"Teddy! Are you ready yet?" Victoire called up the stairs. They were going over to her parents' house for dinner and they needed to be there soon. All of her siblings and their spouses were going to be there and no children. It would be a quieter dinner, which Victoire was thankful for. Her children weren't the kids of a prankster for nothing.

Teddy was still upstairs when the doorbell rang. Victoire went to answer it and it was Lily. She had agreed to watch their children who consisted of John and Gabriella, usually known as Gabby, the thirteen year old twins, Andrew, their ten year old, and Theodora, their six year old, who preferred to be called Dora.

This would be a big job for Lily Luna as she also had her own baby to look after. A few years previously she has married Lorcan Scamander, Luna's son. She now had a one year old daughter, Patricia.

"Teddy!" Victoire called up the stairs again. "Lily's here to watch the kids."

"Coming!" Teddy said as he ran down the stairs. They needed to leave right now if they were going to make it on time. And neither Bill nor Fleur were very pleased when their own daughter was late to dinner at their house.

"Okay, Lily. We need to leave now. Just make sure to keep the twins out of trouble. I swear that they are worse than Fred and James at that age, and I didn't think it could get worse."

"Don't worry, Victoire. I didn't grow up with James for nothing. I'm sure we'll all be fine. And I'm sorry, but I was already babysitting Roses daughter, so I brought her along as well."

"That's fine Lily, I just hope the kids don't give you too much trouble. Floo us if you need to."

"Come on Vic, we need to go," said Teddy. The two left heir house and walked to the apparation point and apparated to Bill's house.

Lily and Jean, Rose's five year old daughter, walked upstairs. All was quiet, and when their are pranksters in a house, quiet was not a good thing. She first headed for the girls bedroom, but it was empty, so she headed for the boys room. All four children were inside, doing Merlin knows what. "Kids, it's just about time for dinner. I'll need you to come down in just a few minutes." Jean headed in to play with Dora, who she was great friends with.

"Okay Aunt Lily," answered Gabby. "We'll be right there."

Lily went down to the kitchen and placed Patricia in the highchair and then started to cook up some pasta. A few minutes later, it was finished. "Dinner's ready!" she called. Soon she heard the sound of a door opening and the kids running down.

Dinner went fairly quickly, and it wasn't until after dinner that the trouble started. It started with John and Gabby dashing back up the stairs the moment they were finished. Lily heard yet another door open and the sounds of loud voices. "What's going on up there?" she asked.

"Nothing Aunt Lily." answered John.

"Come down here, you two. I know something is up."

The twins came downstairs rather sullenly and John had his hands behind his back.

"What do you have?" asked Lily. "Put it on the table."

John then reluctantly placed the object he was holding on the kitchen table. It was a small gold object that had a chain. "Where did you get that?" asked Lily.

"In Daddy's room," answered Gabby.

"Well, you should just leave that there. I don't know what it is, but if it was in your father's room, we should leave it alone."

Patricia started to fuss and Lily picked her up. All the children were sitting around the table and then John got up. But in getting up he bumped the gold object and suddenly everything around them started to vibrate.

"What's going on?" asked Dora in a shaky voice.

"I'm scared," said Jean.

After just a few moments, the vibrations stopped.

"Where are we?" asked Andrew.

"Oh no," was all Lily said.

A/N I realized I had left out a third generation character that I wanted to have in the story and one that will produce very interesting reactions. I'm almost done with the next chapter, so that will be up pretty soon.