The Milky Way was thriving. Life existed on all nine planets plus the moon, newborns were plenty and the people were busy at work. Though the Earth had stood stagnant in its government opting to stray away from becoming part of the Moon's Silver Alliance, the universe had upheld a strong sense of peace and fulfillment. However, a tight rope separated the third planet from the sun in a way that the officials ruling the other terrains tiptoed carefully around them.

A law had been established barring entrance of any person born outside its atmosphere and to enforce the law, the Peacecraft family firmly stood. Their urgency for independence affected deeply the attitudes of not only their own people, but the people from the rest of the universe as well. Planetary origin was a topic of great discussion, nearly becoming the most revered aspect of any person living. To many, this appeared harmless but to a particular group of royals, this was disheartening.

An assumed history prohibited the current rulers of Earth from understanding the Silver Moon Alliance's leaders, believing that if they were to join their rankings, Queen Serenity would assume complete control over the entire universe and bend mankind to her own will. No, they did not understand that the history of the Moon Queen's court and even herself was rooted far deeper into their home planet than they had ever suspected. They never knew that the royals held strong bonds to the planet Earth that far exceeded what appeared to be on the surface. They never knew just how much their barred entry to all associated with the other planets had harbored such scathing opinions of their rule. They could feel the tension between themselves and the Silver Moon Alliance but they could never see why they had become so indifferent since the day they refused to allow them entry to their home. After all, they had eight planets and a Moon to venture through. Did denied entry to Earth really make a difference?

"Lieutenant Noin, we're under attack!"

The indigo-haired woman raced through the halls, commands flying from her lips as she bounded towards the Sanq kingdom's hangar. Flocks of mobile suits were already charging out, the threat being handled to their best ability. Noin flinched as the rifts from the raging battle knocked her from her feet. This attack was strange, far from anything they had ever intercepted, but she remained hopeful that they would win.

She soon found herself at the controls of a Taurus, the familiar sound of an awakening machine careening her into a second-natured whim. With a thrust of a toggle, her suit whirred out the hangar to join her soldiers.

Beeping resonated in the cockpit, screens flashing with red lines trying to zero in on the position of the enemy. She found herself losing patience, as did the others, no visible threat appearing on their radars.

"Stay alert," she told them, her heart racing as she attempted to calmly seek out the target. Her machine froze, her screen zooming in on a curious figure atop the kingdom's south wall. Dressed in a black robe, the person stood undaunted by the army of giant humanoids.

"Lieutenant Noin." The face of the Sanq Kingdom's own prince appeared at the corner of the screen. "What do you see?"

Noin's violet eyes narrowed cautiously on the figure, her instincts hindering her from attacking, as it seemed the person stood no chance in the fight. "A man," she answered. "He's standing on the south wall."

"Is that all?"

She nodded, her eyes still trained in the same position. Could this man really be responsible for the destruction of the Sanq Kingdom's outer defenses? It hardly seemed plausible. However, nothing else was around them to hint otherwise.

The hooded figure looked up, crimson sparks escaping from the place Noin had assumed were his eyes. Her breath caught in her chest, a pulsing black orb growing exponentially larger by the second. She shifted hastily to try to escape, her suit causing a deep crater beneath her in attempts to blast away. The night blanket spread rapidly, screams from the caught pilots echoing clearly over her radio. She looked back. Pitch-black convulsed, grabbing her suit in the process. The last thing Noin saw was darkness.

The soldiers of the Moon kingdom scurried frantically across the grounds, a sleek humanoid dealing devastation rampaging the peaceful outskirts of Queen Serenity's castle. The Queen herself stood agape at the mass trudging through her home, the rough grip from her concerned husband unable to pull her from her state of shock. From habit she summoned the power of the Ginzuisho, but was quickly stopped by the forceful jerks from a crimson-clad female.

"Usa," she warned. "Don't you dare! We'll handle this without it."

The Queen's worried eyes glanced between the woman and the offending obstruction before reluctantly complying. Without another word, her husband pulled her to safety, the red barren woman glaring as she sprinted to join the efforts in fending off the machine.

"Venus Love Chain in Circles!"

The bright chain lashed out around the ankles of the machine, its user struggling to reign in the great monstrosity. The suit shifted, the small movement in its feet pulling Venus' princess face-first into the ground.

"Ack," she hacked painfully but forced herself back up. Leaping, she narrowly dodged a spray of raining bullets.

"Mars Fire Surround!"

The burning flames decimated, the woman who hurled them cursing in response. They had never fought something this large before and she now regretted their failure to try and train against these manmade weapons. Especially since they had known of their existence long before this day.

"Mercury!" The blonde soldier of Venus cried out. "Hurry up and find this things weakness!"

A blue-haired woman stood a safe distance away, a visor in front of her eyes as she typed vigorously on her handheld computer. "Right," she said analyzing the robot as quickly as she could.

"Jupiter thunder crash!"

All eyes seemed to follow the lightening as it ridged across the sky. Hearts fell as it too seemed to be absorbed by the humanoid. Jupiter bit her tongue. The machine turned its attention to her, a large arm lifting with a beam charging in the center of its palms. Wide-eyed, Jupiter stumbled to jump away, her body getting rammed by the beam catching her left arm.

"Jupiter!" Mars cried out, her legs sprinting to get to her.

"I got it!" Mercury exclaimed. "Aim for the heart!" Her sapphire hues lifted to the mobile suit, a paling effect taking place across her body as the machine prepared to again blast the senshi of Jupiter.

Panting, Jupiter struggled to get up, her body taking more damage than she had expected from the beam. Heat resonated through the area, her emerald eyes tainted with the inevitable. The beam was going to hit her, and she didn't know if she would be able to survive it.

"Venus crescent beam, SMASH!"

The sharp light pierced through the heart of the robot, its eyes suddenly going dormant. Jupiter exhaled, a long withheld breath finally released, Mars hands carefully aiding her to her feet. Mercury too stood in great relief, her body dropping to its knees from the close call as Venus grabbed to her side.

Something was brewing and since mobile suits of any sort were banned from the confines of space and the planets/moon of the Silver Alliance, Earth would have to explain, especially because this was a Gundam.