Okay this story is based around the war and what have you... the second war. So if you don't like don't read and don't complain

Vexen looked up as he could hear bombs and gunfire in the distance. He pushed his hair back tiredly, he'd seen so many injured soldiers it was tiring. He closed emerald green hues and moved around his small room, flouncing down onto the bed and curled up in a ball. He was getting sick of the war and most days was willed to go back home, back to that secure place. His hair was ruffled as he laid on the bunker. What he'd give to go back to England, and be surrounded by the people who spoke the same tongue and understood you. Everyday he'd be taking care of American's, French, Australian's, Russian's and European's. The blonde didn't like the American soldiers, they were rude and arrogant. Vexen sighed sighed heavily, slowly falling into a light slumber.


The doctor was awoken by another doctor shaking him violently. "Mghn! What?" Vexen growled, his eyes flying open, they held pure rage.

"I-I'm sorry Doctor Vexen, b-but there is a soldier t-that needs your a-attention." The young dirty blonde doctor stuttered.

"Numb his body, I'll be out in a second." Vexen growled, sitting up.

The younger male nodded and darted out of Vexen's room.

Vexen sighed, he got out of his bed and padded over to a chair, picking up his long white coat and pulled it on. He left his room and followed Demyx into the room they used as a surgery. Emerald green eyes were focused on the patient; shoulder length fluffy pink hair, hazy midnight blue eyes and lovely sun-kissed skin. "Whats wrong with him?" Vexen growled.

Demyx jumped, he'd been taking note that Vexen had been staring at the patient. "He's been shot in both legs twice and once in his right hip." Demyx yelped.

Vexen nodded as he moved to the soldiers face. "Your name and rank?" The older blonde asked firmly.

Marluxia growled, frowning at the blonde. He had to admit silently that this man was different... but yet in a good way. "Commanding Officer Marluxia LeFlur."

Vexen nodded, he moved to grab the tools needed to remove the five bullets, but also grabbed a needle and stitches. "We need to get these bullets out of you." Vexen stated matter-of-factly.

"Well of course! Now hurry the fuck up!" He yelled angrily.

The blonde frowned and slapped him. "I could let you die of Gangrene!" Vexen snapped, his eyes turning to slits.

"Vexen please calm down, just ignore him, he's American." Demyx pleaded.

"Thats why he's arrogant then." The older mumbled, moving to pick up some tweezers and gestured the other blonde to inject the numbing substance into the soldier, that way he wouldn't complain no more.

Demyx complied injecting Marluxia with the numbing agent. "I know you don't like American's, I think he must be the worst of them."

Vexen nodded. "I never will like American's, this one especially." He muttered, moving the tweezers to carefully take the bullet from the soldiers body. Vexen would've loved to leave the bullet in his body.

The younger blonde moved to grab the bandages and liquids to put on the open wounds. "How long will he be here?" He asked innocently.

"For a while, he won't be able to going back to the war for a long time." Vexen stated, placing the bullet on a tray.

Demyx stared at the bullet. "That must be painful." He shivered.

"It would be, but he wanted to serve his country that way, as we're doctors... he could've been one." Vexen replied, moving Marluxia to be arranged on his stomach. "I'm grateful he's out to it."

"Because he can't feel it?" Demyx asked, examining the bullet on the tray.

"No, I just don't want my ears to go through the pain of hearing this beastly American voice." He retorted, moving to extract one bullet from the Officers thigh. "I suppose I can spare a bit of sympathy for him, being shot in the hip twice... I mean in both thighs twice." Vexen added quietly.

"Are you feeling okay Vexen? Thats not usually like you to say something like that." Demyx chirped, moving to grab more bandages encase needed.

"I'm feeling peachy, Demyx." He replied with a growl, pulling one of two bullets from Marluxia's right thigh, quickly and swiftly he moved back to extract the second bullet from the same thigh. Both bullets made a clanking noise as they hit the tray, Vexen shifted to the side to allow the other to bandage the soldiers wounds.

"Silly, silly American." The younger retorted, bandaging the pink haired man's hip and right thigh at the same time.

"You got that bang on." The elder frowned, eyes examining Demyx's techniques.

The adolescent blonde nodded, he was stuck in thought for a little while as he finished up bandaging Marluxia's thigh. "Do you think he's a family man?" He asked quietly, stepping aside for Vexen.

"He doesn't look the type for children... or even bringing them up, let alone a mate." Vexen stated, moving to carefully pull the first bullet from soldiers left thigh. iNeither do I... very similar./i Vexen thought.

The dirty blonde male noticed the pinkette flinch. "He doesn't look the type for women either." Demyx added.

"He must think I'm one of those vile women creatures, with how snappy he was towards me." Vexen snipped, emerald green eyes glowing.

"You look nothing like one... and I bet he was checking you out." Demyx retorted with a tiny pout.

Vexen pulled out the final bullet from the soldiers body, he scrambled to the side to allow Demyx to do the last of the bandaging. "I'm glad you think so... and I bet he wasn't"

"Don't be sad Vex-Vex, I'm sure Marluxia... the demon soldier secretly likes you." The younger chided, he had finished bandaging the pink haired man's thighs.

The soldier had awoken when the last bullet had been extracted, hearing the last of 'Vexen's' sentence, then had heard his name being spoken by the other 'cheery' doctor. Although the happy doctor was right, he wouldn't admit to it though.

"You trying to suggest he has a fetish for older blonde doctors?" Vexen chuckled a little, Demyx knew how to cheer him up.

"The look in his eyes suggested it." The younger giggled, he couldn't help but grin at Vexen. "Besides, you need a 'man' who can look after you, as much as he's American he's better looking than most England men, and he's feisty, totally perfect for your demeanor." Demyx added. "I know you secretly already like him." He suggested, punching Vexen's arm playfully.

Marluxia was keen to hear Vexen's reply and possibly screw his little ass good.

"Well... I suppose I do, he's much better looking than Xigbar..." Vexen made a disgusted face. "Under all that American I suppose he'd be decent." Vexen replied, with a blush, turning his back to Demyx.

"Aw nothings even happened and he's melting your stone cold heart." The dirty blonde crooned, quickly gliding out of the room to leave the doctor with the supposed sleeping Marluxia.

The soldier stretched, making it seem like he'd just woken up and would use the information against Vexen and have his way.

Vexen coughed, looking down at the soldier boredly. "You feel better than before?" He grumbled.

"I can't feel anything... does that answer your question?" Marluxia retorted, his midnight blue eyes were still hazy, but sparkling with excitement.

The blonde groaned with annoyance. "Tell me something I don't know know."

"Oh is that an offer? Even if it's not 'Vex-Vex~'" He teased with a devious grin.

Vexen stepped back, he growled a little. "My name is Vexen!" Said once yelled, clenching his fists.

"Can we sleep in your bed, Vexy?~" The soldier crooned, Marluxia wanted to show Vexen is true nature and he was the dominant one.

The doctor's pale white skin flushed a deep scarlet red. "Stop it!"

"I know you'll want to have a 'demon' take you~" The pinkette purred.

"Just shut up!" Vexen yelled, he was getting sick and tired of this, leaving the patients rooms quickly. His face had turned bright red, he headed back to his room wanting sleep desperately, he knew he was in dire need.

Marluxia smirked to himself, the way Vexen had acted proved that the blonde had some feelings for him.

Vexen shut his door and flopped onto the bed, letting out a long frustrated groan. "Bloody hell, I can't believe I've already fallen for him and he knows it too... and it's only been one flipping day!" The blonde man whined into his pillows. Sleep took a while to bring Vexen down, but when it did it him him hard.


Vexen had visited the soldier everyday now, trying to ignore those flustering sexual comments he made. Although today he'd been far too busy to see him. The blonde was tired and wanted to sleep more than anything, he traveled down the long plain and depressing hallways to his room. The blonde doctor had gotten very annoyed with the last few patients, one had broken his arm and Demyx was trying his best to fix it, but he wouldn't stop complaining, Vexen said throw him to the German's, that shut him up. The he and Demyx had to see to the younger blonde's annoying boyfriend, the man was a walking bomb, always managing to get hurt in some way. All Vexen had heard was they were on the final push of the war and Xemnas Adolf Hitler had fled somewhere with his partner Saix. He had recalled Demyx making a joke about Hitler's first name, saying it could be rearranged to spell Mansex... and Sexman. Where the hell the boy had gotten them from Vexen had no idea.

Vexen stopped in front of his door, turning the door handle to open the door, he had returned to his room to find Marluxia's perfect and well toned body laying on his bed in the moonlight.

"I'm here to give your body a good time, manly style." Marluxia grinned with a purr.

I do not discriminate... just in those days thats how they would've seen each other... as I know many nations would've seen NZ as pathetic and what have yous, but yeah. I don't hate American's or the British... or any nation for that matter ,