Chapter 1: The Phone Call

Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor stood- alone. He sent Amy and Rory on their honeymoon to get some peace and quiet. He wasn't thinking about them at all, he was thinking about River. Who is she? Why is she in the Stormcage, and who did she kill?

"BRIIING, BRIIING!" the phone ring echoed through the TARDIS.

The sound interrupted his train of thought. The Doctor ran to the console and picked up the phone. He cleared his throat.



All her heard was a loud thud followed by the humming of disconnection. The Doctor placed the phone back down, this left him baffled so, he decided to trace the phone call to its source. He typed in some details on the TARDIS' computer and set off. He had no idea where he was going, or who was there. But, one thing is for sure: he's excited...

As the TARDIS materialised, he walked to the door and slowly pulled it open. He peered outside. No one was there; it was an empty, dull corridor. He looked around. This place was familiar... It was the Stormcage Facility. The cells near the TARDIS were empty, he looked up at the code above one of the cells 'B2C014' he remembered River had a code written in pen on her wrist last time he saw her. Hers was 'B4C029.'

Before the Doctor went to find River, he parked the TARDIS in the front entrance hall in a corner. The entrance hall was empty apart from the guard at the front door. The Doctor noticed a teleport pad on the other side of the room so he walked over to it and read the screen. He knew the code above the cell meant 'Base4, Cell029.' So the Doctor typed in 'Base4.'

When he arrived, he read the code on the cell 'B4C001.' He had a little way to walk before he reached River. He headed down a corridor and his footsteps echoed as he moved onwards. For a prison, it wasn't very full... there were only the occasional prisoner who would sit in silence as he walked past or one who's cell was covered with metal due to anger or violence issues.

The Doctor finally reached River's cell. He sped up his pace as he neared closer to it.

"River?" he whispered.

... The cell was empty. The Doctor's hearts sank; maybe he was too early... or too late. "But, then who could've made the phone call?" he thought. He began pacing in front of the cell and thinking. He stopped in his tracks and noticed a schedule for today's events in B4. He read the list and noticed that prisoner B4C029 was scheduled to 'punishment in RR01 (Resource Room 01)' right now.

The Doctor made his way back to the teleport and set it to B4RR01. He disappeared in a bright blue light and reappeared in another corridor with many metal doors either side. He looked for RR01 and when he reached it, he slowly pulled the cold door open. It creaked and he took a step inside; he didn't know what to expect...