Summary: Fed up with Kevin's apathy his parents place him in a program at a military school for troubled youth spanning two months. And, Edd's there too?

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Warning(s): Slash, BL, Language, Violence, OOCness (maybe)

Chapter One: Crime and Punishment

Eddy smirked as he held up a blue lighter with an open flame. "This'll teach that smartass Kevin to mess us again," he said giving his friends a nasty grin.

"Eddy, you really shouldn't be playing with fire!"

"Keep your voice down, sock-head. Do you wanna get caught," Eddy harshly whispered. He frowned as Double D crossed his arms over his chest. Eddy then rolled his eyes and muttered baby.

Double D shook with fright as he looked around. He had a bad feeling about this whole thing and just wished Eddy could let things go. Sure Kevin had been a jerk, but Kevin was always a jerk. But, then Double D consider that you could only push a person so far and maybe Eddy had reached his breaking point.

Eddy motioned for Ed, who was standing behind Double D. The tallest of the Ed's walked over and saluted before ramming his head against the door of a shed belonging to Kevin's family. The door opened with a slight creak, nothing overly alarming, but creepy non the less.

Eddy jumped up kissing Ed on the top of his head. "You really come in handy, lumpy. You know that?"

Ed smiled saying a random, but relevant thing.

Eddy pushed opened the door with a slick flick of the wrist. He quickly entered the shed pulling Ed and Double D with him wanting to be out of sight. He was gonna get Kevin, he thought, he was going to get the bastard good.

Edd gulped as he quickly processed what his parents were saying. Although it processed quickly he didn't want to understand what was going on and just stood there in front of them dumbfounded.

"Mother, Father," he said calmly. "Could you please repeat yourselves."

"Eddward," his mother said. "You are going to be sent to The Peach Creek Academy for Boys."

"Please reconsider," Edd yelled before throwing himself down on the ground before his parents. "What you're suggesting I did is way out of line for my character! I couldn't have done it!"

Double D's cheeks were flushed and tear-stained. He looked up at his parents giving them puppy dog eyes, but they just looked away; his mother biting her lip and his father frowning.

"Eddward," his father began. "You have to take responsibility for your actions, there's evidence. They found your label maker. And, please keep in mind that we don't dislike Ed and Eddy, but they have been a bad influence on you. So, you have to understand where we're coming from." His father remained quiet for a little while longer before adding, "But, torching that shed no longer seems to be out of character for you."

"But, father," Edd pleaded.

"Eddward listen," his father said sternly. "Every time your with Eddy, it's not so much Ed, but you try and swindle money from your friends. Eddy is a bad influence."

Double D was shocked. He stood up sniffling, realization hitting him like a ton of bricks. Was that really what his parents thought of his friends? Ed, and Eddy were the two most single important people to him (excluding his parents). They may not be the brightest or even the kindest, Double D thought, but they were always there for him when he needed them (unlike his parents), and, so Double D decided he would be there for them. He would suck it up and take this punishment. Although, every bone in his body screamed at him to tell the truth he just couldn't bring himself to do so.

Ed sat outside Double D's house waiting on the curb while Eddy, wrapped in bandages, paced up and down Double D's driveway. They had been waiting for what seemed to them like hours, but in reality was only minutes.

"Oh, Eddy," Ed cried as he stood. "We are in so much trouble!"

"Shut it, lumpy," Eddy said still pacing, hands behind his back. "There's no way sock-head would rat us out." Eddy wanted to believe in his own words, but was having a difficult time. When it came to Edd's parents it seemed Double D would do anything to please and that's what worried Eddy the most.

Both Ed and Eddy perked up when they heard Double D's front door open. They turned to face it and saw an Edd with a tear-stained face solemnly walk up to them.

There was uncomfortable air with a senses of urgency. They all remained quiet waiting for the other to break the silence. Finally not being able to take it any longer Eddy told Double D to come out with already.

"I'm being sent away," Edd said almost busting into tears. He bit his bottom lip continuously blinking his eyes in an attempt to keep his tears from falling.

"Like to Hawaii," Eddy said hopefully, although he knew that wasn't the case.

Double D taking it the wrong way frowned. "Now, isn't the time for joking, Eddy. I'm being sent to The Peach Creek Academy for boys."

"No," Ed cried out before picking up his friend. He squeezed tightly not wanting to let go, and lose one of his best friends.

"There, there, Ed," Double D said patting his friend on the head. "It will only be for eight weeks. Two months., that's all."

"But, that seems like such a long time, Double D," Ed cried. He set his friend down and sat on the ground next to him before letting his tears fall. He wailed and blubbered like a ghost. Double D tried his best to calm him, but ended up crying too, throwing his arms around the lovable oaf. Eddy muttered to himself about them being sissy's and pansy's before he awkwardly wrapped his arms around them too, tearing up.

Kevin's mom sobbed as she considered the possibility of sending her baby away, sure it would only be for eight weeks, but the thought still frightened her. She felt like she had tried everything and was running out of options.

"Kevin, why must you fight," she asked still sobbing. "Those children are weaker than you!" She sighed as Kevin just shrugged off her comments.

"Those dorks deserved it, mom! They totaled my bike! Not to mention our shed."

Kevin's face began to red with anger and he gritted his teeth. He couldn't understand why his mom and dad were feeling sympathy for the Ed's. They deserved everything they got, he thought. They were always scheming, trying to cheat the poor kids of the cul-de-sac out of their money. They were greedy and annoying, more the latter he mused. And, the rest of the stuff really only applied to Eddy, but he still didn't like the other two.

Kevin's mother sighed again. She straighten up and wiped away her tears. "You wait till your father gets home," was all she said as she turned on her heels going to make dinner for the family.

Kevin kicked his wall, hands in his pockets as he paced his room like a prisoner in a jail cell. As soon as his father had gotten home his mother had sent him to his room. And, he knew at this very moment they were discussing his future. His very near future that was only suppose to consist of football, school and friends, but now instead would probably consist of some form of cruel and unusual punishment. He sneered at the idea.

Broken out of his thoughts as loud knock came at his door Kevin sat on his bed telling his parents they could come in.

"Hello son," his father said. His voice was heavy and Kevin could tell his father was disappointed. The man was tall and any person with just one glance could tell he was proud by nature, but at this moment the pride seemed dim and faint which made Kevin inwardly cringe.

Kevin said nothing only nodding to acknowledge his parent's presents. He was hoping they would skip the lecture and get straight to the punishment, but he knew that wasn't likely.

"Son for a long time me and your mother had know about you picking on the Ed's. Against our better judgment we condone the behavior, but it was only because it had never gotten too physical or violent." Kevin's father took a short pause to further his point. "But, son what you did yesterday was brutal. Cracking three of Eddy's ribs! Why?"

"But, dad," Kevin yelled in a flash of anger. "That Eddy deserved it! He does nothing, but . . ."

"Son," his father said with discontent while interrupting him. "We are going to be sending you to Peach Creek Academy for boys."

"Wait, what? That's not fair," Kevin hollered standing up.

"Sit down," his father roared. Kevin gulped and did as told, afraid of angering his father even more. "You'll be going for two months," his father said slowly. He carefully watched his son's face and inwardly praised himself as Kevin's face slowly slumped with shocked. In his eyes it finally seemed like there would be a punishment that might actually work.

"You wouldn't be going if this was the first time you misbehaved," his mother quickly added.

Kevin growled as he folded his arms across his chest. He was a pretty good kid, he thought. He got good grades, he was good at sports, and the captain of the football team. What more did they want? They should consider themselves lucky, he thought, having such a wonderful son.

Kevin later found out that his mother had gotten the idea after talking to the dweeb's parents. His mother had gone over to apologize for Kevin beating the living daylights out of Edd, and Edd's parents then in turn told her that they should be the ones apologizing. They also told her what they were going to do to punish their son.

Kevin's mother thought about the idea and figured if worst came to worst, which it did in her opinion when Kevin blamed it all on the Ed's, that she would talk to Kevin's father seeing if they'd give it a try.

About a week and a half had passed and throughout that week Double D tossed and turned in his bed not being able to fall asleep. Tomorrow was the day when he and his parents would be heading over to Peach Creek Academy, and he was very nervous. He knew very little about the place and that scared him. In his mind he played through different scenarios each being worst than the last.

Edd looked over towards his window, broken from his thoughts as a little clinking noise resounded throughout his room. Opening the window and looking down he saw Eddy and Ed motioning for him to come down.

"What is it Eddy? Ed," Double D asked as he quietly closed his front door. He walked over to them closing and tying the robe he had thrown on before coming out.

"Sock-head," Eddy exclaimed as quietly as he could, "you'll never believe what just happen!"

Edd yawned out a what as he looked over his two friends. This could very well be the last time he saw them before he had to go, he mused.

"Kevin and his dad came over to apologize to my folks this afternoon," Eddy said triumphantly. Ever since Kevin had beaten him up and cracked three of his ribs Eddy had wondered when the sucker and his parents would come over to apologize. Even if Kevin didn't mean it, Eddy mused, it was the fact that Kevin had to ask for his forgiveness, and the fact that Kevin was powerless over his answer.

"I'm sorry Eddy, but how does this pertain to me," Edd asked. He yawned again feeling tired and wasn't in the mood for Eddy's shenanigans.

"Oh, right I almost forgot sock-head," Eddy continued. "Turns out as a punishment for nearly kill'n me that bastard Kevin is being sent to the Peach Creek Academy for Boys, too. His parents barely made the deadline. I thought I should warn you since it is kind of Ed's fault your in this mess."

"No can do Eddy," Ed said. "I am not taking the blame for your careless mistake, mister."

"Lumpy," Eddy growled as he shook his fist. "Alright," Eddy screamed forgetting that they needed to be quiet. "It was my fault! All of it, it was all my fault!"

"Eddy," Double D gasped. At that moment Edd was proud of Eddy. There had only been a handful of times when Eddy had ever admitted he was in the wrong. Usually Eddy claimed everyone else was the problem and he was never to blame.

Hugging Ed and Eddy before they left Edd slunk back to his room. He hoped that saying goodbye to his friends would give him the comfort he needed to finally fall asleep. As he laid his head down and closed his eyes he found himself still having a difficult time trying to fall asleep.

Kevin awoke to a car honking outside his house. He languidly got up and walked to the window seeing his parents greeting Edd's. His father stood talking to Edd's father while his mom talked to Edd's mother, who was seated in the passenger seat of a minivan with Double D sitting in the back row, his head thrown back asleep. Kevin silently cursed at the sight.

He watched as his mother turned and came in the house only to show up at his bedroom door a minute later.

"Kevin," she whispered before opening his door. "Time to get up and get your things." Kevin noticed her eyes were puffy and that her voice was slightly rougher then usual, but that still didn't defuse his anger. He felt betrayed.

Kevin growled while looking out the window feeling even more betrayed. He sat in the back of Edd's parents minivan along with Double D who was leaning against the window sleeping. Edd's parents sat in the two front seats while Kevin's own parents sat in the seat in front of himself and Edd.

"Thank you for taking us to the Academy," Kevin's mom said politely. Her thanks may have sounded forced, but she really did mean it.

"Oh, no problem," Edd's mother said while smiling. She looked back to give Kevin's parents a thumbs up. "Plus, it will save on gas and be better for the environment."

Mr. Eddward nodded in acquiesce with his wife while Kevin's mom smiled vocally agreeing. Kevin's dad rolled his eyes, he would have preferred to have taken his SUV. Kevin also rolled his eyes at the conversation wishing they would've taken his dad's SUV.

A few more quiet minutes passed before it was broken by a string of curse words.

Kevin violently pushed a drowsy Double D away. He had been looking out the window when he had felt a weight on his left shoulder, looking over he saw Double D peacefully sleeping against him mouth agape.

Almost all the adults had turned back to look except for Mr. Eddward who just glanced at the sight through the rear view mirror. The mother's giggled as Double D flopped back against Kevin's shoulder while Kevin's dad laughed. Edd's dad didn't laugh, not seeing what was so funny, so instead he concentrated on driving.

The rest of the ride was rather boring to Kevin. There was no more conversation and the Edd's had refused to put on the radio instead popping in a classical music CD. Kevin admitted that they stuff was alright, but it just wasn't his cup of tea.

They arrived at the academy rather early and were taken to the auditorium to wait where a little entrance ceremony would be held once all the parents and kids arrived. While going to the auditorium both Kevin and Edd noted all the plaque's and trophy's that lined the walls, practically from top to bottom. While this thought comforted Edd it silently terrified Kevin.

The school's colors were black and blue giving it a very military feel and the walls were a blinding white under the fluoresce bulbs. The air of the school was enough to intimidate any kid, and that's what Kevin was. As for Double D he felt safer and more secure by what seemed like a strict environment, it would be just like home, he thought.

After about thirty minutes later other kids and their parents started showing up to the auditorium. This made Kevin feel a little better, he saw a couple of kids he could probably get along with, and at least this way, he thought, he wouldn't have to stick around with the dork. He looked over to Double D and noticed the nervous look on his face. Kevin guessed he could see why the dork was so panicked. These kids were huge and the ones that weren't seemed rather tough not at all like the kids of the cul-de-sac or Peek Creek High.

Both Kevin's and Edd's attention was focused on the stage as the lights dim and a man dressed in a very expensive suit stepped out.

"Hello," he said giving a warm smile. "I'm your principal, Richard Blanco, and welcome to Peach Creek Academy for boys."

Author's Note: I love this couple and wanted to write a fic about them, hope I can do them justice! (The summary didn't! lol) And, I'm gonna try to keep this fic to three or four chapters. Also, if you see any mistakes kindly let me know.^^ It would be greatly appreciated along with any questions or comments/reviews. Thank you for reading!