Title: House Arrest 1/20+ Epilogue

Author: Forsaken2003

Pairing: William/Xander
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
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Summary: William is under house arrest after assaulting his teacher. When he starts people watching he notices something strange about his neighbour.
Warnings/Spoilers: Human Verse. Out of Character.

Note: (An S/X adaptation if the movie 'Disturbia'.) Uses actual dialogue from the movie Please don't sue!

Beta'd by: Whichclothes

Part One

"Do you think he sees us?" William asked his father, his body tense.

"No, he can't see us. But he feels us watching," Ethan replied, completely calm.

They stared into the deep blue water; a few feet beneath the surface something shimmered in the sunlight. As ripples dissipated a bright yellow crank bait waited patiently for its prey on the end of a 10-pound line. A huge black bass suddenly swooped and circled the bait.

Both men were startled at the sight. William, a clean-cut kid with bright blue eyes and bleach blonde hair, reflexively yanked back on his rod and reel. "Bloody hell, do you see that thing?" he asked as he anxiously wound the spool.

"Settle down, slow it down..." Ethan lightly put his hand on William's, and slowed the cranking to a slight, steady pull as they stood near the stern of their 16-foot Bassmaster.

Ethan wore a silk screened cartoon rendition of a Bass wearing aviator goggles with mounted missiles on its fins. Beneath it, the slogan: "Weapons of Bass Destruction."

The fish on William's shirt wore a stock car uniform, a single word across the bottom: BASSCAR.

Ethan steadied William's hand and pulled away. "You don't want to scare him off. You've got his attention, now just play with him. Tease him a little."

William and Ethan watched the water in anxious silence. William inched the line back toward the boat. One more crank, then the black bass suddenly attacked the lure with a tremendous slosh of his tail.

"Holy shit!" William cried out startled from the sudden movement.

"It's all you, Will, keep cranking!" Ethan encouraged his son.

William cranked fast and furious. But this one fish was going down fighting. "I need reinforcements!"

Ethan moved in and grabbed the rod and reel from behind William. "Heave, laddie!" They pulled, the rod curled under the weight. "Give it all ya got, mate, or you're gonna lose him!" Ethan said in a sorry attempt at a pirate accent.

William laughed while he pulled and struggled. "Da', your pirate - impersonation -sucks!"

"How would ya know, have ya ever met one? I doubt it," Ethan shot back with a laugh of his own.

The bass sloshed furiously around the bait, now just a few feet from the boat.

"Bloody hell. He's fucking pulling us in!" William exclaimed and kept a hold on the rod.

The bass suddenly snapped free and the line went limp. Ethan and William lost their balance and nearly fell backwards.

All became silent save for Ethan and William's heavy breathing. William wound the empty line back to the boat, shot a glance at his father, and then threw the rod aside in mock disgust. Ethan took a seat in the captain's chair. "Throw me a…" William was already at the cooler and tossed him a Coke. They both sat in silence. "Hey, at least the weather's great and we're spending quality time together."

"Yeah… this is good," William agreed. He and his father didn't spend a lot of time together. Mostly just on their annual fishing trips.

"Look, Will…" Ethan started, and then paused. "I don't want you thinking that your mother or I have been prying into your personal life. Your mother stumbled across some… magazines in your room when she was searching out your laundry."

William tensed up, "Magazines?" He had been sure he stuck them back under his mattress where no one would ever find them.

"You left them on your nightstand." Ethan explained. "I just want you to know that we aren't disappointed. You can't help who you may or may not fall in love with, girl or boy. In the end we just want you to be happy, all right?"

William nodded and grabbed the rod, "That fish is going down."

Ethan grinned, "Let's nab the sodding bastard." They both cast their lines.

As Ethan drove his SVU the sun was setting behind the mountains. William was on the phone with his mother. "Hey mum, it's us. Listen; fire the grill 'cause the Bassmasters are headed home!"

Ethan slapped William a high five as he veered the SUV into the left lane and passed a low-moving Pathfinder.

"You're kidding. So I can actually put the burgers away this time?" Joyce's voice came over the phone.

"Yes, be gone with the red meat!" William replied with a laugh. He knew they would be stopping off at grocery store to pick up the fish that they didn't catch.

Ethan grabbed the phone from William. "We're having fish for a week," Ethan told his wife.

William frowned as a Lincoln Navigator pick-up zoomed past in the right lane, and then swerved back in the left lane in front of them.

"I'd say an hour. Love you, too." Ethan flipped the phone shut and tossed it to William. They exchanged smiles. They both turned to face the road as the Navigator suddenly swerved back into the right lane, and revealed a stalled mini-van directly in front of them.

"DAD!" William yelled; his heart jumped into his throat.

Ethan instinctively reached his arm in front of William as he swung the wheel hard to the right and slammed on the brakes. But not in time. The SUV clipped the mini-van's right rear bumper, and smashed it into the left lane concrete barricade. The SUV spun into the right lane where the slow moving Pathfinder suddenly broadsided it with such force that it flipped the SUV up and over. The SVU tumbled off the highway. A couple of final, metal-crunching flips sent the SUV's undercarriage crashing to a violent stop on top of a rickety wood beam-mounted guardrail. Steam billowed from the hood.

The airbags deflated and the dust settled. Blood streamed from Ethan's hairline. His eyes fluttered open. He looked up to William, strapped in the passenger seat, unconscious. There was a small gash on William's forehead. "Will? Will, are you okay?"

William opened his eyes and Ethan reached up and touched William's head. "I think so." He looked at his dad and his eyes widened in horror, not only at the sight of Ethan, but of the ravine beneath them.

For this brief moment, they thought the SUV was stable, but it was perched lengthwise on top of the guardrail at a forty-five degree downward angle. The right front and rear tires precariously gripped the rail and kept it from plunging five hundred feet into the ravine below.

"Oh my God, Da'," William breathed heavily trying to remain calm so he wouldn't move.

Ethan panted heavily as well. "I'm fine. But you're gonna have to climb out, Will. Can you do that?"

William's hands shook from the shock as his fingers searched for the seatbelt buckle. But the shoulder strap was locked in place and prevented William from undoing it. He tugged at it furiously. "I can't… It won't give …"

"That's okay, I've got it… Grab the door, and I don't need your arse falling on my face." Ethan said as he tried to lighten the mood and calm his son down.

William reached up, gripped the outside of the door as Ethan's hand shakily reached to William's seatbelt buckle and pressed. William's belt snapped loose and he dropped but he hung on to the window, just as a guardrail beam snapped loose from its foundation.

The car rocked violently as the guardrail started to bend and peel away from the cliff-side under the SUV's weight.

Ethan reached up and grabbed William's legs and pushed, helping him climb out the window.

William slowly slid down the outside of the door, and then turned around on his chest. He reached his hand back down to Ethan. "Da', here."

Ethan reached up as a section of the guardrail riveted a few inches behind the SUV's rear bumper suddenly popped loose. The guardrail snapped in two.

William screamed and hung on for dear life as the guardrail and SUV swung out and over the ravine. The guardrail was buckling fast. Another beam ripped free of the foundation William slid a few more inches down the door and right front fender and allowed his feet to find the edge of the foundering rail underneath. Having found at least some footing, William reached back inside. "Da', please, you can do it."

Ethan unbuckled his belt and reached up. William summoned his strength and grabbed Ethan's wrist. He pulled him up and through the passenger window just as the SVU began to fall away.

Ethan's weight pulled William down. His feet slipped off the rail. William was slammed chest down, his torso wrapped around the top of the rail and his feet dangled. But he still clutched Ethan's wrist as the SUV crashed into the ravine with a mushroom cloud of dust and debris. Ethan's wrist slipped from William's grasp. William struggled to hang on, but he was losing the battle and the balancing act and he knew it. Tears welled up in his eyes.

"Will, you have to climb up," Ethan told his son.

"No, I'm not leaving," William told his father. He couldn't leave him.

"William," Ethan said but was interrupted when another guardrail beam uprooted.

William tightened his hold. "NO! Da', please, I've got you."

Ethan gave him a slight smile. "I know." Ethan's left hand clasped William's. The guardrail continued to buckle. He started to pry William's hand away and his arm was released from William's grip. William opened his mouth to scream.