This is getting smuttier! And yet I don't care...

After Johanna fell asleep, the judge turned to Marguerite.

"Now, sweetheart," he said to her, unlacing his pants. "Earn the other half of your pay."

He fucked her deliciously, and then left the room. Marguerite had fallen asleep. Normally if a whore had fallen asleep in his bed, he would have whipped her and told her to get out, but Marguerite was a regular and he extended her a little more courtesy.

Plus he knew that, once she woke, she and Johanna would probably have some more fun again, which was always nice to think about.

But, truth be told, the judge was getting tired of Johanna. Yes, she was beautiful and all that, but he was tired of her. He needed a break. He wanted something different for awhile.

"This is your bell," he said to Johanna one day. "I will call you with it when you are to report to my room. Otherwise, do not bother me."

"Yes sir," Johanna said, tearful. The judge had just told her they would be putting a stop to their play. She could not bear the thought of going for even a day without his cock. "Please..."

"Shut up," he said, and slapped her. "You are getting too bold. You are to speak when spoken to, and that is all. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," she said, ducking her head.

"And if I hear of you with anyone else," he said, growling. "Man or woman, including any of the servant girls, you will be turned out onto the street like the whore you are. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," she said.


He turned and left her then, and she crumpled to the ground, sobbing.

The Judge called a servant girl into his room then, a fourteen-year-old virgin, to play with. She was not as beautiful as Johanna, and her breasts were much smaller, but she was a virgin and blushed furiously when he ordered her to strip.

"Sir," the girl said, shaking. "You asked me to bring you your tea-"

"I said strip," he ordered. The girl complied, and the afternoon grew much brighter.

She did not like it, but that was what made it fun for him. He was back in his position of power. He missed the virgin Johanna, the one who protested, but gasped when he licked her because she needed him... now she was just a slut.

This girl filled that void for him. He gently suckled on one of her nipples, and drew a tiny gasp from her, which she tried to fight back from.

"Just trust me," he murmurred. "Oh, this is so nice... I am so lonely, you are helping me so much..." He lied, but he knew those were things young girls liked to hear.

He pushed her against the wall, holding her hands above her head, and touched her between her legs, watching as he rubbed her clit and she turned gradually from the tiny virgin to a moaning, desirous object, like they all did. He bore her down onto the soft carpet and took her virginity.

"Oh, yes," he said as he thrust into her tight opening. "Oh, good girl, oh God this feels good..."

He spent his next few weeks thus. He did call on Johanna almost every morning, because he liked to see her tremble.

He would greet her naked and hard, and she would stare at his cock, and go onto her knees and begin to beg.

"Please sir," she would plead. "Please, my cunt hurts without you-"

"Suck me," he would order every morning, not listening to her whines. She would, of course, and she enjoyed it, but it was not the same as having him fuck her.

"You were beginning to think we were partners," he told her one day after he came in her mouth. "Not so. You are here for my pleasure."

He went back to his old life. Johanna's mouth in the morning, work, a whore a lunch time, a new girl at night in his bed... life was good. The only time he paid Johanna attention was on his birthday, where he threw a party for himself. He invited thirty girls, either whores or loose girls, all under the age of seventeen, and had them all play naked in his bedroom.

He watched them touch each other and eat each other out, and all play together, tickling and slapping... all those breasts and cunts and girly moans...

Johanna was invited for a few minutes and told to keep her clothes on. She sobbed when she left, hurt very deeply.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she begged him.

"Because I can," he said.

He went back to the party, where the girls were fighting over him.

He settled the argument by getting most of the girls to lay on the floor in a chain and lick and spank each other, and picked his three favorites and took them to his bed.

One night he awoke to a knock on his bedroom door. He always slept alone, dismissing his bedmates before he fell asleep. He walked over to the door, and found a naked Johanna on her knees.

"Oh, dear, God," he said, rolling his eyes. "What is it you want?"

"Please sir," she begged, her face tearstained. "How much trouble would it be for you to fuck me once? Just one more time? I know you can, you are always hard... I promise I will make it worth it for you. I need this-"

"Can't you just touch yourself and be happy with that?"

"I have. I stole a cucumber from the kitchens, but it's not good enough. Please-"

"Shut up," he said, and dragged her to stand up by her hair. He wrenched her to the bed and took out several belts. He tied her up, wrists and legs spread wide, one limb on each of the bedposts. He put a collar around her neck and hooked it to the bedframe as well. "Tied up like a dog, you whore..."

"Sir," she said, trembling and dripping now.

He put himself in her and began to fuck her roughly, in a way that gave him the most pleasure. She moaned and he clapped his hand over her mouth.

"Shut up," he ordered and continued to fuck her. She trembled.

After a few minutes, she could not contain herself.

"Please sir, may I come?" she begged.

"Not yet," he said.

She trembled with the self-control and started to scream.

"Please sir! Let me come! Let me come-"

"You may come, slave," he said, and she did, screaming and bucking and straining against her bindings.

He unhooked her and dismissed her, still bored.

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