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As soon as the EMT's arrived at the station, Henry carried Shawn's prone body into the ambulance, never once leaving his side. The others followed behind, trying to contain their happiness. Shawn was finally home, with his friends and family. But that didn't mean that their nightmare is gone. The Shawn that they saw in the rain, the battered, crazed, bloodied frame was only a ghost of the eternally happy man. Now, the real work begins. When they arrived at the hospital, Henry handed Shawn grudgingly to the swarm of nurses and doctors that were waiting for them.

That was 3 hours ago.

Now Henry, Gus, Juliet, Lassiter, the chief and most of the department cluttered the hospital halls waiting anxiously for news on their resident psychic. Suddenly, a man with graying hair and a white lab coat approached the group. His, face weary and tired searched through the crowd trying to find Shawn's father.

"Family of Shawn Spencer?" He asked. Immediately, everyone stood up and walked forward, eager to hear any news. The doctor blinked at the reaction of the group.

"Doctor, how is he?" Henry asked worriedly. The doctor noticed the slight tremor in Henry's voice so he figured he must be the father. He asked for only a couple of them to follow him and began explaining Shawn's condition as they walked.

"Well, the stab wounds thought his upper body shows no sign of infections and we are treating his low blood sugar and fatigue. Physically, he is going to be ok, now psychologically…" Right then they heard something smashed inside a room. They all stared wide eyed when they saw Shawn hurdle up in his bed, clutching his head and rocking back and forth. A nurse was trying her best to calm him and after a few moments, Shawn was calmed again. Through their shock they heard the doctor sigh

"As you can see, Shawn's psyche needs to rebuild itself. He suffered through an incredible ordeal and he will need time before he can return to normal." He started saying and the others saw this to be true.

"It's going to be difficult." He continued "The state of his mind right now is fragile. He is trying to cope as well as he can but his mind seems to be splitting in two separate states." They all knew what he meant. The Shawn they saw arrive at the station is a complete opposite of their eternally happy psychic but after they managed to calmed him down, they somehow managed to bring him back.

"I suggest that he stays with someone while he undergoes therapy." Henry stepped forward at this, not wanting to leave Shawn out of his side.

"He is staying with me." The doctor gave him a small smile seeing how much Henry cared for his son and gave him a slight nod.

"Very well. He should be here for a few more hours before he's stable enough to discharge him. I'll get ready the paperwork." With this, the doctor walked away, leaving the group to watch inside the room through the window. Lassiter hand a comforting hand on Juliet's shoulder as she unknowingly shed more tears. The chief and Gus stared inside the room with sadness in their eyes, knowing that a part of Shawn's innocence was lost forever. Henry just placed a hand on the glass as he watched his son stare at the wall in front of him with an empty gaze. A few silent minutes passed before Juliet's voice broke through.

"He's going to be ok." She started saying "He has us now. We'll help him get through this." They all smiled at the sheer determination in her voice. The chief crossed her hands and looked at Henry.

"Yeah, besides, he's a Spencer. Spencer's are stubborn until the end." This brought a slight bout of smiles from the group but they immediately sobered when they heard another crash inside the room. Henry returned to place his hand on the glass.

"Don't worry son. We'll bring you home."

After a few days, they managed to find a suitable therapist. Shawn refused her mothers help, not wanting to appear even weaker than he has. Weeks went by, and each night brought on a bout of gut wrenching screams that froze their blood each time they heard it. Shawn awoke drenched in sweat, wild eyes searching for something in the dark until someone came in and embraced him.

Days passed before the nightmares became less and less. Where the hollow and crazed looks became a new version of his old mischievous spark. His sense of humor came back, much to the charring of Lassiter and now 'Psych' was back in business.

Back in the re-built mental institution, deep below the ground, they could hear loud crazed screaming. Inside the room, the walls, the ceiling and the floor were padded down. Yangs body was bound by a tick straight jacket. She was slamming her body in the walls as a couple of tears fell from her wild eyes.

"SHAAAAAAWN!" She screamed as she slammed herself at the wall once again. "You can't leave me here! You are MINE forever!" As she said this, she rested her head in the floor.

"You can't escape this!" She screamed "We are bound by our RULES! Once you saw our world, you can't turn your back to it! Come back!" How could he betray her like this? She finally found her Yin. Her perfect match. But he left her. He handed her to those imbeciles. The same who couldn't find her brother and left her with a hole in her heart.
"You are mine and I am yours! Come back to me Yin." She screamed desperately "COME BACK!" At this, her body seemed to loose all energy and seemed to deflate. She fell to her side and began to rock back and forth.
"Come back… you can't leave me here…" She whispered as tears kept falling from her eyes. "Shawn… my Yin… come back…." Her head snapped upwards.


The day was bright and sunny as the natural light embraced the 'Psych' office with a natural glow. As Shawn searched through the office trying to find his jacket he immediately stopped once he heard the familiar voice.

"Yin…" He heard it whispered "You will never get rid of me…" Shawn turned to stare at the figure sitting in his desk. During his therapy, he learned to give his voice a body so it doesn't seemed to be so mysterious. As he stared at it, one would think he was looking in a mirror. Sitting on his chair was a perfect doppelganger of himself. But instead of the usual chipper attitude and juvenile attire, this version was dressed in a well tailored suit with a black dressed shirt and a white tie. His expression was pretentious and pompous. A dark smirk grazed his face making him look fake. His hair was styled, none too differently from the time he acted in that Spanish soap opera but his hair was a darker shade than the usual.

"I will stay by your side 'till you seize to draw breath… " Unfortunately, Shawn knew this to be true. Ever since he created his body, he started seeing him at every crime scene looking at the bodies with excitement and giddiness you only see in a child at a candy store. He learned to ignore his presence but there are times were he saw the bodies with the same fascination as he.

"Go back to her side… You two belong together now…" Shawn closed his eyes as a wave of yearning course through his body. Suddenly, he heard Gus's voice,

"Shawn?" Shawn's Yin snapped his head towards him.

"You can't escape this… Sooner or later, the rules will force you to follow…" He said calmly. "The next time you find a murderer before anyone gets there, you'll feel the blade call to you… the itch you just have to scratch." Shawn opened his eyes and stared at his Yin in earnest. "You will see those who have died by his hands and the universe will ask you for justice." Before Shawn could think of anything else, he felt Gus's hand on his shoulders, snapping him from his Yin's hypnotic gaze.

"We're going to be late." Gus said worriedly as he saw Shawn's body stare at his empty chair. Shawn turned towards him and gave him a big smile.
"You won't be able to ignore that feeling forever. Soon, you will take the dagger that brought you into their world and you
will do the deed. You are the holder of this main truth…" His Yin continued talking, knowing Shawn was listening.

"Right! To the Blueberry!" He said cheerfully as he saw Gus rolled his eyes at his exclamation. As they started walking towards the door he heard it utter,
"…And there is nothing you can do to stop it."
That's were he was wrong. Every time he saw it, it reminded him what he could become. The type of monster his friends and family would tremble at. Be petrified of. The type of creature that lurked beneath his mind, begging to be let go. He saw the dark aura that embraced his suit. The way his eyes shifted from a fake gentle stare to a manic hungry gaze. He will never let himself fall pray to temptation. He may now understand the motives behind Yin and Yang but he would never follow in their footsteps. He stepped into the streets of Santa Barbara walking straight to the blueberry. Because of what he underwent through in the chamber, his senses were sharper than ever. He could see all the colors of the streets more clearly; smell the flowers, the salty air and the sweet smell of ice cream. He could feel the rough cement under his feet and the cool brushes of air that passed through his hair. Shawn smiled at the sun, taking in all the warmth and comfort it provided. He may be stuck with his Yin for the rest of his life but he had his friends and family to help keep it at bay.

The End

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