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Warning: contains; femmeslash, violence, sugestive themes and situations, partial nudity, and one mildly disgruntled rabbit.

Chapter: Hurt

It is well known thought, by the people of the Abovelands, that love can conquer and will prevail despite the odds. Sadly, Mirana's love for Alice could not save them. Nor could Alice's love for Mirana. Little hope of salvation remained, and the Mirana was hopeful that they would die together and sooner rather then apart and later.

"Mirana," Alice whispered, her voice lost to the winds, her lips dry and cracked, "Run."

"I won't," Mirana replied, holding Alice closer to her, attempting to shield the weak woman from the insanity which was so clearly about to ensue, "I won't leave you."

"How touching," Felix shouted, his eyes mad beyond the likes of which have ever been seen: a formidable foe he was, though he lacked the important key which leads to the victory of one over another, "A champion willing her queen to run, and her queen refusing. It pains me to say it, but I think I'll have to kill you both now. I was planning on delaying this but I'm a very busy man you know, and I still have to take care of your men oh fallen ruler of Marmoreal."

His ranting continued as his shadow men marched forth, heading past Mirana and Alice and toward the one entrance to the room. Felix's lack in intelligence, the most potent weapon of all, was one of his weakest points besides his ego. Perhaps it was luck that his ego would not allow him to stop speaking, because at that very moment the trees residing just beyond the ruins were speaking. Their voices echoed loud and clear, their decision made, their weighed duty about to write them into the history of Underland. While Mirana had never been one to travel far from Marmoreal, especially after her sister's uprising, the trees knew her well.

She was known to them as a healer of the sick, a voice of light; one whom saw them as they truly were, one who knew them enough to know their many elders and intricate hierarchy, a one whom had given will to many hundreds of generations of their kind. A lesser goddess spoken of in whispers, one whom they never saw, one whom was to them a tree trapped in the flesh of mankind. They did not owe the queen their lives, they did not fight for the queen; they fought for one of their own. When known, none wonder why they did what they did. Why such great, proud and strong trees which had lasted through so many ages; uprooted and came toppling down with no warning, seemingly little reason. It was love. It was the understanding of one being, however different from them she was, which drove them to die for her and her's.

And so, as Felix's monologued his great victory, and of how his enemies demise would be bloody and horrific, the trees began to move. They swayed, their trunks creaking and boughs shaking in an unseen wind. Their noise drowned out by that of a crazed mans musings, the crashing of the first setting in chain a series of events never to truly be forgotten in Underland. For the trunk crashed against the broken and leaning wall before which Felix stood, and in taking down the wall, took down the man. His last cry was quickly drowned out by the sound of other trees falling about, crashing down upon the ruins around and upon the shadow men and crushing the shadows into dirt and the like. As quickly as their attack, their sacrifice, began: it was over. Leaving the wounded lovers in it's wake.

The dust cleared, settling down upon the broken ground and leaving both Alice and Mirana to wonder what had just saved them. Mirana's wonder did not last long and soon turned to despair of a minor sort, she would not allow the sacrifice of the trees to go to waste. Though she herself had been harmed by Felix, she was in better condition then her Alice, and she pressed on. Standing and lifting the slighter woman as best she could and making her way, to the narrow passage which served as entrance and exit, slowly and surely. Mirana at her best was weaker then Alice, it is true, but she could not rest until the woman was home and safe in Marmoreal once more. In her weakened and shaken state Mirana felt stronger then ever, though, because of Alice. Because she would not lose her love. She would not let Alice go, she could not. If ever there was a selfish thought in the white queen's mind, it was that and it was pure enough in intention for she would die beside Alice if she could not behold the girl alive and well again. It was for Alice's sake that she kept moving, inching forward and out through the rubbled passage beyond the door to the safety of the others. Not setting the girl down once, never stopping even once she had reached the safety of her men, for her Alice was far from fine and far from safe.

Mirana did not stop inching forward, step by step with the weight of Alice upon her, until Tarrant came up to her with a horse beside him. Without any words, he let go of the reins and took Alice from Mirana's arms while the queen mounted the horse before taking both Alice and the reins and riding back to their home. In truth, the Hatter was still very much in shock. He's known Alice could be hurt, but he and the others had never once thought that Alice would get herself so nearly killed.

When Mirana reached the castle, she did not head to her room, nor to the infirmary. Alice required more urgent care then could be offered there, she needed strong potions quickly and the best way to get them to her was by taking her to the kitchens and mixing them up while nurse's did their best to tend her open wounds. The queen was fraught with distress, her body shook with the force of tears at times, and she would not speak to any save Alice to tell the unconscious woman that it was going to be fine. She did so through tears, having never stopped crying. She had been keen on healing the woman before, after her first encounter with Felix, but now she was frantic to heal her lover. Alice was not in the best of states and would not be for a long time-assuming she made it through that day.

Mirana awoke with her head down on one of the kitchen potion counters. Dried tears and blood streaked her face from the hours before, and exhaustion plagued her eyes. She could hear Alice panting as she tried to breathe and quickly went to check her very much injured lover. After several long hours she'd managed to get enough strong medication into Alice to heal the woman's vital tissues to perfection, but bones were harder and it took longer to make the potions. She wasn't surprised she'd fallen asleep, nor was she surprised that one of Alice's lungs had been punctured by a rib-again. The queen stroked her lover's cheek lightly before heading to get a healing potion to try and fix the damage.

Alice's skin had been burned badly just hours before, but with the amount of healing potions she'd taken, residual amounts had nearly eliminated the burns and even healed some more minor scratches. She was recovering better then she had last time, and in less time too, but she still had a long way to go. Mirana clicked her tongue as she fixed Alice's rib and got a low groan of pain from the woman.

"Drink up dear," The queen then instructed as she carefully poured the liquid down Alice's throat and watched the light shudder which racked her lover's chest-a sign the medication was working, the woman awoke, her eyes fluttering open.

"I must be in heaven," Alice whispered to herself and Mirana.

"If Marmoreal's kitchens are heaven," Mirana replied, kissing Alice lightly and stroking the girl's pale cheek, "It's good to see your awake, but you need to sleep Alice."

"I'll sleep," Alice replied simply, not needing to ask Mirana to stay beside her: for Mirana was going to anyway, and Alice knew it, she whispered one last thing before drifting back to sleep, "Heaven is where you are Mirana."

The white queen watched Alice sleep, stayed beside her through the night and into the morning when the bone healing potion was finished. Then she began the process of healing Alice to a state where she could be moved around more easily. Even with potions, the road to recovery was going to be long and odious, but neither was daunted. Both were simply lucky to be alive and with each other at last. Their adventures left no doubt in the mind of Underland's people, for even the blind could see how well the two fitted one another and even the deaf could hear the joy of the lovers. Alice was accepted.


Mirana frowned as she concluded a conversation with the trees, it had been a month since the incidents regarding Felix, and Alice was walking towards her. If she was not mistaken, she'd instructed her lover to stay in bed. She knew Alice was strong, but it would do no good for her to hurt herself in trying to walk. The white queen rushed to Alice's side and glared at Hatter, who was clearly doing nothing to prevent Alice from hurting herself, then gave Alice a strong, concerned look.

"The castle is deary when your not there," Alice said in response to her lover's gaze, "And I'm fine, tired still, but fine."

"I see," Mirana replied, knowing it was useless to try and persuade Alice back into Marmoreal, "Can you sit? Please Alice?"

"If you'll sit and talk beside me," Alice replied, a smirk on her face as she sat down on a nearby bench with Mirana already beside her.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" Mirana said as she intertwined her and Alice's fingers together, enjoying the warmth which spread through her from the mere touch of her love.

"Because you haven't said yes," Alice replied, looking down at their hands before grinning at Mirana.

"You already know my answer though," Mirana stated, a thought then occurring to her, "Unless your not looking for yes to that but something completely different."

"Yes," Alice said, her grin growing larger as she pulled a small box from the concealed pocket of her dress, "It's an entirely different question I'm about to ask."

Before the question was asked, Mirana replied. Her reply was short, one word whispered in the ear preceded by a kiss and followed by a kiss.


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