On the Wings of Love

By: Flower Girl FF7

Hey everyone. Its been awhile. Well I'm back with a new fic. Please R & R. If I get enough reviews then I shall continue with this fic. Thanks for all the support you guys!

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I remember my days with her... I remember the way she made me laugh, cry and love. Love wasn't a feeling I knew before…to me it was just a word. She taught me how to love…she taught me so many things. How to be strong when I wasn't…how to have hope when there wasn't any there… I remember everything about her.

Sometimes she would just turn to me after insulting me in her teasing way and say "Oh Cloud you know I'm kidding! You know I love you," Then she would laugh with that glow in her beautiful green eyes. I would think I never heard those words correctly I just assumed that she was kidding. Her laugh would just brighten up my day just the way being with her brightened up my dark, cold grey sky life.

But I'm getting ahead of myself now… I would have to start from the beginning. You might think this is just other cheesy story made to post on the Internet or read in a book. But no, this is true. This was real. This was love. This was her story that happened awhile ago. About my love, Aeris Gainsborough…