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Chapter 1 – The Inside Job

JJ, Emily, and Garcia had collectively decided that since their last girls' night had been cut short because of the case in Alaska, they deserved another one. This time instead of going shopping or out to a bar, they had stayed in at Emily's brownstone apartment. She had cooked them a fabulous dinner and after cleaning up they sat in her living room chatting and drinking wine. Much to the brunette's dismay, the subject of Mick Rawson had been brought up in conversation.

"You still haven't called him?" JJ asked in shock. She figured that after her badgering, Emily would simply give in and call him. But she had miscalculated how stubborn her friend could be.

Emily shook her head. "I've been busy," she answered unconvincingly.

Garcia knew that JJ had hounded their friend about not returning the calls of the handsome Brit the last time that they had gone out. Although she had not been present for the conversation and had not yet met Mick, JJ had her completely caught up on everything. "Why are you so opposed to calling him? He did give you his number for a reason," she laughed.

Emily sighed heavily. "Do we have to talk about this?"

"Yes!" Garcia and JJ replied in unison.

"Well, like I said to you before," she said while gesturing towards JJ, "it isn't worth wasting my time and energy to date him because I know that it's not going to go anywhere."

"You don't know that," JJ reiterated. "I thought the same thing about Will when I first met him because of our jobs and the fact that we lived in different parts of the country. At least you have the added benefit of both living in D.C."

Emily ignored JJ's rationalization completely. "I don't want to deal with a man who thinks that much of himself. I get enough narcissism and alpha males on the job, thank you." Garcia couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh and I almost forgot the most important point. I'm not even attracted to him!" She exclaimed.

"Bullshit," JJ laughed. "We know you Emily so don't lie. He's totally your type; the badge, the accent…"

"The messy hair and dark eyes," Garcia chimed in. Emily looked at her in disbelief and she simply shrugged. "I pulled his file."

"Of course you did," Emily chuckled. She got up off of her sofa and headed into the kitchen. "More wine anyone?" She poured herself another glass because if she had to continue this line of conversation then she would need it.

"No thanks," JJ called out.

"What about you Garcia?"

"No, I'm good. Hey," Garcia began devilishly, "do you still have the messages he left on your machine?"

Emily raced back into the living room. "Why?" She didn't like the mischievous tone of her voice at all and quickly realized that telling JJ that he had called and left messages had been a terrible decision.

"So we can listen to them," she smiled brightly. "And ya know, analyze his every word like girls are supposed to do."

Emily was shaking her head repeatedly for no but JJ was already up out of her seat and heading for her answering machine. The blonde pressed a quick series of buttons and suddenly Mick's British accent was filling the living room.

"'Ello, it's me, Mick, just in case you have more then one handsome Brit calling you at home. We should get together sometime for coffee or dinner. Give me a call when you're free. I haven't stopped thinking about you since I got back from San Francisco."

"Aww, he hasn't stopped thinking about you." Garcia squealed while Emily rolled her eyes.

"There are two more," JJ grinned.

"Play them!" Garcia encouraged.

"'Ello! Me again! I just got back from a case in Minnesota and was wondering if you wanted to grab a bite? Give me a call. Bye."

"Okay, so I'm really enjoying this playing hard to get thing. But I think that you should call me before I start harassing you at work. I'm certainly not above doing that. Just call me back Emily."

"When did he leave the last one?" Garcia asked curiously.

"Two days ago," Emily answered annoyed.

"You should call him back."

Emily scoffed at Garcia's suggestion. "No!" She looked between her two best friends who kept exchanging urgent looks and it took her a moment to realize that they had decided beforehand to ambush her this evening. "You guys planned this," she accused.

"Maybe just a little," JJ admitted with a smile. "But you are calling him…right now."

"JJ," Emily started in a warning tone. "JJ, I swear to God!" She hopped over her couch and leapt at JJ but it was too late. JJ had already called him and he had picked up.

"'Ello. 'Ello?"

"Hey," she responded after cringing. She figured it wouldn't be too polite to hang up now, he most likely had caller ID after all. Emily shot glares towards both blondes who were now quietly snickering together on her couch. Not only had those two managed to get her to talk to him right now but they had gotten her to talk to him on speaker phone. "It's Emily Prentiss."

"Hey, how have you been?"

He sounded really excited to hear from her but she wasn't going to let that affect her right now. "Pretty busy."

"So it seems, since you haven't returned any of my calls."

He laughed melodiously over the phone and JJ and Garcia joined in. Emily wanted to kill her so called friends right now. It was abundantly clear that they loved him. "Sorry about that," she began but he cut her off.

"You're forgiven. So are you calling to ask me out?"

He was so presumptuous and arrogant, and this was exactly why she had refrained from calling him earlier. "No, not exactly."

"You're afraid to go out with me aren't you?"

"Excuse me?" She scoffed.

"You're afraid that if you go out on a few dates with me then you'll actually like me."

Emily laughed loudly, "Trust me, that's the last thing that would happen."

"Oh really?" He laughed. "Want to bet on it?"

JJ and Garcia exchanged smug expressions. They knew that he had her hook, line, and sinker because if there was one thing that Emily Prentiss couldn't resist it was a challenge.

"Absolutely! What are the terms?" She asked quickly.

"We go out on five dates and if you don't want to see me again after that or if we haven't shagged yet then I'll leave you alone."

Emily rolled her eyes at his comment about sex. "Okay, what's in it for you?"

"The pleasure of your company."

She could imagine that that stupid grin of his was plastered on his face right now. "Okay deal."

"Lovely. I'll call you tomorrow to finalize our terms. Have sweet dreams Emily."

"Bye Mick." She pushed the button to disconnect the call a little more forceful then necessary but it got the job done. She turned to Garcia and JJ and huffed, "You guys happy now?"

"Oh yeah," JJ laughed while Garcia nodded vigorously in agreement. They had just gotten their friend five dates with a guy who was perfect for her, of course they were happy.

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