Disclaimer:No I don't own this 'cept the scenario and my character

So I wrote this in class, it was a practice quiz for English and this just came, and i thought it really fit with this dud of an idea. Added a few more things to make it a drabble:) 100 words even:D yay lol reviews are extremely welcomed!

Shouldn't Be Here

The man—a crazy—just smiled that glass glow smile of his. He was waiting for me to speak. Scowling, my brow furrowed as I tried to look the other way. Trying to think, gather my thoughts, to ignore this man. Make up a lie, a lie—for gods sakes lie! You shouldn't even be in this shitty place. My eyes, a murky blue, burning—staring at the white wall… Laughing, he broke my thoughts… stomach clenching I, the new crazy here, snuck a glance, to him. Glaring, hissing—hating him, I—so naïve—cheeks blushing I start to speak.