I'm posting this because I wrote it shortly after this very thing happened to me. Mikey is me, and this scene below was me basically blurting out my biggest secret in front of my family. Didn't mean to, still regret, and am finally on good terms with my family again. This is bascially my journey from my blurted secret and back into my family.

This sucked big time by the way. LOL I was told it would be a good story, some things are changed, but made into the story. Did I make sense there? LOL


He laid on his bed, feeling sick and scared. WHY? Why had he told? Why? It wasn't his fault, it just came out. They are sooo going to kick me out now. I know they are. How can't they? I told! Oh God, I told…

He felt the tears build up. Slowly, painfully, feeling his chest getting tighter, and he started to sob. He cried for awhile, trying to figure out how the hell he told his deepest secret.

He thought back to how the argument started:

They were talking about a television show when a commercial for a new teen show came on. It showed a guy making out with another guy. Leo snorted, "I can't believe that they are showing these things to teenagers nowadays. Its like telling them that no one cares if they are gay, but so many people care!"

Raph snickered, "It's a teen show Leo, its not like someone is breaking the law here. Its just a show."

Leo shook his head disdainfully, "That's not the problem. The problem is that these shows are promoting that homosexuality is right. Especially in front of impressionable teenagers who don't know any better. Most of the times, its all pure experimentation, not actually a guy loving a guy.." he said in a rant.

Mikey was shocked by Leo's rant, he always thought they never really cared about things like that, that if he knew someone who was gay, he would accept it. "Woah Leo, it ain't like that. The show is just saying that people, any people, can have open relationships nowadays. Its no longer behind closed doors. More and more people accept it. You can't honestly say homosexuality is wrong now, are you?"

Leo rolled his eyes up, "Yes, I do believe its wrong. How can it be right? They won't be able to stop the impact these people are having when they show society that they can kiss and fuck in public, that its totally okay!"

Mikey was shocked and shaken to the core. He had been getting ready to tell his family that he was gay….but should he now.

"You can't think that Leo. What's wrong with it? These guys just want to love each other. They face enough adversity in life, that they should be able to choose who they love. Its not something society should be allowed to choose who someone can love!" Mikey said passionately.

Leo frowned but Don spoke first, "Why do you care so much Mikey. Leo's right. We were raised to honor others, that's true, but we are allowed to form our own opinions. Why does it bother you so much? Do you know someone who is gay?"

All their eyes focused on him, and he faltered. Raph spoke up, a laughing jeer in his voice, "Ya know someone! Who is it? One of your skater friends? Is it Angel? Oooh, I know, I bet its your comic book guy you love so much. Ya know, what his name?"Raph said .

Mikey jumped up, "NOOOO, no, that's not it; it's just not right to judge someone you don't even know!"

Don frowned, there was something Mikey wasn't telling, "What's going on Mikey, you are getting worked up over a comment Leo said. This kind of talk usually doesn't bother you."

Mikey's mind raced, panicked and terrified, until he heard a soft cough behind him, 'Master Splinter' and his panic rose to a higher degree, he jumped up, ready to flee.

"My sons, what is this commotion about?" he asked quietly.

"It's Mikey, Master Splinter. I saw this new show they are showing on TV for kids. It showed a relationship between males. I disapproved and Mikey is trying to convince me it's okay," Leo explained, "I'm sorry we got loud."

Splinter looked at Michelangelo, and asked, "What is the problem Michelangelo?"

Mikey shook his head, "NOOO, its nothing Sensei. I uh…. Leo, I'm sorry you feel that way…"and he started to move away to run to his room, but Leo grabbed his arm, "Wait Mikey, who do you know that's gay? Is it someone we all know?"

Mikey shook his head, "Just leave it Leo," and tried to tug away, but soon they were all starting to ask questions, trying to figure out who was gay.

"Shut up!" Mikey said angrily and stressed when they started in on the Justice League.

"Com'n Mikey, just tell us! Who is gay?" Don asked curiously.

"I'm gay. There! Are you finally happy now?" Mikey said angrily, "I'm gay. I have been for years. There. You got it. Now leave me alone! I've heard enough on how you all feel about homos. Go make your stupid jokes, tell me all your stupid comments about how it's wrong, and I'll pack my bags and leave!"

And he ran from the room, leaving the uncomfortable silence behind him.

He laid there for awhile. It was silent outside his room. He could hear soft talking if he moved toward the door, but that was about it.

He had finally told his family, and in the worst possible way.

What was he going to do now?