#01 – Comfort

Wales wouldn't let their younger brother know but it was always a comfort to see his mop of blonde hair around the house.

#02 – Kiss

The first person England ever kissed was Wales, when he was finally re-united with his brothers after Rome's rein, Wales had kissed him repetitively refusing to let go.

#03 – Soft

Wales wrapped his arms around his brother's shoulders, no matter what England said, Wales knew he was a softies inside and out.

#04 – Pain

It hurts England, the mere suggestion of conquering Wales land… he was the nicest of his brothers… but his lord has spoken and he could only do what was asked of him…

#05 – Potatoes

Wales grinned, replacing some of England's flowers with a potato patch, because why would England doubt Wales if he blamed Scotland or Ireland?

#06 – Rain

England sighed it always rained no matter where he went in the UK and Wales was no different, though his darling brother did find it fairly entertaining to drag England out in the rain and just dance with him.

#07 – Chocolate

"Happy Valentine's day," were the words Wales woke England up with on the day a mug of hot chocolate in hand (he'd like to see anyone beat him to his brother on these days of celebrating).

#08 – Happiness

The only joy in England's first millennium of life, when he was being invaded time after time was from Wales, as his brother coddled his brother and made him smile.

#09 - Telephone

Wales was hiding snickers as he giddily left message after message on England's phone of every sex dream he'd had of his younger brother; he decided he'd have a right laugh if someone else got to the messages before England.

#10 - Ear

England's ear was sensitive; Wales knew that (much to his brother's chagrin) and found his self using that to his advantage in getting his own government.

#11 - Name

Wales enjoyed the way his old name was said by his brother and insisted the other Nation call him Cymru and not Wales.

#12 - Sensual

England groaned as Wales once again sent him a picture of the Man touching his self, with eyes that screamed come hither and England knew he was going to kill his brother when he got home.

#13 - Death

Wales promised himself, that if he died he'd come back and haunt England: he'd make his brother regret his decision of conquering his land and if he didn't die… he'd make his brother regret it even more!

#14 – Love

To England, love was tragic… so he refused to feel such things, but if he remembered right… he had told Wales those words when they were younger…

#15 – Touch

As Wales lovingly pet England's hair he had to wonder how England reacted to others who touched him.

#16 – Weakness

England knew all of Wales's weaknesses, but that didn't mean he'd do anything about it after all Wales knew all of his as well.

#17 – Tears

Wales had always been the first to comfort England and he promised his self that he would never do so again… but only because he promised to never let England cry again!

#18 – Speed

England had never been quick enough to help his brother out in times of need, so he had to wonder why Wales always managed to get to him in time…

#19 – Winds

Times had changed, Wales mused and with the new breath of air it brought Wales could openly admit he was gay… now if only he and England didn't look like each other so much he might be able to walk down a street holding his brothers hand without any more weird looks…

#20 - Freedom

England had fought for his freedom for years only to take his brothers… but it was only because he didn't want them to fall… to die… to leave him…

#21 – Life

A life for a life wasn't fair, so Wales didn't kill as many of his brother's people as his brother had killed of his… but when he thought about it either way it was still unfair!

#22 – Jealousy

England never got jealous… but how he wished he could have a normal relationship with his brothers…

#23 - Hands

Wales noticed England had started hiding his hands in his pockets… hiding them from him, so Wales did one better he let his hands join England's in the warmth of his brothers pockets.

#24 - Taste

Wales cooking tasted wonderful in England's opinion… so why the hell was Wales national dish cheese on toast?

#25 – Devotion

Taking his mind off of his brother hadn't worked… As Wales kissed the idiotic perverted French Bastard, he still imagined his brother with him… he was just too devoted to the moron!

#26 - Forever

Forever was such a lying word… Wales had been with him since forever, but it didn't mean it was going to last that way…

#27 – Blood

Wales bandaged up his brothers wounds… why did his younger brother still insist on going through with this war… even when almost all his allies had fallen?

#28 - Sickness

England got ill… a lot, and whenever he did Wales would always appear with a bowl of soup and though England complained… worried his brother would catch whatever he had, he was eternally grateful.

#29 - Melody

Wales adored his sheep Melody, but the way his brothers suggested… he'd rather do that to his younger brother thank you very much!

#30 – Stars

When England told Wales there was a dragon among the stars, Wales didn't believe him but he joined him when he went star gazing nonetheless.

#31 - Home

Wales's old home was destroyed and where he should've felt offended that he was living in his younger brother's house now, he always felt happy knowing there was someone at home to greet him when he returned.

#32 - Confusion

England always felt confused when he dealt with any of his brother, but really who could blame him?

#33 - Fear

Wales never feared his brother, sure he feared what his brother was becoming and what his brother was very much capable, but he never feared England himself.

#34 – Storm

England enjoyed storms; he was used to them… though he guessed he'd have to thank Wales for that.

#35 - Bonds

They would always have a bond, be it as deep as a lover or as strong as a brother… they'd always have a bond.

#36 – Market

England always got dragged along with Wales when he went to the market; he had to question why was the leader of the British Empire was carrying all his brothers' bags?

#37 – Technology

Wales was fond of some technology, phones for instance were wonderful devices that made it easier to bug his brother to get milk, eggs and such things on the way home… but did they really need half of the things they had?

#38 - Gift

England always tried to outdo his brother when it came to buying gifts, but after Wales bought him every album, a guitar and concert tickets of every band he liked as one gift he doubted he'd be able to outdo him that year.

#39 - Smile

Wales never really saw England's smile nowadays… but he tried his best to get the blonde to do so.

#40 - Innocence

After everything they'd been through England was surprised Wales eyes still lit up in amusement and just filled with innocence whenever something good happened… and he didn't believe it when Wales said his eyes did the same…

#41 – Completion

They were like a circle… that changed to a square… a pentagon, without any one of them they just wouldn't be complete…

#42 - Clouds

England was never to join Wales when his brother decided to watch the clouds… there was only so many times he could cope with being told they looked like sheep.

#43 – Sky

The sky was vast as was the waters; Wales was thankful one flight to another country only took hours not years unlike his brother's empire days…

#44 – Heaven

The world wasn't like heaven, not at all, but Wales always made it feel like it could be.

#45 – Hell

The World Wars were, in Wales's opinion, the closest thing to Hell the Nation had seen, and the moment he'd thought he'd lost his brother… his nerves left him quite a while after that incident.

#46 - Sun

The sun only enhanced the gold in Wales's hair; England had to say it was a truly wonderful sight to wake up to after having his heart blown up by bombs again…

#47 - Moon

Wales had always associated England with the moon; the moonlight as it slipped in and swept across his face at night… and the way it seemed to sneak around the world reappearing and disappearing… yes it seemed to fit England perfectly…

#48 - Waves

The waves brushed against his legs and he smiled, his brother beside him: sulking, so England did the most childish thing he could think to do and pushed his brother into the water.

#49 - Hair

Wales once curled England hair and grinned down at his brother who looked like him far too much… it wasn't his fault that France's self-cest story had intrigued him and he and his brother were practically twins!

#50 - Supernova

England knew that if the world was to end, if the universe was to explode into what he imagined were the bright colours of a supernova, England knew for a fact that even if the two were having some kind of argument, Wales would be the first to find England and that he his self would have thought of Wales first… just like every time before…

A/N: and that shall be the end of the series! If you can call it that!

So Wales… we all know he's secretly the evil master mind behind the United Kingdom! But, no joking aside no one take offense with the sheep joke, we English are just… easily amused? But yes, Wales is the nicest of the siblings, most definitely, though he could probably beat you up if it had something to do with Rugby and the such… he's definitely more passive aggressive, and is probably in fact the worse of the UK siblings to make angry. Also, in his own words, probably the better looking sibling! And in fact has the closest relationship with England, even with the whole conquering a few centuries ago and even with us not putting an amazingly cool dragon on the flag, he still cares the most for England (cause Wales is cool!)

Ok… Well thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and well… that would be the end! If you read any of my other stories I guess I'll see you there!