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Chapter 8: Love Never Dies...

The Doctor turned on his heels to come face to face with Aloria. She smiled at him warmly. "I know about everything, you can still save her if you so wish..." she looked into his loving eyes sensing what he was feeling towards River. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

The Doctor looked over to River who waved once more and stepped into the TARDIS. "I know, but I don't think I can do it... I will have to write her a new death and I can't bring myself to think of it." He replied with tears forming. The flashback of her death was playing over and over again in his mind.

Aloria thought for a moment. "Then re-write her life, make her like you... so she can't die, so she can live with you forever." Her voice comforting the love struck Doctor.

"It would be wrong, changing reality for one person."

"But, she's not just any person and you and I both know that... She is something more, far beyond any human."

He paused taking in those last few words, she was right. River is no ordinary person; she is the most amazing person in the universe. Could he just let her slip away from him? There is always an opportunity to save everyone, and today was the day that the Doctor could save River Song.

The feeling in his stomach was telling, no screaming at him to save her but, the little voice in his head was saying that it was wrong, all for one person- it was too much.

"Just think about it, you don't have long left..." Aloria whispered in his ear. "You can save everyone; it just takes time for the opportunity to arise. Today is the day you can save the one you love the most, who sacrificed herself for you so you can be with her past self." She added and then smiled at him. "People do crazy and amazing things out of love and maybe it's time you repaid the favour..." She turned and started walking slowly back to the temple.

The Doctor was left standing alone, thinking if he goes back, he would never have the guilt of letting her die for him, but he would have to make someone else sit in that chair and die instead and he doesn't have a sonic screwdriver with anyone else's life on it. If he left now, she would die in the Library for a man who she loved and who didn't know her and reality would be normal but, he wouldn't have to re-write anything and he wouldn't have to keep so many secrets from her, just the one he had been hiding for so long now. What to do?

Behind him he could hear footsteps. River had walked out of the TARDIS back to him. "Are you coming, or not?" she asked.

He looked at her and before she had any time to react to his silence, she had been pulled close to him until their lips met in a passionate kiss that the Doctor had complete control of. He wrapped his arms around River and held her close to him, fearing of letting go. She embraced the kiss, still confused at what brought it on.

"What was that about?" she smiled as their lips parted. Then she noticed the seriousness in his teary eyes and her smile faded.

"I care a lot about you, River Song, never forget it." He said through tears. River placed one hand on the Doctor's cheek and wiped away the tears.

"I care about you too." She replied comfortingly, still trying to comprehend the seriousness of the matter.

"I know, and I just hope that you know my love for you is so strong and nothing can ever stop it." He placed another kiss on her lips; it was even more meaningful than the last. Their lips fitted together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. "You complete me..."

River knew that there was something he wasn't going to tell her and she could sense that it was upsetting him just thinking of it so she thought it would be better not to ask. She just leaned closer to him until her head was resting against his chest and she could feel and hear his hearts beating, in turn he could feel hers against his body.

The Doctor was still considering what he could do. The words that Aloria had said to him, the love he feels for the woman in his arms and all the things that would have to change if he did go back to the temple. He glanced at his pocket where the keys were then to River. All of this thinking was too much pressure and more tears came flooding from his eyes.

River felt them as they soaked through her skin. She looked up at him and into his eyes, so young and yet so old, so full of complexity. She tried to understand what was going on, but this was the one time that she couldn't possibly understand any of it.

Too many thoughts were racing through the Doctor's head that he couldn't even understand them let alone anyone else. He desperately wants to save her, to be with her forever, but there is always a catch... there always has to be for the Doctor to be happy.

Then suddenly, everything stopped, all of the thoughts racing through his mind were gone and for the first time today he could hear nothing but silence. The only words that made it through the silence were "Love... Never... Dies..."

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