David Crowley and the Lost Runes

Everyone knew the name of Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One. Hero of the Wizarding World for the defeat of He Who Must Not Be Named four years ago. Even here in America, or as it is called in the world of magic "New World", Harry Potter's name and feats grew each day. One day, they said that Harry had mastered magic and reversed the Killing Curse, the next that Harry had conjured up a Dragon that ate all his enemies. Harry Potter had become a household name, a name that every Wizard knew. Soon, however, the excitement would calm down and the true story would be read school books.

A book much like the one a young boy was reading avidly atop his upper bunk. The pictures smiled and waved up at him as his unique yellow eyes absorbed the information below him. His long sandy hair framed his pale white face. His clothes were simple. Gray t-shirt, blue Levi jeans. His feet were bare, but two black sneakers lay on the floor two beds down.

The book was not the only thing peculiar about this boys room. On the floor lay several more thick books, all of similar make to the one the boy was currently reading. They were scattered about the room, in places that made it evident that they had already been read. In the far corner, near the small picture window, was a pewter cauldron filled with unusual objects. Scales, scrolls, and little containers of unknown items rested atop the large pile inside the cauldron. On the desk, a few scrolls had been opened and a single sentence had been written by the quill that lay next to it.

"My name is David Crowley."

David was turning 14 this year and had received an unusual letter a month prior, which lay opened and unfurled next to the parchment. Fixed in the top margin was a highly ordinate shield emblem, divided into three separate pieces. The upper left was an Eagle with a snake in one talon and a wand in the other, its background was a deep red. The upper right was a large wave that seemed to twinkle on the page, the wave littered with thousands of tiny books, its background was a dark blue. The bottom middle, the last, was a sword covered in ordinate diamonds, stuck into a black onyx surrounded by a thick forest, its background was a rich green. In the middle was a huge diamond that seemed real enough to lift from the page. Below it was a thick text that seemed to be written by hand in small print.

David Arcaid Crowley


To Mr. David Crowley,

We are pleased to inform you that you have hereby been excepted to attend Trinity Academy of Sorcery and Enchantment. Under the teachings of the finest teachers in the New World, you shall receive a magical education that will allow you to proceed to a career in the Wizarding World at the end of your five-year term here in our halls. Room and Board are provided year round if you wish to extend your stay throughout the holidays. Below is a list of rules you are expect to follow under mandate of Headmaster Alucarda Elemanty and the Minister of Magic. Punishment for breaking said rules is determined both by severity and the judgment of a Professor.

No magic is to be performed by a student under the age of eighteen outside of school grounds without permission from a Professor.

No curses, jinxes, or dark magic may be performed against any person or creature at all times.

Magical items may not be brought in or leave school grounds without prior examination or written permission from Headmaster Elemanty.

No harassment of any kind to fellow students or faculty.

Also attached is a list of tools you will be required to bring for your classes and may be purchased at any nearby Wizarding store. Financial Aid available. We look forward to your arrival, Mr. Crowley, and wish you the best of health.


Jacob L. Merlin

Assistant Headmaster

David had read the letter only once since he had received it. The names were odd, but one name caught his eye. Merlin. His thoughts drifted off to tales of King Arthur and his Knights. The Sisters had asked him about it several times, but he refused to believe it for several days before he heard a loud tapping noise on his window late one evening. A large brown owl was outside his window, knocking on the window with its large beak. David had the entire room to himself, and did not hesitate to let the owl in, however curious it seemed to him. The owl hooted in thanks and flew over to his desk, where a plate of old sandwiches lay. It dropped its letter and proceeded to nip pieces of the nearest sandwiches.

The letter contained an explanation of his situation as a new student and directions to the nearest store in which to purchase his school supplies. It also explained that David would be picked up and taken to the train to Triad Academy on Sept. 19th.

David was an orphan by technicality. His parents had left him alone at an old church when he was three. His hair was a sandy brown, and long enough to tickle his back when he looked up. His parents were normal non-Wizards, who did not know how to react when David accidentally set the cat on fire after it scratched him. He was a handsome boy and quite intelligent for his age. His father had been from Ireland, David remembered. His Mother was an Asian- American with pale skin and long black hair. He could not remember their names or recall their faces. The letter explained that he was a "Muggle-born", a Wizard born to an all non-magic family and no ties to the Wizarding World. They asked that David not worry, as his situation was an average thing, and many students at the school were also Muggle-born.

"I need to go to Portland." David said to Sister Ann, his caretaker, one evening while she was settling in. Sister Ann set down her paper and looks at him intently. David was never the type of child to speak to the Sister willingly, so his announcement had seemingly caught her attentions.

"Why on Earth do you need to go to Portland?" Sister Ann wondered. "Does it have something to do with that strange letter your receive a few days ago?" Sister Ann always was quick at guessing these sorts of things.

"I can go alone." David continued. "I know the bus routes, all I need is a few dollars for bus fare."

"David, you still have yet to explain to me why you need to go." Sister Ann insisted. David saw by her expression that this was something she was not going to give into.

"I have been excepted into an Academy for gifted young men and women." David answered stiffly, picking his words carefully. "I need to go to Portland to purchase supplies listed in the letter."

"A school?" Sister Ann said in amazement. "But, I have not heard of any such thing. No teachers have been here to interview you, nor have they notified the church. How did you get in?"

"I think it might have something to do with my parents." David lied. Sister Ann looked like she would not believe it for a second before visibly relaxing.

"What kind of school is it?" asked Sister Ann, looking at her paper again. David had no idea how to answer, his mind raced through the possible answers.

"I- It's a Boarding School. That's all I know right now." David admitted.

"A Boarding School? What is the name?"

"Trinity Academy." replied David.

"Never heard of it." Sister Ann grumbled. David stood still for as he waited for her to continue, but after several moments, he was beginning to think that Sister Ann had forgotten he was there. David cleared his throat and Sister Ann peered over her paper again.


"Ummm...about the money." David started.

"Yes yes. You can go, but Father Thomas will accompany you."

"Father Thomas? But Sister, I am-"

"-a fourteen year old boy." Sister Ann replied firmly. "He will accompany you or you will not go at all." David felt his throat tighten.

"Very well. Thank you, Sister." David conceded.

"Good night, David. May the Lord be with you." she said as he left. David felt as if he had swallowed an entire apple. How on Earth was he going to find this place with Father Thomas following him wherever he went?

The next morning, David was shaken awake. He lifted his head to see Father Thomas' bald head crown over the edge of his bunk. Father Thomas was a small man, shorter than most of the children at the Orphanage. He wore giant spectacles, shaved his head everyday, and wore and odd assortment of clothes. Father Thomas even wore a yellow parka, a poncho, overalls, and rain boots to a gathering. Father Thomas would also say the most unusual things when he thought he was alone. Once, David even saw him trying to talk to the television and asking it how it worked.

"Wake up, little David." Father Thomas said softly, shaking him once more.

"Wha- What time is it?" David asked sleepily.

"It is six o'clock, David." he replied. " Get ready because we are leaving in an hour, and its a forty-five minute walk to the bus stop." Father Thomas said this all very fast, which was the only speed he knew. The Father was out the door before David had time to climb down from his bunk, but he could hear the fast-paced steps receding down the hall.

Father Thomas was waiting by the time we was finished getting ready. He had a backpack on that was a violent shade of pink, a large gardener's hat, a suit vest with a tie dye shirt on under it, sweatpants and yellow rain boots. David groaned internally at how embarrassing the trip was going to be. Following silently, David waited as Father Thomas fumbled about his clothes for the keys to the front gate. This was a regular occurrence, as the Father was prone to forget where had placed things, sometimes even searching for hours before he found it. Father Thomas seemed to find what he was looking for, and approached the gate. Instead of the tell-tell clink of the key sliding into the lock, David could have swore he heard Father Thomas mutter, " Aloha, Mora."

"Left breast pocket. Don't forget." Father Thomas said to himself. David made sure to remember it himself, since the Father would most likely forget within the hour.

The bus ride was rather uneventful, besides the stares that Father Thomas received. Portland has a saying, "Keep Portland Weird." It was not uncommon for people to wear clothes just for the shock value, so as soon as they entered the city, Father Thomas was just one of a thousand. They got off on Couch, since Father Thomas was partial to a violinist that often played on the sidewalk there. David had to admit, the man was very talented. Original songs flowed from the musician's electric violin, and the added effects turned the music into a bliss. David normally did not have any money to give the man, but Father Thomas agreed, and David walked away with a fresh new copy of the musician's CD.

The map told them to go to the Pearl District. Father Thomas did not ask questions as David lead the way, in a different direction than they normally went, since the stores were usually a bit more pricey. David still had not thought of a way to rid himself of Father Thomas.

"This is it." David stated, looking at a street sign to double check his location. Deep inside, David felt like the drain has been pulled and everything he was hoping was escaping. The map, lead him to a city park. Nearly in tears, David began to tear the map, but a hand clasped on his wrist. Father Thomas took the paper from him and looked at it.

"I wouldn't do that. You're going to need this later." Said Father Thomas, who reached into his left breast pocket. He withdrew a long stick and began looking around.

"Concelim." he muttered, a brief puff of yellow light seeping from the stick. Everyone around them suddenly stopped noticing them, as if they were invisible. People were walking around them, but there was no sign that they recognized that people were standing there moments before. David had just witnessed his first magic.

"So, you are going to be attending Trinity Academy of Sorcery and Enchantment this Fall, are you boy?" Father Thomas wondered, pointing the magic stick at the paper. "Revelio. Rigors." There was a hum followed by a stream of red light , and the paper went completely rigid. Father Thomas handed the paper to David. Where the directions had once been, was a whole new set of directions from his current location.

"But...how?" David wondered.

"No young witch or wizard is allowed to be without supervision by another of our kind." Father Thomas replied.

"So you and the Sister's are all...?" asked David, his question trailing off.

"No. Just me." he replied with a smile. " It took a pretty good Confundus Charm to be able to take you here. That Sister Ann is one shrewd woman."

"What? You didn't think you could buy magical supplies with Muggle money, did you?" Father Thomas wondered when he looked at David's face. "Not many banks do Muggle currency exchange. Except perhaps Gringotts in Great Britain."


"Non-Magical Folk." the Father replied.

"Erm." blushed David.

"No problem. We'll start from the basics. This is a wand." Father Thomas explained, holding up his wand as an example. "In the Wizarding World, it is the tool for which witches and wizards are able to use magic with ease. There are other forms of magic, but you will learn about that in school. They are all different, and normally suit the owner in some form. Mine, for instance, is made from Birch, 13 3/4 inches long, springy, with a unicorn hair core."

" Here is some money." David had a bag of coins poured into his hand. There were big gold ones the size of a quarter, silver ones about the size of a nickel, and little tiny bronze ones the size of a dime. There were a lot of silver and bronze coins , but only 2 gold coins.

"The big gold ones are called Galleons. The silver coins are Sickles, and the small ones are Knuts. We have plenty of the little ones and that will not get us very far. That is why we are going to retrieve some more from your tuition funds. Listen carefully now, because I do not want to repeat myself. The gold Galleon is worth the most. Seventeen silver Sickles equals the the same amount as One Galleon, and 29 bronze Knuts equal One Sickle. Got it?" David quickly did the math in his head and made sure he had it all correct.

"Got it." David replied, looking at the coins with renewed interest. Father Thomas seemed impressed but said nothing.

"Shall we be on our way then, boy?" David looked up at Father Thomas and began following the new directions, which lead deeper into the park. It followed a the winding concrete path until a small ornate fountain surrounded by a seating area. Birds here were used to people, and retreated only when they were a few feet away. Once they scattered, David noticed a ordinate pattern to the brickwork below his feet. Father Thomas brushed past him and proceeded to walk into the water of the fountain, which explained why he had worn the rain boots. David mentally noted this with a mild irritation before climbing in as well. The Father held out his hand and placed it against a stone, then pointed his wand at the ground.

"You might want to come grab on, boy." he called. David raced forward and placed his hand against the cool stone just as Father Thomas uttered a single word, "Descendo." Below his feet, David heard what sounded like a lock sliding out of place. The whole fountain rotated and small holes drained the water. David's stomach lurched. He had a fear of heights, and suddenly his vertigo kicked in. His instinct told him that he was no longer on solid ground, but high up. Very, very high up. He would have run, but his hand was stuck to the stone, and wouldn't come away. He was beginning to panic. The ground slid apart in two directions, and even though he felt like he was on sure footing, he saw that he was suspended mid-air, above a cavern that seemed thousands of feet down. Panic did not even begin to explain the emotions raging through David, who was too scared to move.

"This...might be unpleasant." Father Thomas simply said, and then, they began to fall.

The fountain pulled them down faster than they could possibly fall. Somehow, they were protected from the wind as they plunged deep into the ground. They passed through the underground net of wires and plumbing, and went deeper. David wanted to throw up, the speed of the descent was getting to him, the height alone made his head spin. Only good thing was that David could see the bottom getting closer really fast. It was an underground lake and they were not slowing down.

"Um, Father Thomas?" David yelled, trying to yell over the rush of the wind.