This is my first Fuuma no Koujirou story. It's based off the drama, so bare with me.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fuuma no Koujirou or the characters within.

Is it really my time? I knew I was going to die some time while on a mission. I didn't realize it would be so soon. Our job hasn't even started and already I'm laying here, dying a somewhat slow death. This wasn't my choice, it was fate and destiny playing their hands and ending up with the same result.

I guess I consider myself lucky to go first. I won't have to suffer as much. I won't have to see the anguish in the younger members of our group. And I can set free my burdens and pain.

The Laws of the Ninja state that we aren't supposed to have emotions. Is that really true though? All of us - even Ryoma-san - have felt something. Not just about wanting to protect our village, our clan. No, we want to protect those we care for, those we love. That can be said of most ninja, however we all go against the rules at some point.

Heh... Breaking the rules. Bending them to the point where you weren't sure if this was really happening. This is something that Kojirou does all the time. Everyone says that he must be tamed, that he must grow up and understand the meaning of being a ninja. I was the first and will continue to be the first example of this for him. I will be his first loss in this war against the Yasha. I protected him and those closest to him from what could happen. I was not only like a brother to him, but I also was attempting to be his friend as well. I was trying to give him something rare.

Something rare. The gift and ability to wield flames. The element by what hand I was dying by now - flames of anger and hate. The element that causes a feather that had once been so pristine to become nothing more than ashes and soot. Reira has that gift, but he can control it like an expert - not letting anything burn that he doesn't want burned. Reira could control the flames with his emotions, his feelings. If he couldn't understand emotions, then he couldn't control the flames. Yet they call him a ninja. In all truth, he is the ippitome of a ninja - feeling emotions but able to keep them in check.

Feeling but hiding. That sounded like Shoryu. No... That sounded more like me toward Shoryu. He is my brother after all. No matter how much he hates being mistaken for me, he's my brother. My twin, the younger of th two of us no less. We both use Byakkujin, but our styles of its use are drastically different. He's tired of being called my copy, but he's far from it. I wish he understood through his fickleness.

Before this mission, Ryoma-san knew that one of us would fall at some point. During our training one day I had told Shoryu of a promise we should make. We are twins, we use the same style of fighting. Should one of us die and the other is not around, we needed a way to tell the other of what happened. We would use a symbol - a blood feather - to tell of what happened.

Now my time on this earth, my time on this mission, is near over. I'm here alone, having badly wound the one that originally tried to kill me and having killed the one that has. I left my marks on the one who was wounded - plenty of evidence for my brother - so that he may soon follow in his comrade's footsteps. I just hope that it's found before it's to late.

I hope that...

I hope...