Summary: They where ignored by there family for their sister, the GWL. They both wished to become bright, to become seen, to become stars. And so they did. But when they return to earth what will their family say, considering they are the real Children Who Lived.

Pairings: Harry/?, OC/OC, RW/HG, RL/SB

Warnings: Slash, slash, and more slash? Yup, also cursing. I think that's it for now.

"….." English

"blah…." Greek

Luminescence Chapter one

Sirius Black was not a happy camper. Oh no, not when his god sons where still missing after 11 years, or when said god sons parents don't even care. He growled slightly. He didn't even know what day they had disappeared, because their parents forgot about them. He had come one over one day in spring to check up on them and when he had asked Lily and James where they were they had look at him confused for a second before saying they hadn't seen them in a while. He had blown up at his friend and his wife yelling at them because they only cared about there daughter and not there sons.

He sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He had vowed to himself that if he ever found them he was going to get custody over them with Remus. He would not put them back in a household with people that did not care for them.

Sitting up from his bed, he heard a crash.

"Ouch! Pollux, careful!" A voice reprimanded.

"Sorry, Castor!" The other person said sheepishly. Sirius picked up his wand and started edging to his door. He went through, going through the hallways silently. When he came to a turn he looked around it and what he saw made him take a step back. There, in his sitting room was 2 identical twin teens, which looked like James. Except that they had the tips of their shoulder length black hair white.

"Do you think Sirius will remember us, Pollux? It has been a while…" The one called 'Castor' said. The one called 'Pollux' moved closer to his brother.

"Adelfé, it has only been 11 years for him but thousands for us. If we still remember him, then its guaranteed that he still remembers us!"

"H-Harry, Matty?" Sirius said, finally risking going into the room. Of course, both boys where in togas but they did look like the Potter twins.

"Padfoot!" They both said, enveloping him in a hug. "We missed you!"

"So it is you!" He grinned. "Boy, you guys look different and… is that a toga you guys are wearing?" He asked confused. They just grinned at each other.

"Think we should tell him?"

"Go ahead!"

"Uhm, yeah. It what we were wearing when we died… uh…" Castor tried to say. Pollux hit his brother's shoulder.

"D-Died?" Sirius asked, oh boy he felt faint! "How?"

"Battling for our women against our cousins!" Pollux piped up. "But it kinda' failed seeing as Castor died and I tried to off myself if it wasn't for Father…"


"He means Zeus…" Castor sighed, rolling his eyes. "Apparently according to legend we have two different fathers. But we all know who our real father is…"

"CASTOR!" Castor just grinned cheekily at his brother.

"So, uhm, why do you call each other Pollux and Castor?"

"Oh! Those where the names Mitéra gave us! We really love her!" Castor grinned. Pollux just frowned at him.

"How is it when we died you gone back to being childish?"

"Maybe its because we look 16 again and this was how I was at 16?"

"Of course, because when you died at 19 you were soooo much more mature!"

"Of course I was!"

Pollux glared, Castor grinned. And Sirius looked confused.

"Er…?" Sirius tried to say. The twins turned to him and gave a lopsided smile each.

"Sorry Siri!" Castor piped up. Sirius just shook his head at them.

"I think I should go fire call Remus…"

He walked out of the room, leaving two grinning twin stars.

The house was silent for once, maybe that should have tipped her off. The house was always loud, filled with the laughter of her daughter and husband. Filled with happiness. The last time the house was like this it was the week after they left. The house was eerily quiet then, like it was grieving for the lost of the thrice-damned children.

Lily Potter snorted; those good for nothing brats. Truth be told she was glad they were gone. They were always trying to take attention off of their sister. She knew they were jealous. She gave a sigh as she made her way into the kitchen and made her self a nice cup of coffee.

Potter Castle was sentient. There was no other way to describe it. But if the house was silent once more does it mean that the children were back or, dare she hope for it, dead? She snorted into he cup one more time before looking up.

Her daughter Leo walked into the room rubbing her eyes, still in her Gryffindor red pajamas.

"Good morning mum…" She grumbled, sitting down. "Do you know if anything is wrong with the castle? I keep tripping…"

She then started whining about everything that had happened. Lily smiled at her daughter and started to fuss over her, trying to smooth her auburn locks of hair.

Lily looked up once more. She couldn't help but get the feeling that something was going to happen soon.