeting in Australia with the new branch of Darcy Media Conglomerate." Elizabeth replied, surprised.

"Actually, I sent Theodore to do that. I like New York City a lot better than Australia." As he finished he took a sip of his drink before smiling.

"Jane never told me that. She explicitly told me you would not be here." Elizabeth said, taking a sip as well.

"I guess Charlie and Jane had the same plan, as they told me you were unable to attend." Said Darcy, noticing that she took a large sip of her drink.

"Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" Elizabeth said, taking another sip. She ordered another drink from the barman, quickly downing it once it came.

"Lizzie, I mean Elizabeth, are you ok?" Darcy asked, concerned.

"I always seem to forget what a lightweight I am." She slurred as she ordered another drink, followed by a vodka shot, and downed them both. "Woo!"

"Let me get you to Jane." He said as he noticed how much she was drinking. Is that because she hates me or is this natural for her? He thought. Though Darcy and Elizabeth had only met a couple times in the past, her inherent hate for him could always be seen.

"No, I'm fine. Let's dance." Elizabeth pulled him onto the dance floor and started dancing to the music. While she danced, Darcy tried to keep up, but she was moving far too wildly and crazily. Being pulled onto the dance floor surprised Darcy because he knew one of the reasons Elizabeth was mad at him was his refusal to dance at the last party they both attended.

"Elizabeth, I believe that you are more than just tipsy. Maybe you should go lie down." Elizabeth continued to dance to the music. When the songs became slow she pulled Darcy close wrapping her hands around his neck. This was highly unusual, and would not have happened if she hadn't had a lot to drink.

As Elizabeth started to sway dangerously, he picked her up and carried her to the guest room of Charlie's large apartment. The last thing she could remember was her head hitting a pillow, blankets being pulled over her, and a light kiss on her cheek.

When Elizabeth woke up the next morning, she felt really bad, but not as bad as a massive hangover warranted, which is definitely what she should be feeling. She slowly opened her eyes, and saw a white room; white walls, white curtains, and white bedding. Beside her bed was a man, his head bowed over his hand, which was holding her hand. All she could see of him was his perfect brown hair. Slowly, she tried to move her body but it ached all over. As she squeezed her hand he looked up at her.

"Lizzie." He cried in surprise. She could see tears in his eyes. He leaned in to hug her, but stopped as he remembered that she must be hurting all over. Upon seeing his face, she recognized him to be Darcy. Why was he crying at her bedside? Where were her parents, Jane, her sisters? Why was she in this hospital room to begin with, if this was a hospital room?

"Darcy?" She inquired weakly, and saw hurt flash through his eyes before he said "I think we are close enough for you to call me Will, darling."

"Where is my family?" She tried to ask, but barely a whisper came out.

"Jane is here. I will get her and the doctor." He said, before leaving quickly. So many thoughts were running through her head. Why was she in the hospital? Why was Darcy by her side? Why did she hurt all over? What happened since she went to bed last night?

"Ah Ms. Bennett, you gave us quite a scare. I am Dr. Walter, and I have been overseeing your case. I specialize in cases such as your but we can talk about that later. Let me do a quick exam and then I will explain to you what happened."

As he examined her, she learned that she had come in with some broken bones, some sort of head injury. He examined her sight, checked how the bones were healing, checked her pulse and vitals.

"Everything seems to be in order. Ms. Bennett, you were in a car accident with a drunk driver. You came in with a couple of broken ribs, which are now fully healed, a broken leg and arm, also healed and very bad head trauma, which we fixed. However, the swelling and bleeding in your brain caused you to fall into a coma."

She gasped. Her and Darcy must have left the bar while she was drunk that night and crashed the car.

"To make sure that you have not received any other brain damage from the surgery or from the coma we would like you to answer some questions." He took out a pad and paper. By now Jane and Charlie were in the room, lead by Darcy.

"Ok but can I get some water and some more pain killers or is that not allowed? She asked Dr. Walter.

"That's fine." He said and then paged a nurse. "What is you full name?"

"Elizabeth Samantha Bennett, but everyone calls me Lizzie or Liz." Her voice was still low but getting better.

"Simple answers will do just fine. Who are the other people in the room?"

"My sister Jane and her boyfriend, Charlie, and his friend William Darcy." She could see by the looks on the other's faces that she had gotten something wrong. Oh… William is not his name it's Fitzwilliam. I'll apologize later. She thought to herself.

"Can you list the names of your family members?"

"Mary, Kitty, Jane, and Lydia Bennett are my sisters and Franny and Sean Bennett are my parents."

"One last question; what is today's date?"

"If I was in a coma then it must be a different date than I'll remember."

"I understand that, but we would like the last date that you remember."

While she thought, a nurse came in and gave her more a glass of water. This gave her enough strength to continue. "It was probably Sunday, right? Let's see… that would make it September 16, 2007." A gasp was heard from everyone in the room. Darcy left abruptly and Charlie rushed after him.

"What's up with them?" she asked Jane.

"Will has been very worried for you. He's been here every day for the past two months and I guess you answering those questions wrong just made him feel worse. You know how he is with his emotions. He probably didn't want you to see his face." Jane said then looked at the doctor.

"If it's alright I would like to talk with your sister and husband if that's alright." Jane gave the doctor a look as she excuses herself. In a minute or two, Elizabeth was not paying close attention, sat down.

"Lizzie, its October now, which means that you should have given the date of at least the end of July, beginning of August not September. And its not 2007, but rather 2011." At this Elizabeth looked horrified. Jane was starting to cry with every word, knowing that it was as they had feared.

"Lizzie, you got in an accident on your way to dinner with Will. It was your anniversary."


"Lizzie, you and Darcy have been together officially for 4 years, and married for 3 of them."

"What?" was all she could say before she fell unconscious.

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