Summary: Edd guilt trips his parents, and Kevin gets into a fight.

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Warning(s): Slash, Yaoi, BL, Language, Violence, and anything else I seem to forget :D

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Both Kevin's and Edd's attention was focused on the stage as the lights dim and a man dressed in a very expensive suit stepped out.

"Hello," he said giving a warm smile. "I'm your principal, Richard Blanco, and welcome to Peach Creek Academy for boys."

Chapter Two: Roommates

The kids of the cul-de-sac awoke to fuel being added to fire as their parents fanned the flames at the rumor mill. All their parents could talk about was what had happened. Each had a theory as to why Edd would do such a thing. Although all the theories were different the parents all truly believed it was Edd who had torched Kevin's shed, but the kids of the cul-de-sac knew better. They knew it was Eddy not Edd who would do such a thing.

The kids gathered at the usual place awaiting Eddy and Ed's (all Eddy's) new get rich quick scheme. Sure enough two minutes later the two wonder over.

Eddy hobbled over still slightly in pain for his injuries while Ed smiled goofily and waved to Sarah. Eddy began throwing an infomercial like pitch at them the moment he stopped walking. Ed on the other hand stood in the background with a handmade poster promoting their latest less than perfect product.

Eddy grew silent then nervous as he observed the mean-spirited glares sent his way. He quickly moved to the left then the right and he noted that their eyes followed. They were all focused on him. Sarah's and Nazz's were the most intense.

Finally not being able to take it Eddy screamed, 'what.' Realizing his mistake his hands clasped over his mouth as he began to backup bumping into Ed.

"Eddy," Sarah yelled. "That was so mean what you did to poor, sweet, innocent, Double D!"

"Yeah, dude," Nazz stated. "And, what you did to Kevin was also messed up."

"I didn't do anything to Kevin," Eddy yelled. "That jerk broke my ribs!"

"Only because you torched his shed, dude," Nazz retorted growing angry. "It's your fault!"

Eddy fumbled for a minute with his words. It was bad enough to have everyone mad at him, but to have Nazz's anger towards him be so passionate broke his heart. Thinking on his feet he grabbed Ed by the shoulders and placed him in front of the other kids. "Anymore questions can be directed to lumpy here," Eddy said before running off towards his home. Sarah and Nazz chased after him wanting answers.

Richard Blanco was a tall, thin man with a thick accent and the mischievous eyes of a snake. Kevin had heard a lot of nasty stuff about the guy like how he would dish out severe punishment and had a short fuse when dealing with children. Kevin wonder how such a horrible sounding guy got to work with children. Broken from his thoughts as everyone in the auditorium stood up and began clapping Kevin sighed. It's finally over, he thought.

The auditorium once again grew silent as Richard held up his hand. "Students please take this time to say farewell to your parents and then line up single file on the west wall. There you will be issued your uniforms, shoes, and room number." The auditorium once again came to life as his hand fell and he stepped away from the microphone.

"Kevin," Kevin's father said. "Your lucky we decided to put you in the temporary program instead of the boarding one. Now I can't speak for Eddward's parents, but if you screw up here you'll be put into the boarding program."

Kevin was livid with thought of staying here more than he needed to, so he nodded. He couldn't even imagine the scene if he were to deny his father in front of all these people. He would do practically anything to keep from staying in this hellhole any longer than he had to, but there was no way in hell, he thought, that he would be pushed around or bullied. He just hoped for his sake nobody pissed him off too much.

Edd grabbed his parents by the wrist and dragged them a little ways from Kevin and his parents. He tried to pick a spot where no one would hear them. Finding a suitable spot he sighed and looked into his parents eyes.

Edd's father placed a hand on his son's shoulder and squeezed. He didn't say anything and just looked his son in the eye and nodded. He never said much when it came to spur of the moment things, but rather like to think about what he said before he said it. And, right now he considered himself to emotional to talk. A few seconds later he stepped aside making way for his son's emotional mother.

"My dearest Eddward," she said pulling him into a tight embrace. "Make sure you continue your studies and follow your diet. I love you sweetie. We'll see you soon," she finished breaking into tears.

Edd tenderly rubbed his mother's back blinking back tears before his mother pulled away. She stood next to his father and they both looked down and said goodbye, but before they could turn to leave Edd cleared his throat causing them to stop.

"Mother," he said eyes focused on his mother. "Father," he now said with eyes focused on his father. "Before you go I have something I must confess."

His parents leaned in their curious nature taking hold. "What is it, Eddward," his father asked.

A flash of Ed and Eddy entered Edd's mind as he faced his parents. He knew his parents thought it was Ed and Eddy's fault and even though they were right he couldn't face what would happen once he got out of Peach Creek Academy for Boys. He know his parents would rip him away from Ed and Eddy. and Edd under no circumstances was going to let that happen.

The smart and brilliant kid that he was, he thought of something on the spot and lied to his parents. "It was not Ed and Eddy's fault," he stated looking at his feet. "I did it seeking attention," he continued . He looked up to his parents with a forlorn expression. He'd normally have to fake such an expression, but he was no actor. Luckily, the situation at hand provided him with the raw emotion.

"Attention form who," his mother asked a little confused.

"From you," he stated looking down again.

His father was left speechless. His mother too was taken aback and utterly speechless. She and her husband had always tried her best to be there for their son and although they weren't 100% of the time she thought they were there enough.

"We hardly communicate, and I supposed I believed that by doing this dear mother and father that I would garnish a bit more attention." Edd looked down feeling slightly guilty. He knew his parents did their best spending time with him, especially considering the little amount of time they had after they got home from their work.

He looked back up as he heard his father sigh.

"Eddward like it or not you did what you did, and you will be punished for your offense. Once the program is over that is when we'll deal with this family issue. So, for now finish the punishment."

Edd's mother nodded wholeheartedly agreeing with her husband. If Edd was looking for sympathy to get out of this mess it wouldn't work. And, if what he said was true then they would deal with it after Eddward came home.

Kevin frowned as he felt the navy blue cotton uniforms in his hands. His fingers roamed over the soft material before they began playing with golden buttons which felt like some kind of dense metal. He then turned his attention to the black shoes assigned to him. His frowned only deepened as he realized they were used.

He fished inside the left shoe to where a tiny slip of paper was placed as he was given his uniforms and shoes. The woman who had placed it there had asked for his name, and told him that it contained his room number as well as his roommate's name. She then pointed towards the last hallway, and said he was to go there immediately.

Kevin stood in the hallway and peered down at the tiny piece of paper. The room number was 106 and the name was Ken Harris. He felt slightly relieved when he realized the name on the paper wasn't the dork's. The last thing he needed was to be charged with attempted murder.

Reaching his room he opened the door and was greeted with a very simple, very plain room. The walls were a light grey shade, the floor some kind of wood, and one window with no curtain. To his left there was an open door revealing an even less attractive bathroom.

"Bummer," he said out loud. "This place is a dump." He felt the room resembled a jail cell. Kevin in all honesty was expecting something somewhat decent considering the hallways, and auditorium.

"Hey," a mystery voice said. "You my roommate?"

Turning around Kevin saw a skinny kid with a shaved head. This, he thought, must be Ken Harris. He replied with a curt 'yeah.'

"Cool," the mystery boy said. "I'm Ken."


"So, Kevin," Ken began as he claimed a bed and started unpacking, "what are you in for?"

"Something really lame," Kevin stated as he did the same.

"Not me," Ken said beaming. "My science teacher kept calling me out to make me look stupid in front of the entire class, but I didn't take the bait. So, the old bitch kept messin' with me until finally I couldn't take it anymore and beat the livin' crap outta her." Ken made fist and striking motions with his hands to future his point. "It took four police officers to pry me off of her," he stated proudly.

Kevin only nodded. He was jerk, but never to the extent to where he would beat up an elderly teacher; even if she was annoying. And, the whole thing about four police officers having to pry Ken off of her, he didn't buy it not one bit. There was no way in hell, Kevin thought.

Edd received his uniforms, shoes, and room information and headed towards the last hallway. He peered down at his tiny slip of paper that read 'room 109, Lewis Hall.' Edd was slightly comforted, but more or less afraid that his roommate wasn't Kevin. He was comforted by the fact that Kevin wouldn't be able to pulverizes him, but afraid of the fact that he didn't know what his roommate was like, and Double D never liked to be uncertain.

He entered his room to find his roommate, a tall lanky fellow with short brown hair, already there and had claimed a bed. Edd placed his things on the other bed, and decided it would be rude if he didn't introduce himself. He cleared his throat, and got the other one's attention.

"Salutations," he exclaimed coming closer holding out his hand. " I'm Eddward, and I'll be your roommate."

Edd was greeted with steel blue eyes harden with life as his hand dangled in the dead air until Lewis finally pushed it away saying nothing. Even though Double D found it terribly rude he said nothing not know what the other was capable of.

After that Double D said nothing not knowing whether he should put in the required effort to get to know his roommate. But, when Lewis offered no effort of his own Double D's question was answered, and he stopped pondering.

Lewis wasn't all that bad, especially considering what Edd originally thought his roommate was going to be like; a pompous ass buffoon who would harass him for being himself. But, Lewis said nothing and kept to himself, which made Edd had to wonder what got him sent to this place, and as he thought about it he became slightly paranoid.

As morning approached, clocks reading 5am, a loud orchestra recording played over the loud speakers blaring waking everyone up. The first night passed by without any incident for many of the boys, as no one wanted to be the first kid to be punished, and made an example of.

Over the intercom the boys were told to get ready and then to line up outside their rooms in their uniform. Edd and Lewis got ready quickly, and lined up against the wall.

Double D looked around and found many of the boys still weren't out and probably still getting ready. Sluggishly they came out, some rubbing their eyes, others yawning. Double D, who was use to waking up at this hour wasn't surprised to see the other boys in such a tired state; Ed and Eddy were the same way as well as the other kids of the cul-de-sac.

Finally, as all the boys were lined up against the wall Edd found himself looking for Kevin. He wanted to see a familiar face, and even though he would prefer it to be someone other than Kevin, it was Kevin with who he was stuck with. Before he could find Kevin a teacher walked the hall, and told them no talking.

"You will go to the cafeteria and receive a schedule. Follow me," he said.

As they walked the boys started talking, and the teacher said nothing. Edd looked around at the loose bonds that had formed overnight, and wish he was that skill when it came to people. It was at this time that he truly missed Ed and Eddy.

Mr. Blanco sat at his desk with a cross expression on his face. Usually the kids went the first night without getting into trouble, but this year four students were already in his office with them being in the school for less than 24 hours. This year, he thought, was going to be a tough crowd.

One by one he interviewed the kids getting the difference pieces, and sides to a story, seeing if it matched the tape of a camera placed only in one side of the room. Usually the kids blamed the other saying it was their fault, but every once in a while he found someone who was honest, and it was a welcome refresh. But, when Mr. Blanco interviewed Ken he sometimes forgot how horrid the truth could sound.

Ken had told him the truth about how quickly his anger had over boiled and how he said he would do it again if given the chance. Having no other choice Mr. Blanco decided to place Ken in a solitary room, and make him the prime example of what would happen if you did something wrong.

Kevin was the next one to be interviewed.

"So, Kevin," Mr. Blanco said. "Ken said it was you who started the fight. Is that true?"

Kevin snorted and shock his head. "No way, man. That dork got his panties in a bunch when I told him I didn't care about how he got here. He's so use to having his way he jumped me."

Mr. Blanco nodded reviewing the tape, both Ken and Kevin had told similar stories.

"The tape portrays you acting in self-defense. You may go."

Kevin in shock nodded. The rumors he had heard never depicted the man as fair, but rather as some crazy demon who loved to make the kids he punished suffer.

He exited the office and was greeted by an office secretary who told him classes were about to start, so he should hurry up, and go to go the cafeteria to receive his schedule, and then straight to class.

A bell sounded to start off the official first morning of their first class. All was going well until the teacher spotted a hat.

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