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Michel was standing at the entrance to the wedding waiting for his dad when he noticed Harry dancing with Voldemort. He couldn't help but feel jealous as they laughed and played in each other's arms, so much how he wanted to be with James… Voldemort pulled Harry close in a long kiss making Michel shutter.

"Master!" Harry fake whined with a smiled. Voldemort chuckled and nipped at his neck pulling him close to hide his growing erection. Harry smiled and hugged his master tight, rubbing his own against his master. Voldemort growled with a smile and pinched Harry's ass making the smaller boy yelp.

"Master we can't on the dance floor!" Harry said chuckling. Voldemort looked around only making Harry laugh harder.

"Master… please take me… I can't wait two more years." Harry whispered huskily. Voldemort felt his resolve weakening before he finally picked Harry up and disappeared into a broom shed on the side of the house. Harry's lips found Voldemort's in the dark as he was sat on a box. Voldemort quickly stripped his love of his offending clothes. Harry moaned softly and frenched his master deeply while running his hands through his thick hair.

"Harry… my love… my soul…" Voldemort whispered before starting to redress Harry. Harry frowned and tried to see his master in the darkness. Voldemort opened the door and smiled pulling Harry close.

"Our first time is not going to be in a dirty broom shack at a Weasley place. It will be special and don't worry, it will happen and soon." Voldemort said and walked Harry back to the party.

Michel hugged his dad's arm when he came into view and smiled big before James led them out of the wedding and disappeared.

Everyone started slowly leaving the wedding as it became late and the couples left after helping Mrs. Weasley clean up.

Malfoy place

Lucius put Isabel to bed, after a long day of trying to figure out what Michel Potter had done to suddenly make her normal. He was extremely grateful to the boy and would have to do something to help the boy if he could. Lucius smiled before turning to his new young husband and stalked towards him.

Bill blinked; he had been leaning against the door frame watching his new husband put his new step daughter to bed when suddenly he caught the animalistic stare in Lucius's eyes. Bill did the smart thing and quickly ran from the room towards their bed room. Lucius followed him with equal speed and slammed the door to his bedroom, quickly trapping Bill. The kids were grateful that night that silencing charms had been invented.

Potter Manor

Lilly Potter sighed and slowly did some dishes, something she did to clear her mind some nights. Michel was starting to scare her, with his unnatural obsession with James and exploding the other night over her and James making love like every other couple. Since that night James had barely left Michel's side and the strange part was that Michel loved every minute of it…

Lilly shook her head and dried her hands before turning around to head up to bed. She stopped and yelped when she saw Michel standing in the kitchen door way staring at her with a strange look.

"Michel what are you doing up so late? Get to bed." Lilly said feeling unnerved about her son's new black eyes. Michel turned around disappearing through the door way. Lilly sighed and headed through the dark door way, ready to head up to her single lonely bed.

Lilly screamed and stopped when she saw Michel standing in the middle of the hall way, staring at her with his empty eyes. Lilly glared getting angry.

"Michel! I said get to bed and don't come out!" Lilly screamed. Michel only smiled before heading up the stairs and into his parents' room when he suddenly stopped. Lilly put her hands on her hips and were about to scream at him when he suddenly whispered something.

"What was that Michel?" Lilly said. Michel turned to her and smiled, which was only creepy with his eyes.

"One must die…" Michel said again. Lilly looked sad remembering the prophesy.

"Michel I'm sorry for being so snippy, but you just scare…" Lilly didn't get another word out because suddenly three large dogs were on her and dragging her out the back door. Lilly screamed for help but all she saw was HERSELF heading upstairs. Lilly felt her becoming smaller and knew that she would die this night…

Michel ran up the stairs screaming as his mother and woke up his father. James leaped up when he discovered that his wife was screaming bloody murder and his heart and soul wasn't in his arms. Michel quickly grabbed his mother's wand and ran down the stairs, James following closely with his own wand.

"NO! Michel!" James screamed and ran out the door, tears running down his face, as he searched for his son that happened to be right next to him. After an hour of searching Michel led his father up to the bedroom so that they could think of what to do. James felt heavy and stiff as his wife sat him on the bed and left to get him a drink of water. James slowly opened his side drawer and brought out a beautiful silver knife that he had been planning on giving his son for his 15th birthday. It was the Potter family knife and it was extremely old and powerful, but James only needed it for the sharp blade.

James was about to slit his wrists when Lilly ran in and slapped his hand away. James looked at her ready to scream at her when Lilly started sobbing and threw herself into his arms.

"I'm sorry daddy! I thought you would love me more if I was mom!" Lilly sobbed before melting into his son… James gasped and held Michel close, kissing his face everywhere before finally capturing his lips. Michel closed his eyes and kissed his father back, enjoying every minute of it. James pulled back slowly and looked deeply into his son's black eyes.

"Where is your mother?" James whispered, quickly looking at the door. Michel looked like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"I… I killed her so that we could be together. Except I made it so that she looked like me." Michel said. James rubbed Michel's hair back and felt somewhat proud at how strong in magic is son was.

"I was thinking that in public I could be your faithful wife but in private I could be your… lover…" Michel said blushing. James smiled and kissed Michel again, slowly lying him down and removing the offending clothes that had been blocking his view of his son's perfect body. Michel smiled softly and frenched his dad before pulling back.

"We need to call the aurors so as not to be suspicious." Michel said before turning back into Lilly. James smiled and nodded before quickly becoming distressed and called his friends at the auror office.


Two weeks after the "death" of Michel Potter there was a double funeral at Hogwarts. Michel Potter and Albus Dumbledore died the same night, killed by rabid dogs that had been roaming the forest. Albus had come to help search for the missing Michel at the Potter house when the dogs swarmed him and killed him. Aurors said that the dogs had knocked Albus' wand from his hand before ripping out his throat and eating parts of him. The aurors got to the scene and the dogs turned on them, but had been quickly killed. From what the aurors could gather they were normal muggle dogs that had just gotten sick. It wasn't abnormal since the Potters had a forest in their back yard.

Harry sat with his master and his followers on one side of the hall as they watched the funeral. The war had come to a peaceful end with Dumbledore's death and the dark side was honestly just as happy as the light side for the end. Voldemort was no longer his crazy murderous self, his soul was complete and he was happy. Everyone knew it was thanks to Harry and they couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if Voldemort never would have stolen Harry that night…

Harry yawned and looked over at the living Michel and couldn't help but smile. He could easily see through the fog of magic he kept around himself and honestly… he knew his brother deserved this new happiness. Michel had always been loved by only one person and had had such a heavy burden on his young shoulders… Harry would keep his secret always…


Minister of magic Tom Riddle yawned as he slowly stepped into the floo and came out on the other side. Tom looked guiltily on the couch where his 18 year old husband Harry Riddle lay. Tom dropped his briefcase and took his coat off, throwing it over an arm chair before heading to his young husband. He loved the sound of that when it came to his Harry. His husband, not slave, not underling, not follower, but his HUSBAND.

Tom had freed Harry a year ago and told him he could leave him if he wished. Harry just smiled and kissed him and said.

"You can't get rid of me that easily old man." Tom dropped to both knees right there and asked Harry to marry him. A whole army of reporters had found them and lights flashed when Harry said.

"I've been waiting 8 years for you to ask me that! Of course I will you silly old wizard!" They had been married the next day, in a small ceremony in Lucius's back yard.

Tom smiled at the memory before kissing Harry's temple softly and rubbing a hand over his swollen belly. Despite many healers telling them it would be impossible for Harry to bare children since the slave curse had been on so long, Harry had become pregnant three months ago, shocking even himself.

Harry groaned and opened his eyes to look at Tom.

"You're late." He said accusingly. Tom chuckled and picked him up bridle style.

"I fire called you and told you not to wait up." Tom said, heading up the stairs to their bed.

"And I told you to be home by 11." Harry shot back. Tom laughed and placed his grouchy pregnant husband in the soft bed and removed Harry's shoes. Tom saw that Harry's feet had become very swollen and started rubbing them, making the other moan in joy.

"You're the best…" Harry murmured, falling asleep. Tom kissed Harry's temple softly.

"I was just about to say the same about you." Tom whispered before changing into some PJ's and lay next to Harry rubbing his unborn child and drifting off to sleep.


"Lilly" and James Potter have two year old twins with more on the way. Their marriage has been strangely better since the death of Michel and no one knows why. But for some reason no one ever questions it. They are happy and so people just seem to let it go with the help of a glace by "Lilly".


Bill and Lucius had 4 kids before calling it quits. They both agreed that 10 kids was enough. Isabel is a bright and happy 8 year old who wants to be in Gryffindor like her stepfather, much to the horror of Lucius. Draco married Blaise but they are waiting on the kids. The other kids are still in school but can't wait to get out into the real world. Narcissa was released from prison but killed herself soon after when she discovered she would have to get a job to survive.


The George and Fred each had five kids each, making Fenrir proud. Fenrir wants more kids but is happy to give his mates some time to rest. Fred cut his hair and started spiking it to look manlier while George grew his hair out long and looks more feminine. No one has any more problems telling them apart, which makes the twins happy. The Greyback pack is the strongest and happiest pack in England, and Fenrir expects it will be for a long time.


Charlie and Severus Snape have two wonderful little girls, with one more on its way. Severus is surprisingly a wonderful father and loves his kids; he says he wants four before he agrees that he is finished. Charlie has yet to tell him that he is pregnant with twin boys.

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