Courtney stayed in the confessional bathroom much longer than she needed to, huddled underneath the broken remains of the camera. She'd decided it was best to destroy the thing, before it got anymore footage of her break-down. People came and went, wanting to use the confessional, or more so, the toilet- but she shooed them all away. Eventually, they stopped bothering her all together.

Swallowing roughly, with her throat feeling like sandpaper, she finally stood up from her crouch with a wince as she realized how stiff she had become. Noticing the dead silence inside the plane, she assumed everyone else must of been asleep. Sucking in a shaky breath, she quietly tugged open the confessional door, -though it seemed to squeak as loudly as it possibly could, just for her- and stepped into the hallway.

Her dark, -albeit puffy, and fairly bloodshot- eyes scanned the strip of area for any sign of life, then proceeded to let out a small sigh of relief when she found none but the rats scampering along the rafters above.

Courtney wasn't sure how to feel anymore, to be honest. She went through a cycle; first feeling dirty, and ashamed, then happy that he was paying attention to her again, then disgusted by herself, the finally, she felt... angry.

Who was he to do this to her? To use her. How dare he.

It was easier to be mad, then anything else. Anger was some she was very familiar with; it was comfortable, and easy. Nothing would change or grow more complicated, as long as she stayed furious.

A couple of days passed with no more then brief looks shot at the other when the opportunity presented it's self, but now, as Courtney fidgeted in her first class seat, she felt a bit panicked. Irrationally so. The quietness of the night had the panic weighing on her like an anvil.

She knew they would be facing another possibly -oh, who was she kidding? Of course it would be- life threatening challenge sometime soon. Which meant time was running out. Either of them could be kicked off any day. However, that wasn't what was pressing against her mind with such a force. Rather, a million questions.

Had he lost interest in her? Would that really be the last time he feverishly kissed her the way he had, before? Amongst the panic, there was more anger. She couldn't stand the thought of being won up by Gwen in this category, too. She was dating him, yes, but the goth couldn't be better physically, than the brunette could. Anger seeped in every muscle and fibre of her being, until it took over, and she stood straight up from her seat in one fluid movement. Ignoring the questions of where she was headed from a half-asleep Heather, Courtney stormed off into the loser class, with a look of fury. She had finally had enough. She was out for blood. His blood.

The CIT made sure to make her entrance loud and attention grabbing, stomping her feet against the metal floor that almost seemed like it would give way with the force. Alejandro was the first to approach her, his signature charming smile in place, -despite also being disoriented from lack of sleep- full of complete crap, of course. "Chica, what seems to be the problem?" All eyes were on her, but her own onyx orbs were pinned on him.

"S-She looks really scary, doesn't she?" A terrified Owen whispered to an equally scared Tyler, voice indicating he may just wet himself in fright.

"You got that right, bro. I'd hate to be..." Tyler trailed off, as a certain punk boy he'd been about to mention, shot him a glare that had him shrinking in his seat.

"I need to speak to Duncan." Courtney replied stiffly to Alejandro's previous inquiry, taking a step closer to the aforementioned male.

Clearing his throat, the Spanish boy put a hand on the female's shoulder. "Listen, perhaps it would be best if this was put off until-" Al instantly dropped his hand and took a step back, as he took in the cold-as-ice look Courtney was directing at him. He was smart to do so, as Courtney was prepared to create bloodshed if necessary.

"You heard the lady, Duncan..." Alejandro said hesitantly, before taking his seat, prepared to watch the scene unfold.

With an exasperated sigh, as if Courtney had just asked him to fetch her tampons from the store at three AM, Duncan rose. He allowed Court to grab his shirt sleeve and drag him out of the run-down class, not voicing a single complaint.

"He's gonna die, isn't he?" Owen's hushed voice could be heard as the duo left.

"I'll mourn the death of such a valuable player strongly," The Hispanic one threw in.

"The jerk had it coming. Like I said; with a capital G, dudes. Capital G." The last male voice added.

Once safe inside the confessional again, Courtney wasted no time in firing off her mouth.

"What's your problem?" She demanded to know, only to have Duncan ram her less then gently into the wall, lips hotly kissing her own, urgent and rough. She moaned, even if shame coursed through her body.

Pulling away, he smirked, eyes alight with smugness at her rather noisy reaction to his kiss. "You didn't honestly think I forgot about you, did you, Princess?"

The Princess blew out a breath while trying to decide in a two second time frame whether to lie or tell the truth. She hesitated a beat too long, however, because his smirk widened.

"Stupid." He murmured, though in his tone, it sounded almost loving. Pecking her forehead once, he leaned down and began to suck gently on her neck, while his hands cupped her behind without much effort. The combination caused quite the sound to come from the girl's lips. "As if I'd forget about you..." He breathed huskily, after peeling his lips from her neck for a moment.

Courtney closed her eyes for a moment, letting this all soak in. Still, a question nagged her. "Will you ever tell Gwen?"

That seemed to stomp out any spark they had going, as Duncan dropped his hands from her butt and leaned back to rest against the counter behind him. Expression somber, he smiled as if she were slow. "No, of course not."

His words should of satisfied her, and she should of told him to keep going, to continue lighting the insides of her frame on fire, but instead, she frowned in displeasure. "Don't you think she has the right to know?"

"Courtney, what's up with you?" He was frowning too, now. "Why would I ever tell her? You don't tell a chick you're cheating on her. Not unless you want to throw everything down the toilet." Courtney felt a small cord being pulled from inside her, her face turning into one of stone. Liquid pools of darkness hardening into rocks in her eyes.

Now she was the other girl and suddenly, she cared. Her guilty conscience was beginning to lift the hazy fog that shrouded her brain. Courtney had been in Gwen's place before; they had reversed roles. She understood, now.

It wasn't Gwen's fault. Not entirely.

"Sweetheart," Duncan whispered, cupping her warm cheek in his hand, and tilting her head. Courtney's stony look stayed in place, but she didn't remove his hand.

She was seeing the other side of the coin, the side she couldn't see before, too busy being consumed by a blind rage. Duncan would kiss you, and make you feel loved, and had this charisma about him that sucked you in. Be it the mixture of confidence, cockiness, and charm, or something else entirely, it lured you in.

Gwen never met to hurt Courtney, she too was only being lured in by the hunter. Innocent and unexpecting.

Courtney smiled a twisted smile to herself. She understood, yes, but she didn't forgive her. The guilt vanished as she was almost excited for the day when Gwen found out- and oh, she would, because then Gwen would see both sides of the coin, as well. She would understand how Courtney had felt.

So she let him kiss her.

She would be his toy, she would let him use her, and she would love every minute of it.

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