#01 - Motion

Scotland found it so fun to touch his brother in different places, way and speeds: a slow lick at the nape of his neck, a harsh bite to his trembling lip, a fleeting touch of his fingers ghosting down his spine, yes he enjoyed the different touches he could give his brother, but what he enjoyed more was the different reactions his brother gave back.

#02 - Cool

When England was younger, he had always tried to cool his brother's rage down by throwing a bucket of freezing cold water at him, nowadays he found his self doing the exact same thing in the hope of cooling his brother's arousal, sadly just like when they were younger it only made matters worse.

#03 - Young

No matter how young or old Scotland was he knew bullying his younger brother was always going to be his favourite pass time, no matter what kind of bullying he had to resort too.

#04 - Last

He thought back against Scotland's mouth, not one to submit easily, and England vaguely remembered telling himself that this would be the last time he was with his older brother like this, just like the last hundred times he had told his self that.

#05 - Wrong

As Scotland roughly pushed England against the dirt of the trenches that surrounded them practically ripping the boys clothes off, he couldn't help but question if having sex with his own brother was wrong, but he didn't dwell on it for long when he finally heard his brother moan, it was the governments fault for allowing sex on the battlefield.

#06 - Gentle

Gentle was the one word England just couldn't bring his self to associate his older brother with, and no matter how carefully Scotland's skilled hands gently danced along his flesh, he knew that another time they would be squeezing and scratching as though they were trying to kill him.

#07 - One

Scotland couldn't help the rage he felt as he tore his brother's house apart, he knew England was stood leaning against the wall behind him arms folded with an expressionless mask on and he knew what he was about to say in a very plain and calm voice: "it's not my fault that were now known as the Unite Kingdom of Great Britain, you know?"

#08 - Thousand

As England looked over the unfinished thousand piece puzzle on the table in front of him he couldn't help but compare it to his and his brother's relationship, so many complicated pieces that would probably never all get fitted together.

#09 - King

Scotland was overjoyed that he could tease his brother about the fact that his first King to be called James was the Scottish one… what he wasn't too fond of was the idea of having to share…

#10 - Learn

As England barely managed to avoid another gun shot from his latest pirate escapee he couldn't help but feel somewhat thankful that he had learnt how to hide and escape from his older brother when he was younger.

#11 - Blur

Scotland woke up to the worst hangover he had had for a long, long time with his younger brother tied to the bed below him; fabric shoved into his mouth and he was greatly disappointed that only blurred images were coming back to him.

#12 - Wait

England thought it was just plain weird how when he was younger and repetitively cried out wait to his brother he would pretend he hadn't heard, but now when he was too stubborn to admit he wanted him to wait Scotland would actually be willing to listen.

#13 - Change

Scotland would never admit that the deep hatred he had felt for his younger brother had changed to some deranged form of love, and just as much as he knew he would never admit it to anyone, he also knew he wasn't going to do anything about it.

#14 - Command

No matter how many ice cold commands Scotland sent him to end his special relationship with America, there wasn't anything he could do about it; it was up to his boss after all.

#15 - Hold

Scotland had somehow found his self holding tightly onto the screaming England, and he knew if his hold loosened even slightly his brother would do something completely and utterly stupid, why did some people think it was a smart idea to leave a bomb in the underground?

#16 - Need

Sometimes England found his self needing his older brother, because for all the insults exchanged, for all the wars they had fought and for all the bloody awful Scottish culture his brother had tried shoving down his throat, he found his brother had a knack of knowing exactly when he needed him to help him out of almost impossible situations.

#17 - Vision

Scotland couldn't envision a peaceful future, he couldn't help but think that the almost completely peaceful days (or at least calmer than when they were growing up) wouldn't last too much longer, but when he saw an almost completely relaxed smile flit across England's face he couldn't help but hope they would.

#18 - Attention

He swore that after the first few lust filled battles against Scotland that he would do all he could to avoid attracting his brother's attention, of course later that day his brother happened to catch him sneaking out in his punk clothing to see a late night concert- so much for that plan!

#19 - Soul

Scotland refused to believe that the eyes were the windows to the soul, because then he'd have to admit that his and England's souls matched and that wasn't something he was willing to believe.

#20 - Picture

England had been curious that was the only reason he snuck into Scotland's office at night to look at the picture he kept on his desk what he hadn't expected was to see a picture of him from his pirate days and to be caged against his brother's desk by the man himself who muttered a simple: "blackmail," into his ear before biting down on it.

#21 - Fool

Scotland's brother was a fool as was any one who tried to defy him, after all why would you willing go up against the man who defeated the Spanish Amada while grinning and playfully humming some pirate song, Scotland had to chuckle when he realised that he was that willing fool.

#22 - Mad

England had a very well hidden façade; he was going to act gentlemanly and try not to fall into his old habits of savagely trying to kill someone who even thought about defying him, sadly when Scotland visited a world meeting once with his smirk in place, England willingly knocked out any nation that got in his way of murdering his brother.

#23 - Child

Scotland hated France just as much as his brother, he hated the wine drinking sissy so much that it took all of his siblings to stop him from punching the bastard's teeth out (not that his siblings were any better at hiding their anger at the bastard's usual crap), so when England was still a brat, Scotland couldn't help but feel thankful that England stood in between him and the sissy.

#24 - Now

He couldn't quite remember when their relationship had changed or what had triggered it, and he didn't know what kind of relationship awaited them in the future, but then he figured as he rested his head against older brother's bare chest that it was better to live for the now and then.

#25 - Shadow

Scotland knew he was a mere shadow of his former glory, it annoyed him but he knew he couldn't risk breaking from the bloody union between his brothers, so as he very roughly shoved their lips together; he knew this was the only way he could show who was stronger to his younger brother.

#26 - Goodbye

England knew one day he'd probably have to say goodbye to his brother, after all he knew how much Scotland wanted independence, and no matter how much the separation would secretly hurt him he knew he'd smile and tell his older brother to sod off.

#27 - Hide

One day when Scotland was in a particularly horrid mood he happened to walk in on Ireland shoving his tongue into a very shocked England's mouth and he couldn't help it as he very coldly stated: "Y've got ten seconds tae hide and then I'll bea hunting y' both down."

#28 - Fortune

As England listened to the drunken ramblings of Prussia as he told him what he had done to Germany earlier that day he wasn't sure if he should feel fortunate for having Scotland as his brother or not.

#29 - Safe

Scotland found his self running around the streets, so bloody what if the war had ended he couldn't quite celebrate yet, and as he turned the corner and saw his brother bloodied, but standing and safe he couldn't help but let the breath he'd been holding go.

#30 - Ghost

England could only remember one moment of his childhood when Scotland had been kind to him, he was crying and screaming and everyone else looked at him weirdly, but his older brother came to him sat down next to him and calmly explained about the ghosts, fairies and other creatures that roamed their land and how he should man up they weren't hurting anyone.

#31 - Book

Scotland glared at all the books England kept in his room and very calmly walked up to the shelves and started throwing them one by one out of his brother's window, that'll teach the brat to ignore him in order to read!

#32 - Eye

They looked completely different England knew, but when he happened to look into Scotland's eyes he remembered that they were brothers and brothers probably shouldn't be shoving their tongues down each other throats, but his brother always knew the perfect time to buck his hips against his making him shut his eyes tight and knock out all rational thoughts.

#33 - Never

Scotland shot out of his chair, eyes flamed by anger as he glared over at the grinning idiot Ireland before he howled: "why the hell would I tell him I love him, I dinnay NEVER fall for such a brat!"

#34 – Sing

England couldn't really sing in tune all the time, but Scotland found one day when he went along to one of the concerts his brother frequently went to, that it didn't stop England from screaming along with them.

#35 - Sudden

Scotland looked at the food his brother was about to attempt to cook and he knew he had to do something before his brother accidently poisoned him, so sneaking up behind England and pushing him against the counter he suggestively whispered into his brother's ear: "you know I'm suddenly not hungry for a cooked meal."

#36 - Stop

England slowly started realising that Scotland had always given him a moment when he could back away and tell his brother to fuck off and stop what he was doing; he also started realising that he wished his brother would stop giving him that moment.

#37 - Time

Scotland thought it was about time that he had his own government and his own place to stay at, but he couldn't help but glare at the empty space in his king sized bed.

#38 - Wash

England had wanted to have a quick shower before heading off to the world meeting; how his older brother had translated that into let's have shower sex so I'll be late he would never know.

#39 - Torn

Scotland looked at the wall in his office where a few years ago he had torn a map up so his country wasn't connected to England's, but now he found his self standing in front of it cello-tape in hand wondering just how much was going to have to be used to fix the mess of a map he had.

#40 - History

His and Scotland's history was a long and highly sufferable one, when one won the war usually the other would win the next, it was bloody and filled with a lot of hatred, yet somehow they found their people slowly forgetting the past and looking forward to the future together.

#41 - Power

Scotland had had fun tying his struggling brother to a chair, but right now he had more fun pulling his brothers hair so that they were face to face as his knee dug against his baby brother's erection, so who was more powerful again?

#42 - Bother

England gathered he had been an attention seeking brat when they were younger, but did Scotland really need to get his revenge by biting and licking the back of his neck every time he tried to write something down on the documents he had to sort out before tomorrow?

#43 - God

So what if Scotland would be considered a sinner in God's eyes he was going to thoroughly fuck his brother and enjoy the whines and moans that escaped his mouth just like he always did.

#44 - Wall

England had almost cried when that damned wall had been built between him and Scotland and his brother hadn't really done anything about it… so his brother honestly did care more for his self than his brother who was being tortured everyday by the Roman Empire.

#45 - Naked

Scotland grinned at the flushed England as he turned up at the Brits house in just a kilt: "and y' know just as well as I dae that true men dinnay wear anything under a kilt, dinnay we wee brother?"

#46 - Drive

England roughly pushed his brother back with one hand and luckily managing to drive just fine with one hand: "I'm not having sex with you while I'm driving… or in Wales' car thank you very much!"

#47 - Harm

Scotland couldn't help but smirk as his little brother stared at the age long scars that spread along his chest, arms and stomach, "so ma wee brother, y'gunna kiss them better?"

#48 - Precious

England wasn't going to comment on it and he bloody well knew Scotland wasn't, so when they somehow found their selves having to sleep in the same bed, and they also somehow found their selves cuddled close to each other, England couldn't help but think that moments like these were just as precious as the jewels he used to steal.

#49 - Hunger

Scotland licked his lips, his eyes never once leaving his prey that also went by the name of England; he could only hope that he could convince his younger brother to wear his kilt more often.

#50 - Believe

England realised that in the past he could never rely on any of his brothers; as they grew up their fighting had only gotten worse, but as he found his self standing in the rain his head facing towards the sky and his older brother Scotland's arms tightly clinging around his shoulders, he couldn't help but believe in them… ever if it was only a little…