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Chapter 10 – It's Different Now

Emily groaned loudly as she heard what could only be called obnoxious, incessant banging on her door. She had just gotten home so who would be this anxious to talk to her? She pulled open her apartment door and her eyes settled on a wild, dark eyed Mick. He looked absolutely furious.

"So I heard that you almost got yourself killed!" He yelled as he stormed into her home without an invitation.

"I did not," she sighed in frustration. "I knew what I was doing."

"Why are you always the bait, Em?"

"I'm not," she argued.

"Come on, I heard what happened the other year with that case with the pickup artist." His anger had dulled and now he was just distraught.

"Garcia tells you way too much," she commented.

He cracked a small smile and walked towards her so that he could wrap his arms around her waist. "Sorry," he apologized timidly. "I flipped when I heard what you did to catch that guy. You put yourself in a really dangerous position."

"It's my job, yours too," she rationalized.

"I know, I know," he repeated. "But it's different now."

And he was right, things were different now. They were different now. A lot of things had changed in both of their lives. She had had a really tough case in Los Angeles and he had gone through much of the same in St. Louis. JJ had left the BAU for a job at the Pentagon, leaving everyone, especially her, Reid and Garcia, a little lost and Mick was adjusting to a new addition to their team.

They had now been seeing each other for over a month but they were both a lot more serious about each other than the time period would suggest, anytime that they weren't at work then they were with each other and they spilt time pretty much equally between her apartment and his house. Boxer had become attached to Emily and Mick had started leaving some of his belongings around her place.

"It is different now but we still have our jobs and they can be dangerous," she acknowledged his statement but kept a clear, lucid train of thought.

"I just wish that I could look out for you," he whispered.

She pulled away from him and walked to the other side of her kitchen. "If we were on the same team it would be a disaster, that's why fraternization isn't allowed in the Bureau, but we work in different offices so it's not as bad. And I worry about you when you're away on cases too, so just have a little faith in me," she smiled.

"I'm not questioning your capabilities, that's not the issue," he stated as he shook his head. He stepped up to her once again, he hated the distance between them. "I know that you're strong and brilliant and can take care of yourself but you're also a very attractive woman and it unnerves me that you spend most of your time around men that are, to put it simply, violent perverts."

She bit down on her bottom lip anxiously. "Well then I guess that you won't be thrilled that I have to do a custodial interview tomorrow."

He groaned, "At least it will be in a secure prison. Where are you going and is anybody going with you?"

"Red Onion Supermax Prison in Virginia with Reid," she answered.

"If I remember hearing the news correctly, the last time that you and Reid went somewhere alone both of you almost died."

She sighed as she picked up his reference to the Benjamin Cyrus case. "Jesus Mick." She tightly grasped the lapels of his leather jacket and pulled him in for a kiss. "Sometimes you talk too much," she spoke against his lips.

He smiled, kissed her back, and was willingly to accept her change of topic. "I knew that you were just with me for my body."

She hummed pleasantly and slipped her hands under his t-shirt. "It's true, and you're with me for my money," she joked.

"And your bed," he added, "God your bed is comfortable."

She laughed as she pushed his jacket off of his shoulders and he let it fall to the kitchen floor. "My bed is pretty freaking awesome." She grabbed his belt and began to drag him across the kitchen and towards her staircase. She turned around and raised an eyebrow at him when they were halfway to her bedroom. "You are done talking now right?"

He nodded vigorously, "Yes, love."

"Perfect," she grinned.

"What time do you have to leave for your custodial interview tomorrow?" Mick asked as they lay in bed and he lazily stroked her bare arm. He honestly found it difficult to stop touching her. She was lying on her back with the thin bed sheet pulled up to cover her chest while he was on his side with his elbow propped up on the mattress to support his head and the sheet pooled haphazardly around his waist.

"Not until the afternoon. I don't have to go into the office tomorrow until noon," she answered as she worked a hand through her dark, thick hair.

"Who do you have to interview?" He questioned curiously.

"Ronald Cameron."

He nodded, he recognized the name. Ronald Cameron was intelligent, quiet, and well-read. He appeared to be quite timid but he had violently tortured and killed six married couples in Arlington, Virginia eight years ago. He was one of the prison's most infamous prisoners but was known as a model prisoner and his library privileges depended on him acting accordingly. Mick wasn't overly worried about her going with Reid to interview him.

He ran his fingertips along her cheekbones and then down her slender neck as his mind wandered off in a different direction. "Do you remember the topics of conversation that we put on the backburner a little while back?"

She turned her head so that they were facing each other. "Yes," she replied hesitantly.

"I wanna talk about them now, if that's okay…" he trailed off.

"Um, yeah," she nodded. "Just let me get something to eat first, I'm starving. Do you want anything?"

He grinned, "I'll just take a bite of whatever you get."

She impishly rolled her eyes as she got up out of bed. He unashamedly watched her walk around the bedroom naked as she pulled on her panties and grabbed her favourite Yale sweatshirt out of a drawer. She left the room and he sat up in the bed. He ran a hand over his face, and the fresh facial hair, as he took a deep breath.

Before he had time to fully gather his thoughts, Emily reappeared in the room with a homemade sandwich on a plate. She sat back down next to him on the bed and began to talk immediately. "I hate the cases where unsubs hunt their victims because I'm afraid that that's what I'll turn into. I mean, isn't that what we do, every day, hunt these people like animals?"

"Yes, but it's different," he protested.

She nodded, "I know." After all, she had had this conversation with Morgan. "It's just something that really bothers me."

He hadn't been in the BAU as long as she but he had served in the military so he completely understood her fear. "If you ever begin to feel that all the job is to you is the hunt…and I know that will never ever happen…but if it does, then tell me."

She nodded once again and leaned in to kiss him. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear before she began to nibble on it.

"Anytime," he smiled. He kissed her on the mouth again before he pulled away from her and stopped their foreplay. He saw the confused look on her face and explained, "My turn, remember?"

"Sorry," she laughed lightly. She picked up one half of her sandwich and began to eat it while handing the other half to him. "So why don't you act the same way around me as other women?"

He took a bite of the sandwich that she had offered him and slowed nervously. "I act differently around you because I fell for you almost right away. You made me nervous, well you still make me nervous," he chuckled.

Her eyes had widened slightly but she tried not to appear panicked. "What are you trying to say Mick?"

"I'm trying to say that although I've never been in love before I'm pretty sure that I'm in love with you." He took in her facial reaction and body language and he knew that he had taken her off guard. "You don't have to say anything! I just really needed to tell you."

"Umm…" She ran both of her hands through her hair and bit down on her bottom lip. She hopped off the bed and slowly paced the room. All of her nervous habits were coming into play now. "Just give me a minute," she told him breathlessly.

"Uh, yeah, okay," he answered as he watched her anxiously from the bed.

After mere minutes but what felt like hours for the both of them, Emily sat down in front of him on her knees. She placed both of her hands on either side of his face and spoke quietly. "Mick, I'm not in love with you." He tried to lower his head in defeat but her hands kept his gaze firmly locked on hers. "Hey, I'm not done," she chuckled and was pleased to see that she was rewarded with a small smile. "But give me some time and I know that I can fall in love with you."

He sighed in relief. "That's good enough for me," he smiled. "I thought that you were gonna run outta here."

She smiled back and crawled into his lap. She wrapped one arm around his shoulders and pulled on his dog tags with the other. "I wouldn't do that to you," she said before kissing him.

"It's good enough for me…for now," he elaborated.

She nodded in understanding. "I only want to be fair to you."

"I'm willing to give you time," he responded. He pushed her onto her back and hovered above her. "Probably a lot of time," he chuckled huskily.

She placed a hand on the back of his neck and threaded her fingers through his short, dark hair. "I probably won't need a lot of time," she confessed.

"Brilliant," he beamed before he leaned down and kissed her.

Emily was now doing the last thing that she expected when she allowed JJ and Garcia to convince her to take Mick Rawson seriously. She was falling for him and picturing him in her future.

When she had agreed to what she thought was an easy bet, she hadn't imagined a serious relationship coming out of it. But Mick Rawson was full of surprises. She had completely misjudged him when they first met and she was glad that she had given him a chance because he was a man who was attracted to her, understood her job, and was just a really good guy.

He stopped kissing her neck and glanced up at her. "Distracted?"

"Sorry," she laughed. "I let my mind get away from me for a minute."

"Thinking about me when I'm right in front you?" He teased with a mischievous grin while pushing his hips into hers.

She rolled her eyes and stated, "Still so full of yourself."

"Well why wouldn't I be?" He asked smirking. "You practically dragged me up here earlier."

"I'd watch your mouth if I were you," she warned light-heartedly.

He laughed and the vibrations of his chest against her own sent glorious shivers down her body. He kissed her passionately and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. They continued to playfully banter back and forth as they set fire to her bed sheets.

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