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Chapter One: Man of the Court.

They'd come in droves, in throngs, and numbers far too large to be described: each questing for the hand of the ever lovely Queen Mirana. Each failing and being turned away by the concerned queen. Those poor suitors.

Many had come seeking her power, others her wealth. Some wished to indulge themselves in her beauty, some wanted only to know she was happy and yet others wanted her only her hand for traditions sake.

It was late one afternoon, and Mirana had been having tea with a nice chap-a suitor of course-but thoughts constantly barraged her mind, causing her to become rather spacey. Her suitor noted this as the woman jumped, startled by the clock on the wall chiming half past tea.

"You'll have to excuse me," Her majesty stated in a sweet, calm voice as she stood and curtsied, "I have other obligations, I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all," Her suitor replied, finishing his tea, standing and bowing in return, "It was pleasant, but I know I am not the one you yearn for-it is quite obvious-I hope they make you happier then I ever could."

"Oh dear," Mirana said to herself as the boy left, her hands hovered in the air about her before one came to a stop by her mouth, "Have I let my thoughts slip that much? This simply will not do, I must give them all an equal chance."

Her rant was cut short by the chiming of the clock again, if she did not leave she would be late. Taking leave of the room, Mirana wandered the halls as quickly as a queen is allowed to-heading toward the maze to the east of the castle. She wasted no time navigating the hedges, and emerged on the other side on a path lined by trees.

She walked up the long path, apologizing to the trees and taking time to speak to each as one would speak to a good and dear friend. The path ended abruptly at the gate leading into the Dirdir forest, behind the castle, and the end of Marmoreal castle grounds.

Trees outside did not mind, they were cared for by others of the same likes as Mirana, and in good enough company. Trees could not, did not distinguish, did not care for the differences between the queen of Underland and anyone else whom spoke to them so long as they were just as kind.

Finished speaking with the trees, Mirana took her time heading back to the castle and the roves of suitors waiting there in. Her thoughts plagued by the same menace as earlier, a bright creature it was, brighter thoughts did it tend to lead to and brilliant feelings as well. It was halfway along the path that the queen's thoughts turned for the worse, going from feelings of great joy to those of anguish and pain and fear. What if her feelings were unreturned?

The fear weighed heavily upon her, but she dismissed it with the flick of her hand. Just seeing the object of her affection would be enough to make it worth while even if they didn't feel the same emotions for her. A dark voice in back of her head whispered to her 'Everyone loves you, how can they not? If they will not love you, then you must change their mind'.

She argued against it with her vows: she would not hurt. Mirana knew in her heart that if she made them love her it wouldn't be real, she'd break their heart, betray their trust with her need to tell the truth: she'd hurt them in a way which could never heal. It was something she wouldn't do; even if it meant letting her feelings go unrequited.

Forcing them to love her, convincing them it was right, demanding it: none of it was right, none of it was true, none of it would be love.

It was then Mirana noticed she was pacing back and forth like a cage beast, instead of returning to the castle and her duties. She pushed back her thoughts of Alice and moved onward-toward an evening filled with meetings and documents of odd content, her thoughts clouded all the while by her feelings, and fears, for her champion.

Tradition dictated that she, as ruling queen, must have a king of some sort: and, unlike her sister Mirana wished to uphold that tradition. The problem was Alice wasn't there, Mirana was uncertain if the other woman loved her-even just felt something for her-and no one was certain if the champion would return to Underland. They needed a king, a man of the court so too speak-one who was present, and would stand by Mirana's side as she ruled over Underland.

It did not matter who exactly, so long as Mirana was slightly happy: though many preferred that she be happy, even if it meant leaving the tradition untouched for the time. And so, the night ticked by, and the queen saw countless more suitors: narrowing down her decision to a mere ten men. None of which she truly loved, to each her heart would be but a stranger seen at a distance and never more.

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