This is one of my little fantasies... not gonna lie, this is basically written because I think the age difference is hot. Pluys the ward/master relationship... oh god. Reviews if you like it too. ;)

Judge Turpin loved that little hole in the wall... it was perfect. Ever since Johanna had turned fifteen, she'd... blossomed. Some nights, he just couldn't bear the waiting until he could go and spy on her.

He moved the picture aside, and was in awe at what he glimpsed. Not just Johanna in her nightgown, like usual, but she was clad in simply her stockings, garters, pantelets, and her corset. He was hard immediately. She pouted at herself in the mirror, and unlaced her corset, letting her breasts free. Then she fingered her nipples, rolling her head back.

Everything else came off then, and Judge Turpin couldn't believe his luck. Her hands drifted around her newly changed body, and she moaned softly. Her curves were enticing, and he wanted nothing more than to feel her writhing beneath him as he hid himself in her hot, wet, tight opening. She moaned softly as she sat on the edge of her bed and began to touch herself at precisely the place Judge Turpin wanted, only taking a few moments before she came, crumpling in pleasure and moaning loudly.

"You will be mine," he vowed.

At that moment, Johanna heard a whisper, and then footsteps outside her door. She quickly covered herself, but then put two and two together quite easily. She'd noticed the hole in the wall, obviously, and had wondered for its purpose. Now it was clear.

Hmm, she thought idly. That explains things. She'd noticed when he bought her a nightgown that was clearly too small- both too short, and it did not accommodate well for her new breasts, which spilled out over the top. When she did not wear it, he complained- but when she did, he raked his eyes over her womanly form for the entire meal of breakfast.

She felt a thrill, knowing what her master had seen.

Well, she thought. Best have some fun with this.

Johanna spent the next morning rather the same way as she always did, and the next afternoon. At nighttime, however, she made sure she waited until she heard the footsteps outside the door before she began to entertain herself. Imagining the taboo nature of his attraction to her only made her wet. The thought of it was so naughty and wrong that it was all she wanted.

She positioned a chair quite close to the hole in the wall, and once she knew he was outside, she began to rub her hot core against the arm, wanting relief from the burning more than anything. It only helped a little- she needed something far stronger than what she could give herself. Knowing he was watching made her frantic, mad with desire.

Once she heard him retreat, she followed quietly, and did some spying herself. As quietly as she could, Johanna crept up to his keyhole and peered inside. Her master was touching a large protrusion between his legs, rubbing his hand against it. He was murmuring her name, and what sounded like instructions for what he wanted her to do to him, but she couldn't hear what they were.

Johanna formed a plan, but decided to have some fun first.

She put the risque nightgown back on, and then knocked on his door, noting he was finished and had fastened his pants again.

"I came in to say goodnight," she said when he let her inside. She noticed he didn't even look at her face, for his eyes were on her breasts. She pulled the nightgown down even more while he was looking, so her cleavage was even more exposed. Johanna giggled. He was sitting in a chair, so she leaned down, bending from the waist, to be at his level. Of course, her dress gaped open.

She felt a thrill run through her body and stop between her legs, causing a rush of desire and moisture to settle there. She leaned forward a bit more and subtley pushed her breasts up more with a move from her arms. He gasped, and she knew her nipples were exposed.

She giggled again. "You're right. I don't wear this enough," she said. "I think I'll wear nothing else from now on. Wouldn't you say?"

"Nothing," he muttered, his eyes still on her nipples. "Wear nothing..."

"Nothing?" she asked playfully. "If I wore nothing, surely that would be naughty. Don't you think?"

Then, she bid him goodnight and left.

Playing is fun, she thought, but I think I'll put him out of his misery... anyway, I want him too... it's so dirty, the thought of he and I... still, I think I will give myself over.

Her plan went into action the next night. She undressed early, and he did not follow, for once. She slipped a robe on, and knocked on his door.

"Sir?" she asked politely. "May I come in?"

He grumbled something, and then let her in. She smiled at him, and he looked her over, obviously disappointed at her outfit choice.

"I was wondering if I could have some help," she asked innocently. "See, I think one of the ribbons in my corset is tied too tightly- I can't seem to get it off. I need your help."

Then she slipped off the robe, and was standing there in her white, skimpy underthings. His eyes almost popped out of his head. Johanna turned around, letting him see the back of her corset.

He reached his hands around to her front, though, cupping her breasts. She moaned, closing her eyes- yes, this was what she wanted. It was so wrong, so forbidden, that her core throbbed at the thought of it. He pressed her to him, feeling her curves, and touching.

"You don't know how long I've wanted you," he said, his low voice hoarse.

"I think I do," she whispered. "You've been spying on me," she chided. She looked up at him.

He looked surprised. "You knew?"

Johanna smiled.

"Then why didn't you try to stop me?"

She twisted herself close to him, putting his hands back on her breasts. "I wanted you to see."

He grabbed her then, crushing his mouth to hers and silencing her. She moaned as their tongues touched, as their carnal instincts were finally realized.

"Take me," she whispered. "I'm all yours- I'm your slave."

"Take my virginity, master," she continued in his ear, panting. "It's yours. I'm for you."

He was harder than he'd ever been, hearing her say that. He pushed her to the bed roughly, and her corset untied easily. She gave a wicked smile. He bit her nipples, causing her to cry out, and he loved the sight of her girlish breasts, her skin just fifteen years old. As he had fun with her bosom, she couldn't contain her need. She found where his knee was, propping himself up over her, and began thrusting herself into it, needing all the relief it brought.

"No, you don't," he said, finding her knees with his hands and holding them apart. "You'll cum when I say so," he ordered. "Is that understood?"

"Yes sir," she answered, her heartbeat seeming to come from the little nub in her folds, her desperation making her crazy. She was loving every minute of this.

He tore away the rest of their clothes, and she saw his sheer size once more. She moaned at the sight, and then he was inside her.

She'd heard it would hurt, but she was so aroused that it didn't. As he thrust himself back and forth, she felt stretched from the inside out, felt him rubbing against all the sweet spots inside of her.

"You are so tight," he whispered, panting. "Good girl. You are a good girl, giving yourself to me..."

She tightened her muscles around him, loving that he cried out when she did. Then she moved her hips with him, as he went in and out.. in and out... She tried to hold him in as long as she could.

"Oh... master," she moaned, unable to help herself as her pleasure mounted. "Oh... I need this... Oh! Oh, sweet... my God, sir... take me... my GOD! Oh! Oh! OH!" she screamed as she came, shaking from the pleasure of it.

But she wasn't done. She came twice more before he was finished. When he did, she felt herself fill with something hot.

And then she was empty.

"Thank you," she whispered, panting. "Thank you for doing that for me. I needed it."

"You will report here every night," he said simply. "Ten o'clock. I will expect you in either your nightgown or nothing. You are not allowed to miss a day. Is that clear?"

Her insides thrilled at the thought of it, how he bossed her like that. She was fifteen... he was...

"How old are you, sir?" she asked.

"Fifty-seven," he answered.

"I'm your little girl," she responded. "Here for your service."

"As it should be," he finished.

I might make this a series...