On day in Taronto, Scout Palgram was walking down thee street with his new girlfeind Knifes Chow.

"SCOTT! Do u think thta I am kawaii?" She batered her eyez.

He look at her bankly. " Knifes, there is somethang Ineedto tell you."

"Wut I it?" Her eyes whided.

"I AM IN LOVE WITH REMANO FLOURS!" He sweeled, as he staired at the gril who was scating on teh other side of the road. Remano, at least that's what it said on her nametagg , hand short pink hare. The 4 inches on snow that lined the sidewalk meltde beneithe her as she skated, for Ramana was a mastar of the subspace and of pysics. Knives rollled out of the way of the incommng tafif (scort hsad acidently hit her in to the road when he squeeled.) and starred at him with disapointment and ate for the girl called Remana. As soon a scotr got bac from his date with Nifes he ordered some managa from

"If I order some manga from Amazon then she will have to delivered this to me. This plane is fool proof." He thought. And so he ordered some volumes of naruto becase it is his favorite manga sereis. 2 days latter she delivered the package to his house.

"Package four a pilgrim." She looked confused at the guy painting infront of her.

"T-that's me" He Panterd

"Signhere" She pointed at the signature box."

"Will you goo out with me?"

"Only is you sigh."

"Ok" So Re,mano and Scot went for a date at a susshi palace. Afterwards she admists that he would have too frightt her 7 evil x's. So scort palgram had to face the sven evil x's of Remano floors so that he could bear his children who would be called Daivd and Eind. ( If you guys like fanfic I will make squel stareing there chilldren.)

ONE WEAK LATER: When Scort pilgram's band sex-b-boom was playing at a venvue. A man with side fringe bursted into the room.

2 MISTER PILGERAM I AM RAMANA'S 1ST EVIL X MATEW PATELE. PREREAR TO DYE" He launched a puntch threw the air at Scott. Scort slowly moved fast out of the way.

"We're fighting over Remano?"

"Didn't you get the mento's" Mathew looked confusely at him.

"…I skimed it." In paffel's rage he summoed an army of evil hipster chicks who where shadow the hedgehog t-shirts because their dark like that. Scot and his friends', kim steveb, his sister ect. stood together and started to chant and Mathew pattel and his hippstar demans burst into a pile of coins.

In the folowing weaks and months scort faced Rarmon's other evil x's, he even had too fight Chow's father who was angery at scort because he had dishonored his family and his dauter. He startled to sout cheinese at scot.

"China man I not understand Chineze, eh." He said flabagasded. After He had defeeted her finall evil x, Gidion Gorden graves they lived happly ever after (I haven't red the final book yet)r…until triple G's latest girlfrind. Ursella Uchiha, came out of nowhere with a chopstick nunchuckes and a kendo sord. Scort and Remaana froze too the spot.

THE END? (If this get good reveiws I continue this story)