A/N: Hello all, long time no see.
Just a quick something I came up with over the weekend and I don't know if this is gonna be any good but you know boredom is a VERY dangerous thing especially if I am around. Those who know me know I am a practically obsessed with anything concerning vampires and I was watching DEAD MAN'S BLOOD and BLOODLUST, again, this weekend and these two things just popped up so enjoy and please leave a review, all opinions are welcome but please no flames because I am not fire proof

DISCLAIMER: HA, I wish because man wouldn't that just be a dream come true.


(tag to the episode, Dead Man's Blood)

Death is here,
black as night.
Humanity's end is here;
Our own breed's dawn is near.
We rise in darkness.
We kill in shadow.
Cursed is those that cross our path.
Becoming one of us,
willingly or not.
To kill with us,
Turning on their own.
Becoming part of us,
Becoming darkness themselves,
Becoming a Vampire...

The End