Title: How close is close enough?
Rating: K+/T
Pairing: Damon/Elena
Category: Romance/Humour
Spoilers: Season 2 spoilers
Warnings: Minor language
Disclaimer: Do not own these characters

A/N: First TVD fic and I haven't been writing for a while so I'm a little rusty :P Hope it's ok. Special thanks to Camille from FanForum for beta-ing! *hugs* Apologies for OOC-ness

"What now, Elena?"

He can see her mind working overtime, can hear the indignant huffs coming from her. He can practically feel those doe eyes rolling up into the heavens.

Ugh! Women, seriously. Why don't they just say what's on their mind?

"Did you have to flirt shamelessly with her? Is it some kind of a compulsive need to put the moves on anything with breasts?," she spits out, her cheeks puffing out and turning red. She never looked so beautiful- so beautiful and so… irritating.

She sets her bags down next to her single bed, and Damon can't help but wish he wasn't rooming with the Teacher next door. He realizes he still hasn't answered her, and wonders why they can't just skip all this nonsense and get to the fun stuff. If only his dear brother wasn't waiting back in Mystic Falls like a good little trophy wife ...

"I don't even know why I bother!," she says. Seconds after his lack of response, she turns toward the ensuite bathroom door. He catches up to her, of course. Her back presses up against the door, and things are now looking up for Damon.

"Now, now, Elena. Don't go getting your panties in a bunch. I was just being my usual charming self with the nice lady that was helping us. Besides, I don't think vampires are her type," he counters, doing the eye thing that he knows she loves so much.

She does her own eye thing- the eye roll thing.

There's still something bothering her. He knows.

"I know! Shocking, right? And here I thought I was everyone's type!"

"True. She seemed more of a dog- lover to me," she admits, and he takes a step closer. His eyes fall onto her lips as she licks them. He gulps. It's taking all of his will power not to close the distance.

"But, seriously, Damon, why do you throw yourself at every girl you see? Why throw yourself at-," she cuts off, not wanting to say her name.

"Katherine? It's not like she's Voldemort. We can say her name, and it won't jinx us!"

She glares at him. He's not sure whether or not he likes where this is going.

Suddenly it clicks, and he decides to step even closer.

"She's a cruel, heartless bitch and after 145 years, she still has a pull over you, the both of you," she finally expresses. Now, it's becoming even clearer.

"I can see, even if Stefan doesn't admit it, that he still feels something for her. She'll always be the first for both of you. I just hate how she doesn't look like me; but how I look like her," she continues and nearly chokes on the last words.

He takes the final step closer and strokes her cheek. Her heart beats faster and her breath hitches. Dear Elena, if only she knew.

"Haven't you ever been with twins before?," he asks, lightening up the mood. A smile tugs on the corner of her lips.

"When I look at you, I see Elena- 17 year old sometimes fun sometimes irritating but very caring Elena. No where do I see you-know-who," he finishes with a stage whisper.

"Enough with the Harry Potter jokes," she giggles but her heart skips a beat at his almost-compliment. She looks at her hands, which have found their way on to the lapels of his jacket. How interesting.

He experiments, and brushes his hands on her hips.

He keeps them there.

"I was so pissed when I found out that I wasn't kissing you," he whispers against her ear, and feels the shivers running down her neck.

"You think I'd even let you kiss me?" she says with that usual spark of defiance, mixed with an uncertainty to her voice, as she's edging closer and closer to the blurring lines.

"I dunno; you tell me."

His hands snake up to the small of her back, pulling her closer. She looks at his lips, then into his eyes, entranced. His eyes flicker on to her vervain necklace. Then, he realizes that they've already gone over that. It feels like years ago.

He tilts his head, mentally rejoicing. Is this happening? Is he dying? Well, technically… But is this real?

"Woah, woah, woah! Seriously?"

They break apart immediately. Damon is zooming next to a very shocked and outraged Alaric Saltzman.

Elena looks like a deer in headlights, heaving and Damon tries to look anywhere but at her chest.

"Mr. Saltz-"

"No, no, no. It's okay. I'd rather not get into the details, Elena." He, then, turns to Damon, and says, "Outside, NOW!"

"Okay, Dad."

As soon as they are in the hallway, Alaric smacks Damon behind the head. He is the only human capable of doing so.

"What the hell was that?"

"You are such a cock-blocker, Ric. That goes against everything in the Bro-code."