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Cloud and Lightning parted and each took a breath. Their gazes met and they both had a small blush creep onto their faces when they realized everyone was staring. The others started talking amongst themselves, about Cloud and Lightning. Serah wrapped her arms around Lightning again.

"So when's the wedding, Light?" Serah asked playfully earning her a nervous laugh. Snow walked over and started ruffling Cloud's hair.

"So, Spiky," Snow said with a smile as Cloud swatted his hand away "I guess one day I can call you bro."

Cloud decided he would imitate Lightning, just for laughs. He looked Snow in the face and gave him a glare that could kill.

"I will never be your brother," Cloud said in his soldier tone. Snow started slowly backing away out of feigned fear. Cloud went back to an expression of happiness "Let's just find a place to live first."

As the Highwind got closer the sound of the three jet engines made it impossible to hear at all. The engines got quiet as Cid slowed the airship and maneuvred it next to the group on the ground. The jet engines shut off as the ship came to a stop and the rotors started up to lower the ship.

"I thought there was a storm here a second ago," Nanaki said with a suspicious tone.

"Well there's no storm anymore so shut up," Cid said to the beast "Hey Gun! Go drop the ladder!" Cid shouted to Barret.

The ladder unrolled and hit the ground with a slight thud. Cloud grabbed the ladder and let Lightning go up first. The group proceeded up the ladder until it was just Snow, Serah and Vanille on the ground. Serah gave the ladder a look that said 'No chance in hell.'

"Umm . . . Ladders are not friendly right now," Serah said with extreme discomfort, indicating her skirt.

"I'll go up right behind you," Snow told the younger Farron, knowing her discomfort was from not wanting to be in front of or behind Vanille for obvious reasons. Snow was, quite literally, right behind Serah as they climbed up.

"What the fuck happened to you guys?" Cid said to Lightning and Cloud as they climbed onto the deck. They both remembered that their clothes were still soaked from the summoned storm. Lightning looked down and saw that her coat had a large bloodstain on it from her wound from Sephiroth.

"You wouldn't believe any of us," Cloud said to the middle aged pilot.

Cid looked at the others as they climbed onto the sky deck of the Highwind. When Dajh got on the deck Cid gave Cloud a questioning look. Cid's face went to annoyed when Serah got on the deck with Snow and Vanille behind her, in that order.

"Two things," Cid said to Cloud "One, no matter how many skirts you bring on board, I ain't changin the ladder out. Two, my ship ain't a fuckin kiddie ride and yet there seems to be a sudden increase in their goddamn number!" Cid yelled at the blond warrior indicating Serah and Dajh.

"Could you please use better language around the kids?" Sazh politely asked Cid.

"Fuck no," Cid replied with a hint of anger signalling his growing temper.

"Would it be that hard to figure out something other than a ladder?" Serah whispered to Snow. Cid, having superhuman hearing when it came to anything to do with the Highwind, heard the whispered question.

"Look I wouldn't get rid of the ladder even if it was the only thing that woulda made Sephiroth sane," Everyone who was in the summoned storm shuddered at the mention of THAT name. Snow quickly snapped out of it and went to defend his fiancé.

"Would it kill ya to find a way for a ramp or something?" Snow asked thinking he made a good suggestion. He saw Yuffie standing behind Cid, waving her hands horizontally, shaking her head and mouthing 'No.'

"I admire ya for wanting to defend pink junior," Cid said calmly "But I don't give a shit what she thinks about MY ship cuz I ain't the one fuckin 'er," Cid continued earning him a death glare from Lightning. Cid waved off Lightning not caring what she thought about him.

"Cid!" Tifa shouted, trying to scold the pilot.

"Okay fine," Cid replied to Tifa in an obviously fake apologetic tone "I'll change out the ladder if pink junior and smiles start fuckin. Right here, right now." Almost everyone instantly pictured that event, but quickly forced it away. Vanille could not help blushing from embarrassment.

The former l'Cie could not believe that this was what the real Cid Highwind was like after Shinra. The most respected pilot in the world, at one time, did not respect anyone else.

The group fell silent and proceeded to the bridge. Cid walked over to the main controls and pushed two levers which caused the ship to start rising. He asked for a destination over his shoulder.

"Sector five," Cloud said calmly as Cid turned back to the controls. Cid pulled the two levers back to the rest position and pushed a different lever. After a long moment of nothing happening, Cid pushed the lever all the way forward. Everyone heard a muffled explosion as the Highwind lurched forward and almost knocked everyone off their feet.

"One of you l'Cie people is a fuck load of bad luck," Cid said over his shoulder "Not one problem with this thing. Then you fuckers show up! And the ship starts getting every fucking problem imaginable!" He walked over to the diagnostic terminal as he muttered to himself.

"He doesn't mean any of that," Tifa said reassuringly to the former l'Cie "The ship's old and he's touchy about it."

"Fucking wonderful!" Cid shouted as he slammed his fist against the terminal "The turbine on the right side is fucking toast. I guess you guys are walking."

"Well see ya around flyboy," Fang said with a chuckle as she started moving towards the door. Vincent followed her off the bridge with the others following suit soon after.

"Keeping Barret and Nanaki?" Cloud asked the unstable pilot who nodded at the question "We will send some one to help if we meet anyone," Cid nodded to confirm he heard the blond.

Cloud notified the large man and the beast as he walked past them and began to descend the rope ladder. He lost himself in thought as he climbed down the thirty foot ladder. Vincent and Fang had kept Holy from destroying Cocoon and killing every person on it, he and Lightning had actually defeated Sephiroth, and now they were all free to have a semi-normal life.

Six Days Later

The group had come across a squad of Guardian Corps troops, which had surprised Lightning by having Amodar commanding it, two days after leaving the Highwind. The group had asked Amodar to take the squad to assist Cid, after Amodar and the squad had shut up about meeting the leader of Avalanche.

The following four days were largely uneventful other than Lightning punching Snow in the face for hurting Serah. Snow had rolled on top of Serah in his sleep, but quickly woke up after Serah pinched him.

As they came upon the ancient gate to Midar, Sector Five, they were met with a beautiful sight. The crystallized spell had arched over the gate and formed a dome-like top where the upper plate used to be. The ground was covered in small white and yellow flowers and grass.

Cloud took in the sight and had one thought cross his mind. These are Aeriths flowers.

The group of ten walked through the field of crystal pillars, underneath a crystal dome, underneath Cocoon. The former l'Cie had no idea where they were headed but were content in taking in the surrounding crystal and ruins of the once great Midgar, and following Cloud.

They walked onto the front steps of a stone building with large wooden doors that were in oddly good condition. The former l'Cie saw the building was an ancient church with a huge hole in the roof and upper wall on one side.

"What is this place?" Vanille asked when she saw that Cloud's hand had stopped half way to the handle.

"Aerith's church," Tifa answered for Cloud. Cloud moved his hand onto the door and gave it a push. The door swung open with a small groan and the hinges sending out a small squeak.

Everyone let out a gasp as they were met with the sight of a woman. The woman was kneeling in a bed of flowers at the front of the church, facing the group. Her fingers laced together in a symbol of prayer, her head was bowed and her eyes were closed. She had brown hair with the same unnatural bangs as Sephiroth, a pink dress, a red denim mini-jacket, and a chain on her left wrist with a black orb on it.

The woman opened her eyes and looked at the group. They all simply stared at the bright green eyes that had nothing but kindness in them.

"Is . . . Is this . . . Real?" Cloud said aloud voicing the thought that the other Avalanche members had.

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