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With this heart, I will recall our precious memories.

Becky Bridges had never considered herself a lucky girl. After all, the entire female side of her family possessed a curse that meant their lives could never be normal. If they were kissed anywhere besides the lips, the other person's lips were a flame to them. If they were kissed on the lips, all parts of that person's body were burning cinders. It was why her last boyfriend, Mike Dallas, had broken up with her. She had been together with him for six months, and one evening she had finally allowed him to kiss her. The pain had been too much, and she'd fainted. Then he was afraid, and ran away, telling her he couldn't handle it. Soon after that, her mother, Nancy Bridges, had moved them to a city called Kaibara, in Japan.

That was where she had met the guy who was currently her boyfriend, and he was the one that could handle her curse. Why? Because he had a curse of his own.

Her boyfriend, Yuki Sohma, came from a family that was possessed by the animals of the Zodiac. They morphed into their animal when they were hugged by the opposite sex or if they were under a lot of stress. Yuki was the rat; his older and far more flamboyant brother Ayame (who most everyone including Becky called Aya) was the snake. Hatori, an old college flame of her mother's, was the dragon, though he transformed into a seahorse; Shigure was the dog; Kyo, the cat; Hatsuharu, the cow; Ritsu (the lovable emotional basket case of the family), the monkey; Momiji, the rabbit; Kagura, the boar; Hiro, the sheep; Kisa, the tiger; Rin, the horse. Kureno Sohma (who she had never met) had previously been the rooster, but he'd had his curse broken and had left the main house to go out on his own. Akito Sohma was the head of the family, and he had been the one to take Becky and her mother into the house because they had discovered the curse and he didn't trust them. He had once gone so far as to spy on Becky while she was on a date with Yuki, by wiring Ritsu. Since then, however, Becky hadn't heard anything about him.

Tohru Honda also lived with the Sohma family, and was Kyo's girlfriend. Her mother had been killed in car accident, and they had let her stay with them in exchange for her cooking and doing housework. She was the first person to act nicely toward Becky when she first moved to Kaibara. Most of the rest of the Sohma family followed suite.

Becky considered Yuki to be her best friend, because he was her boyfriend, and she didn't want them to just be labeled as a couple. She had been his friend before she had become his girlfriend, and she wanted to stay his friend. She didn't know how to describe it. Boyfriends and girlfriends should have a relationship that went deeper than just being together because they wanted to be with someone. That was how her relationship with Yuki was. She wanted to be with Yuki because she loved him. They could sit together for hours and just not talk, enjoying the silence because nothing had to be said. But if they wanted to talk to each other, they could at least have an intelligent conversation. It wouldn't be all like, "Oh, I love you so much! You're so pretty! Do you love me? I love you!" Neither of them liked that kind of airheaded thing. Once in a while, sure, just to have fun, but not every time they were together. Yuki didn't care how she looked; recently, when his fan club had dumped punch all over her at the Fall Dance, and her hair was soaked, and her make-up was running… he still told her she looked beautiful. He was just looking for someone who understood him. She didn't completely understand him yet, but… she was doing her best. One day, she would understand him, she promised herself.

However, fantasies like that couldn't last forever. Before they had become a couple, Becky's father Jason, who she thought had been divorced from her mother for the past twelve years, showed up, along with her younger brother Bret, who was apparently a happy emo. Jason hadn't really been divorced from her mother, but he wanted to be, filed for it, and they got a divorce. But it wasn't over after that. Becky had convinced Yuki to masquerade as her boyfriend while her father was there, because he thought she had one. They had to attend the custody trial with her mother, where the judge ruled that she was to spend a month with Jason and then decide who she wanted to live with.

The previous Friday had been her last day in Kaibara. She had worn a kimono that Ayame had made for her (he owned a romantic clothing store) and attended the Fall Dance with Yuki. He cheered her up after his fangirls wrecked her dress and hair (which Ayame had freaked out over, by the way, at once attacking her hair with a hose and a comb), and they shared one last dance to their favorite song, "In My Arms" by Plumb. Shigure had commented that it was now "their song" because they had shared their first slow dance to it.

But today was Saturday, and she had to leave. During the morning, she had shared one last breakfast with the Sohma family. After that, she had spent most of the morning with her mother and Yuki, packing several suitcases. She would be traveling alone on the plane, as her father and Bret had already gone back to their home in Omaha, Nebraska. She would arrive in the Omaha Airport, where Jason and Bret would pick her up.

Everything was happening so fast. As she had been saying for the past probably two weeks since her father first called… she really didn't want to go.

Leaving her mother, her friends the Sohmas, and her boyfriend Yuki would completely kill her.

Worse yet, she was going to have to spend a not-so-merry Christmas with her drug-alcohol-and-nicotine-addicted father and her hyper emo brother.

This month was not going to be fun at all.

Preview of Chapter 2…


She let go of his wrists and weakly beat her fists against his chest. "It's not fair! I don't wanna leave you guys!"

"Rebecca." He rubbed her back. "I don't want you to leave, and nobody else does either. Everyone down there is sad that you're leaving. There isn't anybody at all who's going to be able to sleep soundly tonight. I know I won't be sleeping at all."

She sniffled. "Tohru-chan will. That girl could sleep through a tsunami."

"Yes," Yuki chuckled. "A tsunami caused by Ritsu's tears."

Becky laughed. "I miss you already."