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Saturday Evening…

Clare, Alli, and Drew walked into the doors of the Degrassi gym. The entire place was packed with people. Volunteers were still setting stations up; there must have been about 8 Rock Band systems in all. The gym looked magnificent, decorated in an elaborate music theme. They had posters of bands including Dead Hand, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, The Used, Linkin Park, Yellowcard and many more. It was hard to maneuver anywhere, considering there were people occupying every inch of the gym. Only 100 were here for the contest, so the others were probably there to spectate.

Alli and Drew walked off together, leaving Clare to defend herself from the crowd. The contest should be starting in a few minutes. Clare made her way to the refreshment stand. She asked the kid working it for a soda and a bag of chips. He turned around to grab her items.

"Oh lala, somebody went shopping for this occasion." Clare rolled her eyes and turned to look at her English partner admiring her. He greeted her with a smile.

"Yah know, I never get a greeting from you anymore," she says digging into her purse for some bills. Eli laughed and held his arms up, as if to receive a hug.

"Hey Blue Eyes!" Clare grabbed $2 from her purse and handed it to the cashier. He gave her the soda and chips. She opened her snack and began munching, completely ignoring Eli and his waiting embrace. Not that she was upset, but because she just loved to mess with him! A few more seconds went by before Eli chimed in.

"Earth to Clare, when someone offers a hug, a decent human being usually returns the favor." Clare smirked and glanced at her awaiting friend, her blue eyes amused and beautiful.

"And who said I'm a decent human being?"

"I guess the cross and purity ring are for decoration purposes only."

"No, they're actually from my therapist. He says the Rembrandts of Jesus should repel annoying creeps who are full of themselves. Seems like I should get a new shrink."

"I don't see why. Looks like they attract smart good looking guys as well!"

"They do? Never noticed…"

"Ouch Edwards…have a heart." Clare chuckled and took another bite of chips. Sav made an announcement at the mic.

"The contest is about to begin! There is a list at each station. Contestants find your name on a list and stay there for further instruction. Four groups should have 12 and the other four should have 13. There will be someone at each set up to monitor the stats. The winners from each station will be split in two groups of 4, and they will battle against each other. The top two people from each group will have a final show down right here on stage for everyone to see! Afterwards, the champion will be crowned! Good Luck to everyone!"

The crowd started to move rapidly, like a swarm of bees searching for their respected nests. Clare stuffed her soda in her purse, getting ready to brave the huge sea of people.

"You want me to help you to your station?" Eli offered, eyeing the menacing crowd.

"Aw, such a gentleman." Clare smirked. "Thanks, but I think I can make it on my own."

"Well I try, and ok. But try not to get trampled. We still have a paper due on Tuesday and I'd be pissed if I only got half credit!" She slapped him on the arm and laughed.

"So I get trampled and the only thing you care about is our paper? Thanks a lot Eli."

"Well that, and I'd never get to see you again." He stepped a bit closer to her, noticing how she tensed up at his closeness. This made him grin with satisfaction.

"Cute," she mumbled, trying to maintain her composure. "I think we better get going. Good Luck?" She offered a second time to the prideful boy in front of her.

Eli smiled. "Thanks. You too." Clare smiled and began to walk away, only to be stopped by Eli grabbing her wrist softly. She looked back at him. "What about my hug?" He asked innocently. Clare rolls her eyes and smirks as Eli pulls her into a gentle embrace. She melts into his chest while he becomes intoxicated by the smell of her auburn curls. Vanilla shampoo was the best! Clare linked her hands around his waist and pulled him slightly closer, enjoying the feeling of him against her. Eli noticed and grinned against her hair, caressing the girl he cared about more than anything in the world in his arms.

"One minute," Save announced. Clare reluctantly pulls away. Eli frowns, but quickly replaces it with a smirk before Clare notices.

"See you in the finals Edwards?"

"You bet your cute butt I'll be there." Eli laughed.

"Can't wait!" Clare smiled and walked away, leaving Eli to admire her own cute butt before walking in the opposite direction.

The competition was fierce. It seemed liked many of these kids have been playing Rock Band ever since they were in diapers. Talent arose from every station, resonating across the gym, and resembling a Beatles Concert in Carnegie Hall.

Clare was intimidated at first, but soon realized her own talents, maxing out the points in every round she played. It seemed like she was a natural at this game. Between games she would sneak glances at Eli who was settled on the other side of the gym.

Eli reflected on his victories. It wasn't hard to believe that he was winning all of his games. The yoda of the guitar achieved ridiculous scores, earning the jealousy of almost every person around him. Of course he enjoyed the negative attention. It was pertinent to get inside of his rivals heads. They, however, were never allowed in his. But a certain sophomore resided in the back of his mind the whole night.

It was about 8pm when the first rounds of games were finally over. Everyone was exhausted and eager to figure out who the final 8 were. Sav approached the mic…

"Wow, I've never been more impressed in my life! That was awesome you guys!" A roar of cheers erupted from the audience. "Unfortunately we can only choose eight of you to move on. Come to the front if your name is called. Congratulations to…"

The crowd grows silent, "Elijah Goldsworthy, Adrian Jenkins, Adam Torres, Mark Fitzgerald, Michael Frasier, Bianca DeSousa, Munro Chambers, and Clare Edwards!" Clare squeals with delight and pushes her way through the groaning crowd to the front. It takes awhile but she finally emerges through the last row of students, meeting up with Adam.

"No way, Clare how come you didn't tell anyone you were good at Rock Band? We could have jammed over Eli's!" He gave her a congratulatory high five.

"Well if I had told you, you would have practiced even harder to beat me! Why didn't you tell us you were signing up?"

"Are you kidding? If I would have spoken one word to Eli about this contest it would drastically lowered my chances of winning. That kid is too good." Clare rolled her eyes. They chatted for a bit while the stations were being set up for the second round.

"Well, well, well if it isn't my good friend Adam." Her face lit up at the sound of his voice.

"Hey dude!" They greeted each other with immense smiles and hand gestures. They're creepy guy code was interesting. Eli congratulated Adam and they talked for a bit. Their conversation began with the competition and traveled to the latest horror film released they were planning to see tomorrow. They had completely forgotten about Clare standing next to them. She cleared her throat to attract their attention.

They both grinned apologetically, "Sorry Clare," they said in unison.

"It's alright fellas. You can make it up to me later." She smiled deviously.

"What did you have in mind Edwards?" Eli asked, raising an interested eyebrow. Clare began to reply with a snarky remark, but caught sight of the ungodly duo approaching the three of them. She grimaced as Fitz and Bianca stopped in front of Eli, trouble written all over their faces.

"Well if it isn't Dr. Doom and his minions," Bianca greeted. Fitz snickered and eyed the three of us menacingly.

"What are you losers doing here?" he added.

Clare noticed how tense Eli had become in the mist of their presence. She softly grabbed his forearm for support. Both their eyes flickered to each other for a quick second, before returning to the pair in front of them.

"Listen," Eli began, "we don't want any trouble. Why don't you guys go bother somebody else for the time being?" Clare was glad that he didn't pick a fight this time. Maybe they would leave them alone.

"Yeah, like the monkey who banged your mom and got her pregnant," Adam quipped. Damn it Adam! Anger surged through Fitz's face and he shoved Adam on the ground.

"What did you say freak?" He hissed. He raised a fist, ready to strike.

"Stop!" Clare yelled, grabbing Fitz's fist. She pushed him back next to Bianca. Adam stood up quickly and advanced towards Fitz, but Clare placed a hand on his chest, forcing him to stop.

"Why can't this stupid feud just end? Both parties are acting like a bunch of dumb animals!" She looked back and forth to both groups and continued. "Our lives would be better off if we just left each other alone."

"Say that to the tranny over there," Bianca spit harshly. Adam's anger returned once again, but Clare stole it from him. Eyebrows creasing in rage, she let the anger overcome her as she faced the girl steps away.

"Listen Bianca, if you want to be a slut, that's your business. If you want to make your life a living hell, leave us out of it. And if you don't want any problems, I suggest you leave Adam alone and stop being such a bit-"

"Itching to get back on those instruments?" Sav returned to the mic. "The stations are set up. Just find the one with your name on the list and wait for further instructions. You have one minute." Clare turned on her heels and stormed away towards a station. Eli and Adam followed slowly, sheer disbelief plastered across their faces. Had Saint Clare just called Bianca a….no way. Wait, she did!

"Clare," Adam exclaimed. "That was awesoooooome!"

The gym was still crowded even though it was about 8:30pm now. Everyone wanted to see who the ultimate winner was. The loud sea of people quickly lowered to a soft whisper when the last two stations begin playing. Clare (Lead Guitar), Bianca (Mic), Adam (Drums), and this boy named Munro (Back-Up Guitar) were at one station. Eli (Drums), Fitz (Mic), and these two kids named Adrian (Lead Guitar) and Michael (Back-Up Guitar) were at the other.

Clare's group had to play "Forever" by Papa Roach. This was great because she had practiced this song millions of times before. It was just a matter of doing better than everybody else, and she was sure she could handle it. Ignoring the death glares she got from Bianca, Clare focused on the screen in front of her.

Eli's group was playing "The Good Life" by Amber Pacific. Of course, it was no problem for him. But Fitzy boy struggled on the mic. Not only was he going to win this contest, but he also had the pleasure of witnessing Fitz making a fool out of himself. Gosh this has to be one of the best days of his life!

Soon, both groups were finished. It didn't take long at all for the winners to be announced. Sav approached the mic. "Ok ladies and gents, that was an awesome round! There is definitely some great talent here at Degrassi!" The crowd roared with applause. "Now, the finalists are…Clare Edwards, Munro Chambers, Elijah Goldsworthy and Adrian Jenkins! Congratulations! Make your way to the stage."

For a second time that night, Clare squealed with delight. She comforted Adam with a hug, who was practically about to cry. Next, she ran on stage with the other guy from her group. Eli met her there, and gave her a congratulatory hug.

"I gotta hand it to you Blue Eyes, I didn't think you would make it this far." She grinned with delight.

"Don't try to play nice with me now. We'll see who's better after this round is over." Eli raised his eyebrows and snickered at her competitiveness.

"Ouch, cocky much? I like it Edwards." He smirked from ear to ear.

"You won't like it after I whip you in a moment." She said teasingly. His eyes glossed over with excitement.

"On the contrary Clare, I would love for you to whip me. As hard as you can…" His mock teasing made her shiver. Pink slowly rose on her cheeks. Sav approached the group of four on stage.

"Hey guys!" He slapped Eli a high five and gave Clare a hug. He nodded in acknowledgement to the other two guys. "We just got finished setting up the last station on stage. You're going to be using the projector at the back of the gym." He gestured towards the white screen protruding from the ceiling. "So here is how it's gonna work. There are going to be two rounds. After the first one everyone is going to switch instruments. Whoever has the best combined score of both instruments at the end of the second round, wins the contest. You got that?" Everyone nodded in understanding. Sav wished everyone luck and proceeded to informing the audience of what was going on.

"So, good luck?" Eli offered. He held out his hand. Clare took it and smiled up at him. He returned the favor.

"Thanks. You too." He nodded and they walked over to the station. For the first round, Eli was assigned the mic, Clare had lead guitar, Munro had drums and Adrian had back-up guitar. The crowd had more energy than it had ever had throughout the night. It roared with excitement as Sav exited the stage and the lights dimmed. Eli cleared his throat, and the sound resonated through the entire gym. Everyone quieted down to a soft whisper. He glanced back at Clare. She gave him a soft smile of encouragement, and he returned it. Then, he stared at the screen in front of him.

"Celebrity Status" by Marianas Trench began to play…

Clare's POV:

I focused on my own instrument while the catchy beat poured through the speakers. Eli began tapping his foot against the stage, keeping beat with the ballad. I was extremely curious as to how good of a singer he was. I'd never heard him utter a melody before in my life, and I was pretty sure he was probably tone death. This is going to be an easy victory! I grinned, waiting for my favorite English partner to make a fool of himself. It would have taken some super glue to close my mouth win he begin singing. You can't be serious!

I look around, round, round

Look around and look it over

I take it up, up take it out and take it nowhere

Trading in who I've been for shiny celebrity skin

I like to push it and push it until my luck is over

It never stop stops, never stops well you better

Think it over prima donna you don't want to sever

All the works to impress, charming girls out of their dresses

And smiling pretty, well pretty will shallow you forever

By now the crowd was going ecstatic! They had gotten over the mere shock I had gone through and were screaming their heads off at Eli. I couldn't blame them, he sounded fantastic! Marianas Trench was one of my favorite bands, so I couldn't help getting into the song myself. I was doing really well on the guitar. Eli, however, was doing better than good. He was doing "awesome" as Adam would say.

Step One, Step Two, Step Three repeat!

I pray at the church of asses in the seats

I disappear behind the beat…

When the mirrors and the lights and the smoke clear

I'd never guess how we ever could have got here

You can say what you say when the lights go down

So shake, shake, shake and shut your mouth

I wonder why, why, I wonder why, why I outta

Let you wreck, resurrect whatever you wanna

I can't depend in the end you know I thought you were my friend

Just stop, just stop, just stop, I think I got it

Hundreds of cheers coming from the crowd. This is too good to be true. It was like a concert, and Eli was the famous lead singer. He was getting pretty into it, a good crowd pleaser in my opinion. Focus Clare!

Sorry you, sorry me, sorry every in between

Sorry everybody he will never be somebody clean

There's a piece of me, they're throwing back at us

And they will buy you and sell you for celebrity status

Step One, Step Two, Step Three repeat!

I pray at the church of asses in the seats

I disappear behind the beat…

Eli looks back and smirks at me for a quick second. He winks and then goes back to pleasing the crowd. I smiled to myself, before focusing back on my responsibility…this guitar. Don't let Eli get to you Clare, you gotta win this! I stare out at the crowd who's basically gone crazy. There were so many girls screaming their heads off and grabbing at Eli's feet. Guys too…everybody was jumping with excitement. I guess he'll have some groupies in school on Monday.

Narrator's POV:

After Eli had finished his song, the crowd was exhausted. There were still a number of girls screaming their heads off. Eli stepped away from the mic and wiped the sweat from his brow. Clare set her guitar down and practically knocked him over while trying to hug him. She apologized before continuing.

"Why didn't you tell me that you could sing like that? Eli, that was amazing!" He grinned at her enthusiasm.

"I told you I could sing, you didn't believe me. How did you do?" She glanced back over at the guitar lying on the ground.

"I managed to hit every key perfectly!" she exclaimed, proud of herself. Sav approached the mic for what it seemed like the hundredth time of the night.

"Wow," he glanced back at Eli, who gave him a healthy smirk. "That was unbelievable! What do you guys think?" Another wave of cheers erupted from the crowd. It took a while to quiet them down again. "Ok, ok. Now time for round two. Contestants please get to your corresponding instruments when I call your names. Eli-Back-Up guitar, Munro-Lead Guitar, Adrian- Drums, and Clare- Microphone."

Eli's POV:

I noticed the look of terror plastered to her face as she approached the microphone. She gripped the handle of the mic stand tightly, and gazed at the crowd in front of her. I sighed and lifted the guitar strap over my head. I couldn't see them anymore, but I'm pretty sure those Blue Eyes were on the brink of water works. Her entire body screamed, "Get me off this stage!" But I couldn't let her quit now, she had come too far.

"You guys ready?" Sav announced from another mic off stage. The crowd cheered and the other two guys howled behind me. The lights dimmed. Before the music began, I stepped forward and wrapped one arm around her waist. Then, I softly kissed her temple and whispered into her ear.

"Relax Clare, you can do this." I pulled her in for a soft hug, and she nodded her head, never looking away from the crowd. Returning back to my spot on stage, I noticed her body relax. I smirked and look towards the screen at the back of the gym.

"That's What You Get" by Paramore began…

The powerful intro blasted from the speakers, fueling the energy of the crowd. I carefully kept track of the notes I was to hit, while keeping an eye on Clare as well. She began, and I'd never been more surprised in my life. She sounded beautiful.

No sir, well, I don't want to be the blame, not anymore

It's your turn, so take a seat

We're settling the final score

And why do we like to hurt so much?

I can't decide, you have made it harder

Just to go on

And why, all the possibilities

Well, I was wrong

That's what you get

When you let your heart win, whoaaa

That's what you get

When you let your heart win, whoaaa

I drowned out all my sense away,

With sounds of its beating

And that's what you get

When you let your heart win, whoaaa

She flipped her auburn curls from in front of her eyes and embraced the energy of the song. The crowd roared with cheers a second time, jumping with excitement. I accidently missed a couple of keys, greeting Clare's glance back at me. I gave her a smile of encouragement, but like she needed it. She looked back towards the crowd, while I tried to focus on my instrument. Come one Eli! You just missed two more!

I wonder, how am I supposed to feel

When you're not here?

Cause I burned, every bridge I ever built

When you were here

I still try, holding onto silly things

I never learn

Oh why, all the possibilities

I'm sure you've heard

That's what you get

When you let your heart win, whoaaa

That's what you get

When you let your heart win, whoaaa

I drowned out all my sense away,

With sounds of its beating

And that's what you get

When you let your heart win, whoaaa

Narrator's POV:

The audience is practically suffering from loss of voice after Clare finishes. It was humid because of all the energy flowing around from one person to the next. The 4 contestants now stood beside the Rock Band station, waiting for Sav to return with the name of the winner. Eli slung his arm over Clare's shoulder while they chatted about her performance.

"Ok, so you jump me about not telling you I could sing. Dude, you're freakin' awesome!" Clare laughed happily.

"Hey, to be honest I didn't know I could sing like that. I felt so…"


"Yes, and comforted." She glanced up at him. "Thanks," she added. He smiled.

"Anytime Blue Eyes." Sav move toward the mic and the crowd quickly got dead silent. The winner was determined.

"Ok, before I announce the winner, I just wanna say that this night has been awesome for student council. Thanks to everyone who signed up!" He paused for a reaction from the crowd, but there was none. They were all awaiting to see who the winner was. "Ooook," Sav continued. "You guys ready to here the winner huh?"

"Yes!" The crowd yelled in unison.

Sav laughed nervously, "Well ok then. The winner, of the Degrassi 1st Annual Rock Band Challenge, is…"

Clare and Eli walked together down the street toward Morty. Everyone at the Rock Band challenge had showed up for the celebration of the winner at The Dot. The restaurant and street was flooded with like 300 kids! Chanting, jokes, and the occasional French fry fight made the night all the more better. Alli, Drew, and Adam had all disappeared somewhere, so Clare decided to ask Eli to take her home. They were a couple of feet away from his hearse.

"Remind me to never doubt you again Blue Eyes. You played really good tonight." He stuffed his hands in his pocket and looked at the girl walking beside him. The lights from the street lamps illuminated her eyes, making them sparkle beautifully.

"I'll be sure to. And thanks Eli. You were pretty good yourself." He smirked and paused. Clare hadn't realized that they had reached the hearse. She waited for Eli to open the door for her, but he stood there. She matched his glanced, and starred up at him, getting lost in his jade eyes. He looked at her adoringly, refraining from grabbing her and crushing his lips against hers. Clearing his throat, he clenched his hands into fists, keeping them safely in his front pockets. Clare eyed him suspiciously.

"What?" she asked.

Eli shook his head and took a step toward her. "Just can't believe you actually beat me," he said softly. "Nobody has ever done it before." Clare smiled up at him and took one daring step closer, their chests touching.

"Aw, but you forget Eli…I'm special." He snickered quietly, never removing his eyes from hers.

"That you are," he whispered. He glanced quickly down to her lips, then back up to her awaiting eyes. Had she noticed? She raised an eyebrow, pursing her lips and smirking.

"What were you staring at?" she asked quietly.

"Nothing," he answered.

Clare rolled her eyes. "Don't play stupid Eli." He looked around the surrounding area. Even up at the sky and back towards Morty.

"Who me?" He smirked, grabbing her waist softly. She snickered and stood on her tippy toes.

"Yeah you," she whispered, pressing her lips softly against his. Eli hugged her body against his, easily deepening the kiss. She locked her fingers in his hair and enjoyed the moment she had been waiting for since she had first seen him. They stood there for about a minute before the pulled back to take some shallow breaths.

"Way to attack me in the street Edwards," Eli joked. She grinned and kissed him softly on the neck. Eli closed his eyes for a second, enjoying the contact.

"Well, I don't see you complaini-" She was interrupted by Eli's hungry lips on hers. He swept his tongue over her lower lip, and she gladly allowed him in. This must have been the hottest kiss they both have ever had! The happiness was short lived, however, thanks to the people they call friends.

"Whoa! Somebody call the PDA police!" Drew's voice startled the young couple, breaking them apart. Ali, Drew, and Adam had just come out of the ice cream shop across the street from The Dot. Drew stood there with an awkward grin on his face, Ali looked like she was going to explode from excitement, and Adam was busy eating his Cookies n Cream ice cream to even notice the couple.

Red crept up Clare's cheeks for the up tenth time of the night. "So I'm guessing Eli's giving you a ride home?" Ali asked with the goofiest smile on her face. Clare nodded and smiled warmly at her friends.

"You guys gonna be ok?" Eli asked, opening the door for Clare. She stepped in and he closed it behind her.

"Naw were good. Be safe!" Drew added, before walking with Ali and Adam in the other direction. Eli chuckled and hopped in the driver's seat. He glanced at the beautiful girl next to him. Then, he noticed the CD protruding from her purse, and fell in love all over again.

"I'll be taking this," he said taking the CD and silencing Clare with a kiss before she could protest. "You were going to give it to me anyway, so no need to complain Beautiful." And with that, he shoved his new CD in the player, turned the radio up full blast, kissed the girl of his dreams for the fourth time, and sped off down the street.

So that was it! I hoped you liked it. If you don't have them, go download Celebrity Status, That's What You Get, Forever, and The Good Life. Their all awesome songs by great bands! I hope you guys enjoyed the story and I apologize again for the late update :)