After the time travelers had left, the people from 1995 all had a vague feeling that something interesting had happened in the past week, but they didn't remember what had happened. They remembered that three had been a prank war and that both the twins and the Marauders had been on receiving ends of one.

The twins remembered that they had found out that Sirius and Remus were the legendary Marauders, but they didn't remember how they had found it out.

Remus knew that he shouldn't let his "furry little problem" worry him as much as it did. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew that he shouldn't let it get in the way of things he wanted to do.

As for the rest of the residents of Grimlaude place, they knew that the war would end soon and when it did, Voldemort would be gone for good and that he and his henchmen wouldn't be coming back.

They all landed with a thump on the lawn of Applewood. "You're back!" called Ginny, rushing out and hugging Harry. "Is everyone here?"

"Yes, dear," Harry answered, kissing her, "We're all here safe and sound."

"Come on, Lily," said Lorcan. "Let's get you and Patty home. Goodness knows you could get some rest."

"Alright. See you later, dad," Lily called as she and Lorcan headed over to his car. Since Patricia was still to young for Side-Along-Apparation, normally the three of them drove places.

Rose and Scorpius gathered their very excited Jean and bundled her into the house in order to Floo home. Ron and Hermione followed, eager to hear the adventure. Harry and Ginny also left, knowing that they could get the full story from Lily later. Soon only Teddy's family, George, Fred, and Gideon were left.

"Gabby and John," said Teddy. "What you did was wrong. Even though we were able to fix things, you still will be punished. No flying for the rest of the month."

"But Daddy, it's only the beginning of the month!" cried John.

"Would you like it to be two?" Teddy asked. John immediately closed his mouth and didn't say anything more.

"Gideon, you're also grounded from the broom for the rest of the month," said Fred. "You should know not to touch things your Aunt Hermione's working on."

"Yes, Dad," said Gideon, following his Dad into the house to use the Floo.

"Gids, have you seen the improved fireworks we had?"

"No," said John in a slightly panicked voice. "I guess we left them in the past."

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