I hated all this running back and forth looking for Zack. It was such a pain…oh well…I need him to teach me more. More masterful secrets to snag the girls! He seemed so good at it.

I ran around down to the football field and spotted Zack standing on a rock.

"ZACK!!!!" I cried running towards him.

"Yo Cloud my man! What is up? Did dem pick up lines work?" he asked cocking his eyebrows at me.

"Well they…" I opened my mouth up to say.


"But I…" I began.

"SO WHICH ONE DID YOU USE? I bet it was the BEND AND SNAP! Or was it the LINES? Oooh I bet the one about my parachute pants! That one is DA BOMB BABEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" He squealed!

"ZACK!" I screamed. " I didn't get to use them yet."


Zack's jaw dropped.

"What do you mean "you didn't use them yet?" he said not understanding. "What is thematter with you?!? Here I am, SENSAY ZACK- king of women and here you are not using his Advice? What's the matter with you?" He cried shaking me very hard.

"OW. Zack I didn't get to see her…I need advice on dancing." I said softly.

" DANCING?!?!? Oh golly geee whiz! Sensay Zack know everything about DANCING!" he boasted.

"Really?" I asked bewildered. MAN HE KNOWS EVERYTHING!


"Great teach me!" I cried.

"Nu uh…you have to ask the RIGHT way!" he glared at me…

"Oh fine…" I got down on my knees and bowed. "OH GREAT SENSAY ZACK! Will you please bestow your knowledge about girls and dancing upon me!!!!!!!!!!"

"Of course son." Zack said solemnly touching my head. "Let us go off towards the sunset and towards Teach me Zackster Marsh!"


*drumming can be heard as we enter *Teach me Zackster Marsh*

"So Zack…what are we gonna learn today?" I asked while sitting on the ground.

"Something cool! AND ITS SENSAY!!!!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA *hacks *coughs."

"Oh so sorry!" I bowed.

"That's okay." Zack said forgivingly.

"So can we learn now?" I asked.


*Menu pops up

Wherever, Whenever- Shakira Bye, Bye, Bye- Nsync

"Okay we're gonna start with Wherever, Whenever!!" Zack began…running towards the stereo and hitting play.

…Le do le le le le, Le do le le le le
Can't you see
I'm at your feet

Whenever, wherever
We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear

"Okay! Now follow me. You stick your hands together and roll your body two and fro LIKE THIS!" Zack said enthusiastically!

He rolled back and forth swaying like a retarded snake!

My god…this is sooo KEWL!…

Zack knows EVERYTHING about women so…he must know what he's doing.


I jumped into the rhythm of the music swaying my body two and fro!

"Now you have to SHAKE THAT ASS! Like SHAKIRA!" shrilled Zack.

I started shaking.

"Like…This?" I said nervously.

"YEAHHHHHHHH! That's it! Go Cloudy Go Cloudy! Go GO GO CLOUDY!!!!" whooped Zack!

I began to dance wildly!

"YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I'm so ready for that dance!" I screamed.

"WAIT!" screamed Zack over the thunderous music. He went over to the dial and switched songs.

*drums! BYE BYE BYE!

Zack turned to me and grinned!

"You haven't learned how to do pelvic thrusts yet!"

"Say what?" I asked bewildered.

Will Cloud learn how to do the thrusts?

Will this dancing attract the ladies?

Will it be good enough for that girl?

Who is she anyway?

Stay tuned and find out! Please R and R!