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Chapter 13- Love? LOVE!

Sasuke took Naruto into an arcade he felt that Naruto would feel relaxed and be himself in an arcade rather then in a cafe. Naruto stepped into the arcade his mouth dropped. This was the biggest arcade he'd ever seen in his life.

"I didn't bring much money with me." Naruto's face saddened.

"Don't worry I'll pay for you." Naruto grinned but then dropped it.

"Hey! Why am I playing the girl?" Naruto looked at Sasuke who only smirked.

"As Kaname once said you could never top me." Sasuke's smirk grew watching the blonde going red. Naruto had to admit to himself he was kinda acting like the girl in the relationship with all the crying and that. Naruto just ignored the smirking raven and just walked to a game. It was a shooting game where they had to hold fake guns that were connected to the computer and shoot at each other on the screen.

"Haha get ready for me to kick your butt." Naruto chuckled as he picked up one of the guns while Sasuke put the money in.

"You wish." Sasuke picked the other gun up. They started shooting each other. In the end Naruto lost by 1. Sasuke had shot Naruto 34 times but Naruto only shot Sasuke 33 times.

"Looks like I win." Sasuke said oh so proudly. The guy had way too much ego.

"Yeah by one." Naruto stuck his finger up. "One."

"One more then you." Sasuke smirked; Naruto didn't have a comeback so just moved onto the next game. They played so many games and Naruto pretty much lost all of them apart from one but that was only because Naruto got angry he was losing and wacked Sasuke's controller out of his hand and Naruto took that opportunity to win. The evening went by quickly and it was getting late they decided to head back to their dorms.

"Did you have fun?" Sasuke asked breaking the silence.

"Yeah." Naruto cheerfully smiled. In fact I had too much fun. A small smile formed onto Sasuke's lips while Naruto was walking and staring up into the sky. It was weird today was completely different from what I would've expected. Sasuke was so kind? And gentle. God, I sound like a girl. But why is it every time in the arcade Sasuke touched me sometimes it was an accident but other times I think he did it deliberately I start blushing and my heart starts to beat faster. What the hell is wrong with me? Naruto was so caught up into his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed they had arrived back. Naruto called Kaname telling her they needed to get back in but doors were locked. They sneaked back into their dorm with the help of Kaname and Hinata who hijacked the keys and got them in.

Once inside Naruto began fidgeting unsure of what to do, sure Sasuke had pretty much confessed to him but Naruto still hadn't responded. He liked Sasuke; more than he had previously let on but he was slightly afraid that he's get his heart broken. He didn't know what to do?

"Dobe, dobe. Naruto" Naruto snapped out of his daze staring at Sasuke dumbly. Sasuke was sitting o his bed staring at Naruto an eyebrow raised in question.

"Huh, what" Naruto responded great Naruto real smart he chastised himself.

"I've been calling you but you weren't answering."

Naruto blushed bright red "Oh sorry I was thinking" he said as he sad down

"Don't think too much you might combust" Sasuke smirked but there was still a hint of concern in his eyes.

"Shut up Teme"

They sat in silence Naruto going off into his own world whilst Sasuke was studying him. After a few minutes Sasuke took the initiative, going over to Naruto's bed he bent down placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

Naruto's eyes widened startled as he face once again took a red tinge.

"Teme what was that for" he half shouted jerking his head back as he scooted further back onto the bed until his back reached the wall.

"What I'm giving my boyfriend a kiss" Sasuke smirked climbing onto the bed. He pulled Naruto forward until they manoeuvred themselves on his bed with Sasuke on top of Naruto. Naruto's face was bright red as Sasuke lowered his head and capturing his lips.

Naruto was unsure of what to do with his arms, but Sasuke resolved that for him buy moving them until they are locked around Sasuke's neck and his fingers are tangled in black hair.

Sasuke placed his own hands on Naruto's waist pressing his lips harder into Naruto's. Running his tongue over Naruto's lips, he hummed appreciatively when Naruto immediately responded by parting them and allowing Sasuke entrance into that sweet mouth that had him addicted. Sasuke thrust he tongue in plundering Naruto mouth and coaxing him into responding. The kiss which started as sweet and chaste soon turned into something long and sensual leaving both boys moaning and wanting more.

Sasuke couldn't get enough of body he needed to be closer to touch more. Pulling his mouth away for much needed he briefly glance at Naruto's flushed race before attacking his neck. Naruto let put a long passionate moan, the effect of it making itself known on Naruto's thigh. He eeped slightly feeling the hardness uncertainty beginning to settle in but with his own growing with way Sasuke was lavishing his neck the uncertainty began to disappear before it could take root in his mind, leaving only a cloudy haze of pleasure.

Sasuke continued to attack his neck leaving dark red/purple makes all over as a sign so anyone who looked would see who Naruto belonged to. He gave himself a satisfied smirk after leaving a particular large bruise on the pulse of Naruto's neck making it virtually impossible to hide unless you wear a turtle neck shirt, and Sasuke knew Naruto didn't own one.

Moving down to his collar bone he place small kisses along, dipping his tongue slightly into the hallow drawing a mewl from Naruto. Smirking he moved lower only to pause. He couldn't access any more skin because Naruto still had his shirt on. Frowning that he had to pause in his wondering, he sat up straddling Naruto. Naruto looked up confused as to why the pleasure stopped.

"Shirt off" Sasuke commanded. Naruto nodded in understanding bending forward slightly he was able to pulled off he shirt throwing it to the floor before falling back down on the bed.

Sasuke's eyes hungrily roamed over newly revealed tanned skin his lust growing tenfold. His eyes singled to one or Naruto's nipple standing erect as if beckoning him for a taste, and who was he to refuse such a seductive offer. Leaning down he couldn't wait to fasten his lips to those perky nipples, however he was stopped before he could get a taste. Tanned hands were on his shoulders preventing him from moving further down.

"What" he barked annoyed at being stopped from getting his treat.

"Y-You too" Naruto stammered blushing shyly, Sasuke raised an eyebrow "shirt" nodding Sasuke hurriedly pulled off his own shirt, letting it drop to the floor and meet Naruto's before he delved down and took one of those enticing buds into his mouth whilst he played with the other with his fingers.

Naruto cried out unsuspecting of the intense pleasure he would feel, his toes curling and his hips jerking upwards to crash into Sasuke's arousal. Sasuke unintentionally bit down on the hardened bud at the friction drawing blood and causing Naruto to hiss in pain. Calming himself down, he lapped at the blood running his tongue over the wound and causing Naruto to let out a series of moans forgetting about his previous pain.

Sasuke began tracing a long line to wet kisses southwards taking extra time to lap at an especially sensitive spot just beneath his belly button, before heading further south and finding himself at another barrier; Naruto's trousers.

Getting off the blond boy he undid Naruto's trousers helping his pull it off his eyes landing on the bulge sticking out from Naruto's boxing. Moving back until he settled himself between Naruto's legs, Sasuke cupped Naruto none too gently causing the blond boy to half and moan in pleasure.

Sasuke continued to make rubbing motions, before diving his hand in his boxes and feeling the heated flesh against his hand. Naruto cried out almost orgasming at the feel of Sasuke hands making frantic rubbing motions. His own hand tangled in the sheet as he threw his head left to right, moans, and mewls ripping from his mouth. Sasuke had returned to sucking his nipples as his hand slowly brought Naruto to the edge and after a particular hard nip Naruto was screaming Sasuke's name.

Bringing his hand up to his lips Sasuke licked some of the white substance on his fingers tasting Naruto's flavour.

Naruto was too exhausted to say anything his body completely boneless from that mind shattering orgasm he just experienced; half lidded eyes watched him sleepily as Sasuke pulled down his boxes leaving Naruto completely bare.

Leaving some of Naruto's sperm on his fingers Sasuke guided his hands down towards Naruto's hidden entrance, a single finger running over the opening before slipping in.

Naruto tensed at the foreign feeling "Sasuke wha.." he began to ask

"Shhh, just relax. It'll hurt a little in the beginning but it'll feel better soon" he told him as he began thrusting the lone digit in and out of Naruto. Naruto still tensed, wiggling slightly, there wasn't pain but it was an uncomfortable feeling. At that moment Sasuke slipped in another digit making Naruto hiss and arch at the pain

"Sasuke stop" Naruto cried out Sasuke stilled in his ministrations allowing Naruto to get accustomed to the feeling, before moving again.

"No Sasuke. Wait" Naruto complained Sasuke got up frustrated pulling his fingers out of Naruto and making him whimper.

"What is it?"

"I'm scared" Sasuke's face softened seeing the fear and hesitation in blue eyes, capturing the blonds lips in a short but sweet and passionate kiss.

"Don't worry if your not ready we'll wait until you are" Sasuke told him sitting up wiping his hand on the sheets to get rd of Naruto's cum

Naruto's eyes widened not expecting that

"But-" Naruto began eyes casting to the still visible bulge in Sasuke's trouser

"It doesn't matter. The one I want is you dobe, not just your body so we'll wait until you're ready."

Naruto felt warmth swell inside his chest as all his doubts were cast away in that one single sentence. Sasuke made the motion of getting up but Naruto pounced on him, making him fall onto of the bed with the blond straddling him. Leaning down Naruto drew Sasuke into a deep kiss expressing all his emotions.

Sasuke was slightly taken back but he soon got with the flow allowing Naruto to dominate his mouth for a few minutes before he once again took control.

Naruto moved from Sasuke's mouth to his neck leaving hickies wherever he went.

Pushing Naruto off him so they could look at each other face to face "are you sure?" Sasuke asked in all seriousness. Naruto nodded "if you say no now I won't stop"

"I'm sure Sasuke"

Sasuke lifted his fingers to Naruto's mouth "suck" he commanded, and Naruto did exactly that.

Sasuke almost came from the way Naruto lathered saliva onto his digit but he managed to stop himself instead as soon as the digits were free on his mouth, Sasuke pulled Naruto into a bruising kiss whilst his fingers made themselves known to Naruto's entrance again.

Their position was slightly awkward with Naruto on top of Sasuke, but Sasuke wanted Naruto to control the flow of things, not wanting to hurt the boy anymore than necessary.

Naruto broke free of the kiss as Sasuke scissored his fingers inside of him causing him to bit his lips from moaning in pain. Arching his back slightly allowing Sasuke's finger slip in deeper

"Ngh" eyes widened in shock and body almost collapsed on top of Sasuke as pleasured rolled through Naruto.

Sasuke paused before pressing against that spot again and drawing out another moan to Naruto, smirking in satisfaction he began attacking that spot and at the same time attacking Naruto's neck which had presented itself so temptingly to Sasuke.

Feeling that Naruto was prepared enough Sasuke slipped his fingers out, smirking at the whine that escaped his dobe's mouth at the loss.

"Don't worry you'll get something better" he whispered into Naruto's ear making him shudder, "but we need lube."

Naruto let out another whine realizing he had to get up to find something, suddenly an idea popped into his head. Moving downwards he pulled Sasuke's zipper down freeing his erection from he boxers.

Breathing over it, he heard Sasuke groan. Tentatively he stuck his tongue out licking the tip. The pre come tasted a bit salty but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Sasuke grunted at Naruto shy ministration, Naruto just continued to lick around the organ lathering it with as much saliva as he could before growing bolder and sucking on the head.

Sasuke bit his lips suppressing a moan "wait, wait" he managed out. Naruto looked up wondering if he done something wrong.

"I want to be inside you" Sasuke told him, Naruto nodded blushing slightly as he positioned himself over Sasuke's erection, he was sill a bit apprehensive but he was glad Sasuke was letting him go at his pace.

Aligning Sasuke penis to his entrance Naruto pushed down, he could feel pain shoot up his spin as his body automatically tensed wanting to push out the foreign object but Naruto continued to push himself down until Sasuke was completely inside.

Sasuke let out a low grunt his hand automatically going to Naruto's waist steadying him. Naruto's face was scrunched up in pain willing his body to relax.

After a few moments the pain began to lessen. Naruto began rocking his hips trying to get used to the feeling to being full.

Sasuke began breathing heavily as Naruto began thrust his hip more, his own hands on Naruto hips guiding him faster, harder, until Naruto was riding him without restraint.

Cries and moans were echoed in the room as the sounds of skin slapping against each other echoed through the room.

Naruto let out a particular loud cry as Sasuke hit that spot deep inside him and continued to hit it repeatedly making him all but scream.

He could feel it building up inside of him, a burning heat threatening to spill, Naruto tried desperately to claw it back but he could stop it anymore.

"SASUKE!" he screamed uncaring if anyone outside could hear him.

"Naruto" Sasuke grunted feeling Naruto tighten as he came, his own seed spilling deeply into the blond boy.

Naruto swayed as strong feeling of satisfaction as well fatigue settled in his mind and body. Unable to stay up straight any longer he allowed Sasuke to guide him downwards, he could vaguely feel as Sasuke slip out of him and shuffle to the side so Naruto could lie beside him. In only a few heartbeats Naruto was already deep asleep snuggling against the raven. Sasuke was still awake even though sleep tugged at his mind; he knew he needed to clean up but with the cute blond sleeping so innocently beside him it was difficult to move. Finally making up his mind Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto falling into a deep blissful sleep.


Wednesday. Kaname sat down in her seat as class started, the teacher began to call out names on the register, however as soon as he got to Naruto no one answered.

"He's not feeling well today sir" Kaname told him

"I see and I'm assuming Uchiha is in the same situation" Kaname nodded a smirk playing on her lips thinking back to that morning.

She had gone to Naruto's room earlier wanting to see how the date went, however when she knocked no one answered. Taking out the spare key she had *cough* borrowed *cough* off Naruto she opened the door... only to meet every yaoi girls wet dream.



In bed.



It took Kaname a few moments to get out of her drooling state and snap back to reality. Well now she didn't need to ask Naruto what happened since she could piece that together her self.

Walking into the room she decided to be kind and turned both of their alarm clocks off already thinking of an excuse for them not showing in class. Grabbing a note she quickly scribbled something before going to the door about to leave for breakfast, but not before throwing once last glance too the cuddling couple and letting out a tiny squeal wishing she had a camera and left.

Back to the present, she zoned out of what was happening in class her mind going over the million questions she would ask Naruto later that day. Unfortunately she had Kabuto-Sensei first and he was not one to allow his students to drift off in class.

"Kaname Seiwa" Kaname was still in her own little world "Kaname Seiwa" he said a little loudly

"Huh" she mumbled looking up to see her silver haired biology teacher standing besides her looking annoyed.

Ignoring her obvious dazed look "we need some texts books from Orochimaru-Sensei and you've just volunteered" the bespectacled man said pushing up in glasses

"Why this is biology, he's a chemistry teacher?" Kabuto narrowed his eyes in annoyance

"I'm aware of that, but if you must know I asked him to order some biology books for me now go" Kaname just sighed taking the pass and left the room.

Whilst she was walking her mind went back to Naruto and Sasuke. Who was on top, well Sasuke most likely but ehh you never know he could like being bottom. How many times did they do it? Was it cute and sweet? Or rough and passionate? All these questions whizzed through her until she came to Orochimaru-Sensei's office.

Knocking a couple of times she heard a faint hiss which sound like "come in" opening the door

"Excuse me but I'm here to pick up the books for Kabuto-Sensei."

"Is that so" Orochimaru semi hissed said, he was sitting behind his desk sheets piled neatly to the side. Getting up "wait here I'll go get them, sit" he motioned to the chair in front of his desk.

Kaname's mind was too distracted to even be bothered by all the jars of animals or other body parts that littered the shelves of his office or even to notice Orochimaru hadn't once glared or tried to piss her off something he had begun to do after her dare on him in the cafeteria.

"Here you are" Kaname looked up to see him bring out about 6 books; they were of okay size making it relatively okay for her to take back to the class all by herself.

She made a motion to take the books from him but Orochimaru placed the books on the table and leant over her chair slightly letting him long black fall over his face making him to appear rather dangerous, a wicked gleam in his snake like yellow eyes.

All thoughts of Naruto and Sasuke fled Kaname's head as yellow eyed neared her, her body tensed as her face went white she was beginning to seriously freak out.

"You know Kaname" Orochimaru purposely hissed her name out "I have been thinking, about what you said in the cafeteria" Kaname's eyes widened remembering "and I think I might accept you confession" he leering, placing his fingers on her chin and making her look at him in the eyes, an amused smirk made itself known on his lips as he enjoyed seeing her fear

"Sir" she squeaked oh God she mentally screamed this cannot be happening I thought he liked guys

"Don't worry about being a student and I'm a teacher" Orochimaru leant down "in fact, it makes it all the more better" he half hissed and moaned.

Kaname immediately freaked shoving him away. She got up and was about to make a run for it only to be pulled back against someone's chest.

"Where are you going?" he whispered seductively in her ear. Kaname started to shake a little not knowing it she was freaked or scarred.

"Get the hell off me you freak!" Kaname struggled to escape from his grip.

"Now, now that's not a nice thing to say. Weren't you the one who said you loved me?" Orochimaru chuckled.

"I wasn't being serious. Pedo!" Kaname managed to push him back but as she ran she tripped on her own feet. Orochimaru took this opportunity to block the door while she was getting up.

"What do you mean you weren't being serious?" Orochimaru growled. Kaname felt her spine shiver by the tone of his voice.

"Exactly what it sounds like." Kaname tried to hide the fear in her voice. "Now move it." She ordered. Orochimaru smirked.

"And what will you do if I don't." Kaname looked around the classroom noticing the window.

"Fine." She mumbled. She turned around walking to the window until someone grabbed her arm and pulled her. She fell right into Orochimaru's arms. Oh my god! What do I do, what do I do? She cried to herself. "Listen let me go or I will sue you for sexual harassment." Orochimaru had never heard the girl sound so serious and sharp before. He smiled evilly and leaned downwards placing a light kiss on her forehead. Kaname froze but then used all her strength and pushed Orochimaru. He stumbled back and Kaname zoomed out of the door.

"SOMEONE HELP! OROCHIMARU'S A PERVERT! OROCHIMARU'S A PERVERT!" Kaname screamed as she ran down the hallway. "HE PEDOING ME!" teachers stuck their heads out their classrooms to see what was happening but only saw a crazy girl screaming down the hallway.

"What the bloody heck that?" Kisame asked hearing something like an animal dying outside in the hall

"How should I know" Itachi said not taking his eyes off his text book.

No one saw the smirk and evil glint in his eye as he sent a short e-mail to his two partners in crime with one word only.


The end


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