Types of Fracture – Chapter 4 (Willow POV)

Stable Fracture: Although the bone is fractured, the ends of the injury remain in place. The risk of bleeding or further damage is minimal. In some cases, the casualty may not be aware of the fracture.

Stable fractures are the strangest things. I've had them before. Often, they're the type I get when I roll over too fast in my sleep, or step down on the pavement a bit too hard. They hurt, that's for sure, but it's nothing compared to the other kinds. Sometimes I don't even notice. Sometimes it's only when my mother sees my eyes flash blue that she realises I've hurt myself.

I don't think that my parents realised what they were doing. They were angry – with the people at Disney World, with Piper, with each other. They were so angry they didn't even notice how everybody else was so sad. They were so busy trying to help me, they didn't see how upset Amelia was, or how much they were hurting Piper, or how much they were ruining everything. Because they didn't notice, they kept walking. They kept going with the lawsuit, with the divorce, with everything, and the break got worse with every step.

And then it finally snapped. Like that moment when you've been walking on a broken leg for weeks, and suddenly you trip on a crack in the ground, you walk into a table, you stamp your foot hard in a temper, and everything breaks. It happens suddenly: one minute you're normal, in a little bit of pain, and then you're lying on the floor, maybe even bleeding, in agony. Just like the pond. It probably had cracks in it, cracks that had been there for days. All it took was me putting my weight on just the wrong part of the ice.

Then you get taken to hospital. A doctor gives you an x-ray, to see what's wrong, puts you in a cast, gives you something for the pain. He signs a note and you go home, and you sit there until you're better, and then you wait for the process to repeat. I've done it enough times to know what happens. But my parents haven't gone through the routine, at least, not as often as I have. They think that everything's over, now that they've had talks and counselling and bereavement groups and special pills that make them happier. They're sitting at home in their casts, healing.

It's a stable fracture. For now, it'll be alright. They can be normal – even happy – again. But one of these days, the process will repeat.

~ The End ~

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