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The sun was high up in the clear skies of Santa Barbara as the people below continue working happily as the day went by. On a warehouse, not far from the police station, was a woman with a green smock resting her head on her hands as she leaned on the counter. Her burgundy curls covered most of her face and as such, the man next to her tried to pull away some of her stray hair. The man was of regular built and bore the same color hair as his sister right beside him. The two of them were waiting impatiently for their newest charge since their day had, as always, been unsurprisingly boring.

Suddenly they heard the unmistakable stomping of feet quickly approaching their station, which could only mean the arrival of their friend. They both saw a younger version of Shawn walking towards them but they were concern seeing the cheerful boy so glum. Wanting to cheer the younger man, the woman shot from her seat and approached him cheerfully.

"Shawn, you're here! I knew you'd come!" She said, happy to see the child she held so dear to her heart another day. Shawn just continued walking toward the chair and promptly slammed his head beside the chess board that was carefully arranged as they left it the last time he came.

"Yeah…" He mumbled, making the two adults worry increase. The woman approached him and placed a warm hand on his shoulders.

"What's wrong sweetie?" She said as she took the backpack of his shoulders. Shawn raised his head to look at the two grownups he was trilled to have met.

"My dad told me I couldn't play with you until I finished with my math homework today…" He announced, sadden that he wasn't going to continue their chess match with the only person who seemed to have an actual chance of beating him. The woman simply smiled and began unpacking the heavy math book.

"Well, we can play after you finish. No problem." At this, Shawn made a face and shook his head.

"I'm not going to do my math homework." He stated strongly and the two siblings just stared before the man began speaking.

"Why not? You could finish it faster if you start now." He asked hopping to see the two of them finish their game. Shawn just opened to the page the teacher had assigned and began gesturing dramatically.

"Well, look at these unsolved problems. Here's a number in mortal combat with another. One of them is going to get subtracted. But why? What will be left of him? If I answered these, it would kill the suspense. It would resolve the conflict and turn intriguing possibilities into boring old facts." Shawn said stubbornly as he saw the two of them blink as they went over what he just said.

"I never really thought about the literary possibilities of math." The man mumbled as he saw the kid smirk.

"I prefer to savor the mystery." Shawn stated. At this, both siblings unspoken decided,

"Well, we better let you continue to decipher the outcome of your mathematical dilemma." The woman said with sadness in her chocolate eyes.

"What if you just do it for me?" Shawn asked somewhat desperately.

"You'd get a good grade without doing any work." The man simply stated.

"So?" Shawn asked innocently.

"It's wrong to get rewards you haven't earned." The man pushed as he saw Shawn shrugged.

"I've never heard of anyone who couldn't live with that." Shawn said. After a few seconds, the woman giggled as she saw the point in the argument.

"Heh, I suppose you're right." She said and was happy to see Shawn's eyes brighten by the statement.

"So you'll do it for me?" Shawn asked hopefully. The two siblings looked at each other and a familiar look passed between them. The woman turned towards the boy and mockingly acted as if she was thinking it over.

"I'll do it if you can solve a riddle." She asked as Shawn noticed the same odd look flashing on her eyes. He decided to ignore the weird vibe and smile, thinking that when he solves the riddle and he shows his homework to his teacher, his dad will surely freak.

"Ok shoot!" Shawn said excitedly. At this, the woman smiled even more and began reciting the ancient words.

"I am darkness and despair. My eyes full of hate and anger. They call me the demon but that's not my name. I am no hero or villain, I am both. I have woken from my slumber and I will spread fear. That is my purpose. I am known by many names. I am the darkness and light. Fear and hope." As she said this, a maniacal look appeared on her face but went unnoticed as Shawn was busy concentrating on the riddle. The man stepped forward and continued on.

"I am a savior and a killer. Fear but at the same time hope. When I do good I'm really doing evil and when I do evil I'm really doing good. I am an angel but at the same time a demon. I'm like two sides of a coin, different but yet the same. I am Ice and I am fire. I am death but also life…" As he said this, he began embracing his sister to try and stop himself from laughing. He couldn't believe that they had just given this brilliant boy the most important clue that the police will need in the near future…

"What are we?" They said in unison as they extended their arms wide and far. They thought they were going to wait a long time but once again, the boy managed to surprise them.

"Oh that's easy! You're Yin and Yang!" Shawn announced smugly at the two, knowing he got the answer right.

The siblings both knew that most people in the department only glanced at this young boy as a future legacy of a great police officer but when said police officer was assigned evidence duty, the two siblings were elated to find said father bringing his son with him. They saw the boy for what he really was. An outcast from the rest. He held a mind so different than the rest that he found himself forming all sorts of chaos and mayhem to act as normal as he could. Yet he was the only one who was capable of maintaining a game of strategy with a mind such as them. And, as they got to know him more, they discovered the training his father was putting him through which went so far as to show him some of the crime scene picture. He was chaos and order. Light and dark. Just like them…

The woman knelt to his eye level and held his shoulders in reverence. He was so much like them…

"Shawn…You're just amazing… My most admirable foe…" She stated awed at their discovery. Shawn just kept smiling before they all heard somebody shout.

"Shaaawn?" At this Shawn lowered his head and began to gather his books. Looks like his father finished early. He turned to see both adults with sad faces.

"I'm guessing you have to go?" The woman asked sadly. Shawn felt bad for leaving them but gave them a sheepish smile in return.

"Yeeeah. But thanks for the offer anyway." He stated as he gathered his backpack. Suddenly the woman ran to her desk and took out a camera.

"Not a problem. Hey, would you mind if we take a picture?" She asked hopeful. She wanted to have a keepsake from this memorable day. Shawn just smiled kindly and nodded in response.

"Sure! Why not? You were about to do my homework!" He stated as he position himself beside the woman. She promptly took the opportunity and smiled excitedly.

"Here! Take our picture!" She said to her brother as she gave him the camera. He positioned himself at the right distance and smiled at the scene.

"Smile!" As he said this, they both smile as wide as they could. Suddenly they heard Henry's voice more insistent.

"Shaaaawn! Where are you?" At this, Shawn sighed and turn towards the two.

"Well, I better go." He stated sadly as he was hugged by the woman.

"It was nice seeing you again Shawn. We're going to be working together again." She said, knowing that to be the truth. Shawn smiled at her as the man patted his head playfully.

"Same here!" Shawn said cheerfully as he started running towards his dad, leaving the two siblings alone in the counter.

"What a remarkable boy…" Yang whispered acknowledging her brother nod in affirmation. Suddenly she felt his hand on her shoulder and she looked at his eager eyes.

"We should continue with our plans." Yin said as he eyed the desk containing an infinite amount of letter cutouts and freshly made letters to the police station. Along side was the Santa Barbara police department blueprint as well as a detailed map of the entire city.

"Of course…" She said eager as much as her brother. But as they sat down, she turned towards the chair Shawn sat on as her mind put together a plan.

"Although, I think I have a brand new twist for them!" She announced cheerfully at her brother as he looked were she was looking. He met her crazed look with evenly crazed ones as he smiled at her next words.

"Are you up for a little competition in about 20 years?"

Meanwhile at the Spencer house…

"Goose, what are you doing under there?" Madeline Spencer asked her son which was now hiding underneath her kitchen sink.

"Well, isn't it obvious? I'm admiring your beautiful cleaning work." Shawn answered innocently but he knew he couldn't fool his mom. Right on cue, she raised a skeptic eyebrow.

"Shawn, I haven't cleaned under here in three weeks." She asked, knowing that something was bothering her son.

"I know. I think something in that moldy corner just winked at me." He stated trying to deflect the conversation as he slowly crawled out from under there. As they both sat on the floor side by side, she nudged his shoulders with hers.

"Come on Goose, what's eating at you?" She asked, knowing that she couldn't make him say anything he didn't want to. She was relieved when she heard him sigh.

"Its dad's lessons." He began explaining and immediately she place a comforting hand around his shoulders hugging him close. She knew about Henry's lessons and she had tried everything to make them stop but nothing she said could persuade Henry out of them. "I just don't see why he makes me do all of his special training! It was fun before but now they're more intense." Shawn continued talking as a sad frown graced his face.

"He just wants you to be successful and happy." She stated weakly knowing that Shawn knew that Henry wanted mostly an heir to his legacy. Shawn turned towards her.

"But mom that's the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria! All I want to do is read comic books and run around in my cape! I want to be able to fantasies about other jobs other than a police detective without being lecture!" He said and she was worried to hear the desperate tone in his voice. She hugged him tightly and felt him tense before relaxing to her.

"Oh Goose…" She whispered in his hair. A couple of minutes passed before she broke the embrace and faced him with a smile.

"Let me give you a little secret." She stated and immediately saw Shawn's interest peek. He never really could resist a secret.

"I am amazed at what you can do. Your mind is so powerful for someone so young and yet you still hold so much imagination and happiness. Your memory and rationalization skills are going to become invaluable to you one day. I'm sure of it." She stated to his blushing face. She could never really understand the fact that her boy seeks out attention like a madman but shies away from someone's praise when they came out of the blue.

"But, if you ever need to escape the real world and go somewhere far away just remember…" At this, she saw that she had his outmost attention and that in itself made it all the clear the need of him to escape.

"Your greatest weapon is your mind. Just close your eyes and visualize yourself there. Remember the sounds. Remember how the wind felt on your skin as you ran. Remember the smells and how things tasted." She explained as she knew this to be true with her son.

"I know that you can create an illusion so powerful, that you could forget all your troubles and open your eyes as they shine brightly at the problems you were trying to face." She wanted him to always look at life and see the good in it. She wanted him to never give into sadness or pain or despair. She saw Shawn smile brightly at her lesson and knew immediately that he would always remember it.

"Thanks mom. I feel better now." He said thankful for her advice as he hugged her once more. At this, the two of them began to stand up and smiled brightly to one another. But Shawn noted her mom's smile was a little mischievous and he mentally gulped.

"Anytime Goose. Now, go get a bucket and a brush. You were right when you said I needed to clean under there." With a grunt of defiance he unwillingly began to gather the utensils. He sometimes had a really big mouth…


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