Fun Dares and Boy Love.

Kaname Seiwa description: she's got muddy brown eyes, medium brown hair which is always in a messy tied up bun, and hazel nut skin and is quite short. She's a yaoi lover. She loves sweets and chocolate. Also has a weird obsession of trying to get her guy friends to go out with each other. She's not really girly and mostly hangs around with guys. She's completely carefree.

Warning: yaoi boyxboy and all that other crap. OC. OOC. AU.

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Chapter 1- The obsession starts.

The school day had just started well I guess the school day started since they woke up because it was a boarding school and Kaname was talking to her best friend Naruto and goofing around. Their teacher was always late so they had some free time. They were seated at the back next to each other. Throwing spit balls at other students who just looked at them in disgust, but who cared.

"Hey did you know there's gonna be a new student coming, right in the middle of the school year." Naruto looked at Kaname who was leaning back in her chair and a lollipop in her mouth.

"Really?" Naruto looked at her with a surprised look on his face but still grinning. "Wait does that mean if it's a guy he might be in my dorm, I don't share with anyone." She just nodded. She sighed loudly. Hope it's a guy. She thought to herself. Their teacher walked in. His silver spiked hair looked like it hadn't been brushed in weeks. A weird black mask covering his mouth and the tips of his nose, and an eye patch covering his left eye. He was one weird teacher. Plus he was always reading a porno book in front of the class and never even cared that all of us knew what he was reading.

"All right listen up everyone. We have a new student coming into our class today. I want you all to be nice to him. Right everyone this is Sasuke Uchiha" sir pointed to the door where a thin black haired guy walked in and had jet black eyes. All the girls squealed. He was wearing long sleeved shirt, black trousers and black shoes. Whereas the girls had to wear a sailor uniform which Kaname hated because the skirts were too short so she decided to wear shorts instead and boots. Anyway getting back to the new student, he looked around the classroom ignoring the squealing girls. You could tell by his face he really did not want to be here.

"Heh. He's not all that much to look at." Everyone looked at naruto who was leaning back on his chair and his hands at the back of his head. Obsidian eyes glared at aqua ones. That glare can only be described at the most scariest death glare. Naruto took no notice of it. Bingo. Kaname thought to herself. There is definitely something going on between naruto and that sasuke person. Hehe. My works begins. Kaname smirked to herself. Kakashi-sensei sighed to himself.

"Sasuke would you please sit in front of Uzumaki at the back?" kakashi ordered sasuke. The look on sasuke's face just told you he hated other people telling him what to do. Naruto waved his hand so he knew who Uzumaki was. He scowled not wanting to sit in front of naruto but still did. Naruto continuously kicked Sasuke's chair while sasuke just sent him death glares, it did freak Naruto out for a couple of minutes but still kicked his chair. It got to a point where it actually annoyed Kaname who found it entertaining at first. It also got to a point where Sasuke couldn't take it no more and turned his chaired around and kicked Naruto's chair which cause naruto to fall off his chair and everyone laughed while Naruto just cursed the Uchiha under his breath whilst he smirked triumphantly. First lesson went by very quickly probably because it took half of the time for the teacher to arrive and introduce the new kid and the other half was just watching Naruto and Sasuke. The bell rang and we all walked to our next class. All Naruto and Kaname's classes they had together which was lucky. Their next lesson was drama with Anko-sensei she was a strict teacher and hated it when others argued. They were put into groups of four. Naruto's group which was Naruto, Kaname, Ino and unfortunately Sasuke. They had to act out a scene where two friends had a fight over one girl. The other person had to be the teacher who broke up the fight.

"Right, we've wrote the script now all we've got to do it act it out." Kaname groaned when no one was listening to her. "Oh sorry I didn't realize I was speaking to myself" she said sarcastically.

"Oh sorry Kana-chan let's practice." Naruto got up and grinned at everyone. Naruto and sasuke were playing the two friends obviously, Ino's playing the girl and Kaname's playing the teacher.

"Okay 1, 2, 3 action!" Kaname shouted.

"I can't believe you would do this to me sasuke I thought you were my friend." Naruto sounded annoyed with what he was saying.

"It wasn't my fault she chose me over you." Sasuke mumbled guessing he hated his role as well.

"But you knew that I like her and you still went ahead and went out with her."

"Well I'm sorry for being better looking than you." Sasuke smirked. Wait that wasn't in the script. Kaname thought to herself. Hmm.

Naruto went red he knew it wasn't in the script as well. "Better looking? I think there's something that isn't functioning properly in your brain if you think your better looking."

"Hn. Well I don't see any girls squealing over you. Dobe."

"Dobe? Did he just call me-? Screw you teme!" naruto shouted. Luckily no one could hear, the drama studio was really loud and their voices were being drowned out by other people's voices. Ino didn't know what to do, this wasn't in the script. So she just decided to stay the hell away. Kaname just found this hilarious and really tried hard not to laugh. Sasuke smirked. Again. He found this entertaining like Kaname. Right. There is definitely sexual tension between naruto and sasuke. I wonder what would happen if I invited sasuke to my birthday party? Kaname went into her own little world. While a very annoyed naruto was getting even more annoyed at the fact that sasuke was not responding and kept smirking.

"Hey! You can wipe that smirk right off and shove it up your..." naruto was going to continue until Kaname interrupted them.

"Look, sorry to ruin your guys' lovers tiff but we've practically wasted this whole lesson and as much as I would love to let this continue we have to practice this because we'll be performing it in out next lesson of drama. Okay?" Kaname looked at them looked. Naruto just crossed his arms. While sasuke just stared at the clock. Wow! It becomes really awkward if one of these guys isn't talking. Note to self: make sure one of them is talking. Kaname sighed and thought about how she was going to get these two together. It was his first day and still they argued somehow whether it was the guy's first day or not I don't think it mattered. The bell rang. Everyone left the drama room. Kaname and Naruto just walked to the field where all their friends sat in a big circle. There was Kiba, Hinata, Neji (who was in his second year of high school), Shikamaru, Tenten (who was also in her second year of high school), Rock Lee (second year), Chouji and Sai. Kaname and Naruto joined the group.

"Hey guys!" Kiba cheerfully said. Naruto just grinned back while Kaname was lost in her own thoughts as usual. They sat down. Kaname got a bar of chocolate out of her bag and shared it out like she normally did but she always got the biggest piece.

"Right so let's play dares!" Kaname grinned at everyone. It was a usual game they played to stop themselves from getting bored. "But this time I wrote the dares and made it a little bit more interesting." Everyone eyed Kaname suspiciously. She got a container out of her bag which was filled with a whole bunch of papers. Everyone took one out.

Kiba's dare- To buy a porno book and go up to Kakashi asking him to explain a sex scene. Kiba blanched looking at his dare "Oh hell no, if I ask this I bet Kakashi would really explain it to me" Kaname smirked guessing what dare he had gotten

Hinata's dare- To go up to someone and say they look really sexy. Hinata turned bright read rereading the dare and wondering if she could actually pull it off.

Neji's dare- Pretend to have a cursed hand that touches people's butts. Neji just stuffed the paper into his bag before anyone could see it a small blush tinting his cheeks.

Shikamaru dare- Talk to a girl while staring at her breasts. "troublesome" Shikamaru muttered

Tenten dare- Pretend to be in love with a third year student Itachi Uchiha and show that your in love with him. Any means allowed (preferable loud and stalkerish)

Rock Lee dare- To scream out that your gay. Lee gave a thumbs up "alright for the power of youth!" he shouted

Chouji dare- Go to Kisame (same year as Itachi) and ask what's the best sort of fish to eat. Chouji paled at the thought just imagining the cruel punishment he'd face from the third year.

Sai dare- Continuously annoy Gaara. Sai grinned fakely his mind already going through ways to annoy the red head.

Naruto- Confess your undying love to Orochimaru.

Kaname- Flirt with Sasuke Uchiha at Kaname's birthday party.

Everyone aside from Lee and Sai who looked forwards toward their dare glared at Kaname.

"Have you even read the dares you've written?" Kiba shouted at her. Kaname just smiled.

Tenten was now planning her funeral, there was no way she was going to complete this dare and survive, especially since it's on Itachi.

"My dare is very...inappropriate" Neji muttered.

"So is all of ours." Kaname commented.

"There is no way in hell I'm doing this." Naruto shouted.

"Why what's your dare?" Kiba asked.

"To confess my undying love to Orochimaru!" Naruto shouted. They all looked at Naruto then just started to laugh. "It's not funny he'd probably think I'm serious and molester me!"

"Okay fine naruto we can swap dares mine isn't so bad" Kaname smiled sweetly. They exchanged dares. "Guys I'll be right back I need to invite Sasuke to my birthday party." Before anyone could ask why she left. Naruto looked at his new dare.

"KANAME!" he shouted. Kaname could hear him but ignored him. She walked towards Sasuke who was sitting underneath a tree with his brother. You could tell they were brothers.

"Hey Uchiha!" Kaname smiled. They both looked at her. "Er...I meant younger Uchiha." Itachi looked away. "Okay... listen I'm having a birthday party this weekend it's gonna be at my house" Sasuke stared at her. She thought to herself. He must think she's a crazy fan girl. "Erm...don't worry I'm not a crazy fan girl. I prefer gay guys." She smiled and they both continued glaring at her. "Well er hope you can come." She gave him an invitation. "Oh yeah older Uchiha you can come as well it has my address on it and a map to get there so you won't get lost." Giving them one last grin she skipped off back to her group as the bell rang.

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