Summary: They where ignored by there family for their sister, the GWL. They both wished to become bright, to become seen, to become stars. And so they did. But when they return to earth what will there family say, considering they are the real Children Who Lived.

Pairings: Harry/?, OC/OC, RW/HG, RL/SB

Warnings: Slash, slash, and more slash? Yup, also cursing. I think that's it for now.

"…" English (when in ancient greek times)

"…." English for first half, greek for the last half.


"Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are!" A childish voice giggled, running around his back yard. Another voice picked up where he left off.

"Like a diamond in the sky!" The other voice giggled. The two boys looked at each other and then fell down in fits of giggles. They both looked up at the sky. "Wouldn't it be woooonderful to be a star, Harry?" One of the boys asked his brother, a brother that looked identical to him.

"Ah huh! It would, Matty!" Harry told his brother. Both boys had black messy hair an bright green eyes. They also had matching lightning bolt scars.

The scars.

The scars where from when a dark wizard named Voldemort came to kill there family. That night there mom took both of them and there sister (their triplet, even if they don't state so anymore) Leona, or Leo for short, and hid them up stairs. The dark wizard had forced there father into unconsciousness and came up stairs for one of them.

His mother had put them in their crib and stood in front of it, begging for the mad man to kill her instead and to not kill them. Never her children. But he just told her to stand a side but she didn't. He stunned her quickly and went after the children. He went after the twins first, seeing as he couldn't tell them apart, but when he tried to kill them his power back fired on him and left him as a simple spirit. When that happened a piece of rubble from the side of the room had hit Leona and made a heart shaped scar on her cheek.

Harry James Potter and Matthew Sirius Potter where the true children who lived, but their sister Leona Rose Potter was hailed as the girl who lived and Harry and Matty Potter where left behind, ignored and treated as if they where nothing but garbage on the bottom of their parents shoes. If they didn't have each other they would have gone mad. But they did have each other. And they where happy, they had two people that loved them, the Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus. They would always get presents from them, but never from there parents.

They both loved to read because of this. They didn't usually have anything to do, other then read. They where smart for 5 year olds.

Harry grinned at Matty, who just smiled in return. "You know what Matty, I wish we were stars, then we could shine, shine, shine! And everyone would look at us and see us and think how beautiful we are!"

Matty giggled at his brother. "How silly, well, I wish we could be stars too! It would be really nice being surrounded by other stars, maybe we would have a real family then!" Harry agreed, looking up into the sky once more.

"Yeah, that would be wonderful!"

"The poor dears, so un loved…" A lady sighed.

"Do you think we should grant their wish, sister?" A girlish voice asked.

"I think it would be in their best interest, yes…" Another female voice sighed. "They are our champions at this point in time. They could get some training in and then return to earth at the right time…"

"I agree!" The youngish girl voice chirped.

"As do I…" The last lady agreed.

"Then it is agreed, they shall go back and time and then become the stars they are meant to be…" The lady looked down at the image of the two twins. "You have the blessings of the fates…"

Harry looked over to Matty and then to the sky where storm clouds where gathering up. He looked at it confused, hadn't the sky just been clear. He could of sworn that it was. He turned to look at his brother.

"Matty, do you…"

"What is happening? No, I don't…" He said, clinging to his brother. Harry clung right back. There was a flash of lightening and then, black.

"Ah its hatching!" A women's voice said, happily. She looked at the egg in front of her. Her egg, the egg with her children. She looked at it, tight lipped. They where the children borne or herself, Leda, and of that beautiful swan. "Ómorfi kýknos (1) …" She murmured to herself, looking at the egg, that was begging to break. She smiled at it gently.

These were her child, her beautiful child. The cracking finally stopped as her looked into the egg. There in the egg where two male children, both with black hair the color of the night sky with bright green eyes. They also had a strange mark on their forehead which looked like a lightning bolt. She looked at them, and they looked back at her. She picked the two children up.

"My sons, Pollux and Castor…" She smiled as she picked them up, prepared to take them to her husband Tyndareus.

Pollux grinned at his brother. Castor just rolled his eyes at him. They both looked to be around 16 years old at this point of time. They had had many adventures and had a wonderful life so far. Pollux looked at his brother, before talking to his brother in the language they spoke that no one else understood. (And Pollux knew it was because the language had not been created yet).

"Matty, do you like our life now?" Pollux asked his brother. Castor just looked at his brother, before putting a piece of his shoulder length black hair behind his ear. He looked at his olive toned skin, before looking back up at his brother.

"Yes, I do. It is better then our last life Harry…" He gave a sigh. Pollux looked up at the sky.

"We have made many new friends gone on so many adventures. Life is good don't you think?" Castor nodded.

He looked away, yes life was good.

"Come on Pollux, we should go or Master is going to skin us alive!" Castor told his brother.

"Nai, nai, adelfé ... (2)" Pollux sighed, taking his brothers hand as they trudged there way back to their master healer.

"CASTOR! Castor, no, adelfé! Castor no!" Pollux screamed over his brothers body. His brother was not dead, yet. But even with all his healing knowledge he would not be able to save him. They where 19, when they found the love of there lives. A pair a beautiful sisters. But they where already betrothed, so the idiots that they where they decided to duel to get them. But in their fight with Idas and Lynceus, Castor got hit with a fatal blow from Idas. They had beaten them but Castor was dying.

"Castor don't leave me, don't!" Pollux screamed, tears streaming down his face. "Please don't I need you…"

"P-Pollux… N-No, Harry, l-l-look at me…" Castor said, weakly putting his hand on his brothers face. "D-Don't be s-sad… p-please f-f-for me?" Pollux just smiled at his brother.

"I'll try…" Castor smiled.

"T-Thank you…" He coughed, bits of blood mixed in with spit. Pollux just continued to sob, and then Castor was still.

"No, no, no, no, noooo!"

"Why wont I die. Why, why, I just want to be with him, why!" Pollux yelled. He held in his hand a blooded knife. His hand was covered in his blood, his arm was covered his blood, and so was his face. "I hate this, I hate being immortal. Why must I be the one that never dies. Castor deserves it more. Why!" He screamed as he dropped the knife. He thought that nothing could get him here in this time period, he and his brother finally had a family that loved them. But then, then goes and dies and he himself just wont die!

"I wish I could be with him. We didn't even get out wish! Was it for naught Matty?" He asked. He continued to sob.

"Your dedication to your brother is admirable, and so is your willingness to be with him…" A voice said behind him. Pollux turned his tear and blood smeared face to look and see who it was. When he saw he gasped aloud. Standing in front of him was a god and not just any god it was the Chief God himself, Zeus.

"Yeah, but so what? He is gone and I am still here, still alive. It isn't fair?" He said looking down. Zeus looked at him, before shaking his head.

"You may see him again on one condition…"

"Anything to see Castor again, anything!" He said desperately. Zeus smiled at him.

"So be it."

And that was the night Castor and Pollux, also known as Harry and Matthew Potter, became the Gemini stars.

Well, this is another new story. Now I just have to finish the next chapter up. Its almost done so look forward to it!

On another note, most of the chapter is writen from the myth but I left some stuff out (I couldnt think of how to write it out) but I would be willing to write one shots of some of there adventures~

Next Chapter: Pollux and Castor meet Sirius and we see what happens to the Potter family!

(1)Ómorfi kýknos- Beautiful egg

(2) adelfé- Brother, Pollux (Harry) calls Castor (Matty) this affectionately.